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Thursday April 19th 2018

Rin Sakuragi: No Panty Teacher

Rin Sakuragi: No Panty Teacher

The video title of this adult film pretty much sums up this Rin Sakuragi sex video. A teacher who wears no panties to school to the delight of hormone raging male students.

AV idol Rin Sakuragi, who often appears on TV and in movies as well, rewards her students for working hard by giving a class without wearing panties! Boys peek at her pussy hair in the hallways, and get a glimpse of her pretty anus when she stands on the podium! “If your grades go down I’ll wear panties again, so let’s do our best!”

Rin Sakuragi is a model and actress who often appears on television and in movies. RIn has a classic pretty face, like a model, and a nice thin figure. She also has a cute voice. What makes this movie so good is that she has a cover model face.

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The Story
The movie opens in the hallway of a school. Three students in white shirts and ties are roughhousing in the hall. A female teacher, Rin Sakuragi, walks down the hall and passes them. She’s wearing a knee-length blue seersucker dress. When Miss Sakuragi passes by, the students drop to the floor and try to look up her dress. When she turns around to catch them, the look quickly away.

In the classroom, Miss Sakuragi gives out the results of their test. Everyone has passed. Then one student asks a question, which gives Miss Sakuragi a flashback to the beginning of the school year. It seems that she promised to teach the the class without panties if the students worked hard.

The students ask for their reward. Miss Sakuragi comes from behind her desk and the students all come forward on the floor. Miss Sakuragi unbuttons the front of her dress from the bottom and shyly takes off her panties. When her panties get down to her ankles, she trips and falls on the floor. Her dress is up and her naked ass exposed!

Scene 1: Panties Lost and Found
Miss Sakuragi is walking down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs, she bumps into a student and falls again. She rushes off, and the student finds that she has lef her pink panties behind.

Later, in the auditorium, Miss Sakuragi is drawing on the whiteboard. The student comes in and shows her that he has found her panties. She asks for them back, but he won’t hand them over without getting somthing in return. The conniving student threatens to tell the principle that she is not wearing panties. What does he want? The student drops his trousers, sits down on a chair and starts to masturbate. He wants Miss Sakuragi to lift up her dress and show him her ass so he can masturbate.

She finally agrees, turns around and pulls up her dress, exposing her ass. He tells her to kneel on a bench backwards to give him a nice rear view.

Then her has Miss Sakuragi sit facing him while pulling her dress up to her waist. He tells his teacher to open her legs for him. She shyly puts her foot on the bench and spreads her legs. Then he asks Miss Sakuragi to open her vagina. Nice!

Now the conniving wants Miss Sakuragi to unbutton her dress. She does, showing a matching bra to the panties. The student wants to see his teacher’s breasts. Shyly, Miss Sakuragi pulls her bra down to show her breasts and nipples. She takes off her bra. Now the hungry student is licking Miss Sakuragi tits.

He lays Miss Sakuragi back on the bench, leans over her and tongue kisses her. Then he’s tonguing her ear. Miss Sakuragi doesn’t know how to react, but goes along with it all. The student spreads Miss Sakuragi legs and soon he is fingering her. He uses his index finger, his thumb and other digits. Then eats at the Y.

Miss Sakuragi sits up and they make out on the bench. Then the horny student takes his underpants off. With a happy smile Miss Sakuragi begins to stroke him. Then she gets her tongue and mouth onto her student’s cock. Miss Sakuragi stands and bends over at the waist while blowing her student to give the camera a nice view. Then she bobs her head in his shaft and strokes him to make sure he’s hard.

The student says he wants to fuck his teacher. At first Miss Sakuragi is reluctant. She gives it some thought. Then she stands up at the podium, turns around and pulls her dress to her waist. The student enters his teacher from behind. We see Miss Sakuragi’s pretty face as she is getting fucked from behind by her student. We watch as Miss Sakuragi, standing, moves are up and down on her student’s cock. Then her student raises her leg which gives us a nice view of his cock in his pretty teacher’s vagina.

Miss Sakuragi gets into the doggy position on the bench while her student stands behind her and fucks her. Then the guy lies down and Miss Sakuragi stands backwards over him and lowers herself onto his erect penis. Then, without his penis leaving her vagina, she spins around facing him. Miss Sakuragi does all the bouncing and appears to enjoy it. She finishes him often manually. At the end, the guy runs off with her panties.

Scene 2: No Panty Classroom
Miss Sakuragi, wearing a light-pink dress, knee-length, with a large belt, is teaching a lesson in her classroom. She walks the aisles reading from a book, then writes on the blackboard. She drops the chalk and when she bends over to pink it up, her dress rides up, exposing her pantyless ass. The students get a good eyefull.

The students have a request for the teacher. They explain what they want, and the class claps, demanding her compliance.

This sets Miss Sakuragi crying, and her students are immediately sorry for hurting their teacher’s feelings. But she asks if that their request is really what they want. She agrees to fulfill her students wishes.

Standing up with a foot on each of two desks, Miss Sakuragi pulls her dress up to her waist. Then she kneels down. This totally spreads her ass open which exposes her anus and vagina from behind. Her students can’t contain themselves, and they come up to lick her asshole.

One bold student jumps up on on desk and drops his trousers, revealing his erection. Miss Sakuragi takes his dick out and begins to stroke him. A second student jumps up on the second desk. Soon Miss Sakuragi, squatting between them, is stroking and sucking on both dicks.

Two more students takes their dicks in hand and she strokes them, with her hairy cunt exposed. Now Miss Sakuragi is kneeling on the floor servicing four students with her hands and mouth. It is quite something to see such a pretty girl, who probably wouldn’t give most guys the time of day, allowing four men to use her at one time. Obviously they are all actors, but the sex is as real as it gets.

Miss Sakuragi jerks off one of her students who is standing up. Then she services a second student as he lays back on some desks. Miss Sakuragi is kneeling between his legs and looking into the POV camera. What a pretty face to have a cock in her mouth.

Now Miss Sakuragi squats and services two guys at one time. One guy jerks off on that pretty face, and she cleans him off with her mouth. The second guy also jerks off on her face. Who wouldn’t want to jerk off on their pretty teacher’s face?

Scene 3: Time for the Vice-Principle
Miss Sakuragi is walking up the stairwell. Today’s she’s wearing a peach skirt and white blouse with black trim. The vice-principle follows behind her up the stairs. Somehow he has gotten wind of this No-Panty Teacher.

In the administrator’s office, Miss Sakuragi stands clutching her books. The vice-principle bends Miss Sakuragi over his big executive desk and pulls her peach dress up to her waist. He finds thigh-high stockings and no panties.

He examines the teacher’s ass and then sticks his face right between her legs. Soon he his poking his index finger inside Miss Sakuragi’s vagina. He puts one leg up to open her up wider. Then he has her kneel on the desk in his favorite Face-Down-Ass-Up FDAU position. Miss Sakuragi is very submissive during this.

It looks like the vice-principle will have his way with Miss Sakuragi, just like her students have.

Scene 4: Taking Upskirt in Cafeteria
Miss Sakuragi, is seated at a table in the cafeteria, grading homework. She’s wearing a light-colored layered skirt with black belt bow, a pink sleeveless blouse and open-toed shoes. While she’s working, a naughty student comes along with his flip-phone and takes a photo up her skirt under the table.

Angry, Miss Sakuragi, gets up and takes his phone. She explains to the student why what he did was wrong. She tries to figure out how to solve his problem.

Miss Sakuragi has an aha moment. She squats in front of the naughty student and pulls down his trousers. Her student explains that he is sexually frustrated. Soon Miss Sakuragi is smiling and stroking his erection.

Miss Sakuragi stands up and then sits on the dining table. Smiling, she pulls up her skirt, showing her beaver to the naughty student. Always smiling, she opens her legs to give a better view. She even opens up her vagina with her fingers to show him the pink inside of her hairy pussy. She squats on the table, stroking her student’s dick and kissing him. The she gets her mouth on his penis.

Miss Sakuragi stands face-to-face with her student with his dick between her thighs. She slides back-and-forth while kissing the lucky student. More sucking and he comes on his teacher’s face.

Scene 5: Her Two Lucky Students
Today Miss Sakuragi is wearing a below-the-knee frilly skirt with a blazer. She is waling down the hallway thinking out loud. She enters her classroom to find only two students. She questions them, and then decides what needs to be done.

She look down at the crotches and tells them to drop their trousers and their underpants. They are standing, only wearing their white shirts and red ties. Miss Sakuragi orders them to bend over. She grabs a dick in each hand and is soon licking one guy’s asshole. Then she licks the other guys asshole.

Then she sucks and jerks both students, who have all kinds of fun with their pretty teacher.

Scene 6: The Results
Miss Sakuragi is back in front of the class giving The Results. As each student gets a passing grade, the others applaud. Now is the payoff. With her students gathered around her, Miss Sakuragi pulls up her dress to show them her beaver. They pick her up and celebrate.


Panty-Less Female Teacher – Rin Sakuragi

Runtime: 150 min
Rating: 5/5 Stars
Title: [PGD-381] Panty-Less Female Teacher
Alternate Title: Sexual No Panty Teacher
Studio: Premium
Series: -
Release Date: Apr 07, 2010
Director: -
Starring: Rin Sakuragi
Genre: Japanese AV
Theme: No Panty Teacher

Rin Sakuragi in No Panty Teacher

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