Stuff that was rejected or forbidden by main stream advertisers and publishers
Thursday December 14th 2017


Here Look! came about because some silly PG-13 material and R-rated content was deemed, by the powers that be, to be unsuitable for prime time. None of this was even close to being pornographic. Just the occassional nude model or slightly titillating story or video clip. For instance, a story about people commuting to work on the subway in the nude. Or a Miss U.S.A. contestant that posed for a few topless photos. Or a scene from the latest Harold and Kumar movie with a bunch of bottomless girls.

By the way, this PG-13 and R-rated material amounted to maybe 5% of the articles that were published. But all these article, pictures, music, lyrics and video clips were rejected or forbidden by main stream advertisers and publishers. Methinks, that the sensitivity of the American public is a little exaggerated by advertisers. The U.S. has not become Saudi Arabia, at least not yet.

Some of the sections that were considered inappropriate (I hate that word!) included:

  • Intimate Attire–lingerie fashions worn naturally, buy sexy lingerie models
  • Fashion Uncovered–the time-honored tradition of fashion nudes
  • Backpage Pinup–in the spirit of the Sun’s Page 3 pinup girl
  • Sexy & Funny Videos–some nudity, from mostly non-U.S. television shows and movies
  • News Articles–mostly gossip about so-and-so posing nude for Playboy, with a few illustrations so the reader can see what all the fuss is about
  • Critical Thinking–analysis of recent ideas, some may have to do with subjects like prostitution, alcohol and drug policies and laws

We do not, however, intend for Here Look! to become a ghetto only for adult content. If it strikes our fancy, we’ll publish all manner of content, adult or otherwise, . If there is a nude picture or video as part of the story, or some sexual innuendo, so be it. We will not censor the human body. There should be no shame in the viewing the body that God gave us. Americans need to chill out a little more. As Larry Flynt has said, “Relax, it’s only sex!”

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