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Thursday April 19th 2018

Akane Hotaru: Supreme Shiofuki Female Teacher

Akane Hotaru: Supreme Shiofuki Female Teacher

Akane Hotaru is a  female teacher, who teaches sex education to a classroom of all male students.

Akane is an attractive young woman with a nice figure and a pretty face. She is in her late twenties to early thirties and has large breasts.

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The Story
The movie opens with the a montage of Akane posing on the big teacher’s desk in the classroom. She is wearing typical teacher attire: white business suit, black blouse, dark pantyhose.

Act 1: Classroom Demonstration
Miss Hotaru is teaching a class. Finishing up one subject, she erases the blackboard to start the next lesson, which is Female Reproductive Anatomy.

Miss Hotaru draws a diagram of a vulva on the blackboard, She describes all the parts of the vulva, pointing them out on the diagram–outer labia, inner labia, clitoris. Then she takes out an egg-shaped vibrator and points at the clitoris on the diagram.

As she continues to speak, Miss Hotaru removes her white suit jacket. She hikes up her white skirt, climbs up on the big teacher’s desk and sanding pulls down her tights. Then Miss Hotaru slips off her white panties, and his quickly bottomless on the desk in front of the class..

Miss Hotaru sits down on the desk and spreads her legs wide, displaying her vagina for the class. She has a shaved pussy with a patch of pubic hair. With her fingers, Miss Hotaru pulls back the hood to show her students her clit. Next she turns on the egg vibrator and holds it against her clit.

Next, she takes a large electric vibrator and uses it to stumlate her clit. Before long, Miss Hotaru is moaning and shaking as she has an orgasm.

She lets on volunteer student hold the vibrator, as the rest of the class gathers round. She continues to read the lesson from her notes. She places the volunteers hands on her vagina.

Soon the student is holding his teacher’s cunt open as she sticks a while dildo into her hole. She plugs it in a few times, and turns on the vibration. Her students watch the demonstration in fascination as Miss Hotaru fucks her cunt with the dildo. She encourages her students to fondle her breasts as she fucks herself until she squirts.

Afterwards, Miss Hotaru takes out some tissues and cleans up. End of today’s lesson.

Act 2: Men’s Room
Two students are scrubbing the floor with a stiff brush in the boy’s bathroom. In walks Miss Hotaru. She is wearing a long-sleeved white buttoned shirt and a modest black skirt,

She questions one student about there cleaning methods and decides to direct their efforts, She makes one student take off his shirt to use to clean the floor. But it’s still not getting clean.

Miss Hotaru rolls up her skirt to her waist, exposing her white panties. Pulling her panties to one side, exposing her vagina, Miss Hotaru begins to finger fuck herself. Soon she squirts on the floor. Perhaps this will get the floor clean.

Miss Hotaru takes off her panties and has the bare-chested student squat. She puts one leg up and has the student stick his finger in her pussy. She squirts over the other students head. They continue scrubbing.

Next, Miss Hotaru pulls down her students trousers and underpants and inspects his penis. She strokes it, and then squats down to lick her students cock. The other poor shlub is still scrubbing the floor.

Soon Miss Hotaru puts one leg on a sink, and is rubbing his cock against her pussy. Then she stand in font of him with his cock between her thighs. Miss Hotaru pulls down the second students underpants and inspects his penis. Now Miss Hotaru is handling the first guy and sucking on the seconf guy.

Miss Hotaru proceeds to strip, revealing a nice set of tits. Bending over, the second student enters his teacher from behind. We can clearly see his cock in Miss Hotaru’s vagina.

They take turns with Miss Hotaru, fucking her from behind and varuis unusual positions around the urinals.

Remember, this whole episode was to clean the floor in the toilet.

Act 3: Classroom Refreshment
Miss Hotaru and her students arein the classroom drinking milk. Miss Hotaru is wearing a white smock like a scientist. She approaches one nerdy student with glasses. She is going give a lesson in fluid flow. She takes a clrar funnel and tube.

Miss Hotaru takes off the white smock. Underneath she is wearing a short blue-jean skirt and a white top. Miss Hotaru clmbs up on her desk, pulls up her skirt and pulls down her panties. ne of her students holds the funnel as Miss Hotaru spreads her legs, and squats over it. She shows the student how stick his fingers up her. Soon Miss Hotaru is squirting about a quart of liquid into the funnel, down the tube, which is in the nerdy students mouh. Crazy classroom!

Act 4: School Nurse
Miss Hotaru is assigned as the school nurse. She wears a white doctor’s smock and glasses. Three unconscious students are brought in and laid down on the floor. Miss Hotaru checks their pulse, and then unbuttons her white smock revealing red garter belt and red panties.

Miss Hotaru straddles one of unresponsive students and pulls her red panties to the side. Fingering herself, she squirts on his face. This seems to revive him somewhat. But she still needs to pull own his trousers and underpants and jerk his dick. Miss Hotaru takes the white smock off, and gets her lovely tits out

The second and third students gets similar treatment from Miss Hotaru.

Act 5: Classroom
Miss Hotaru stands in front of the blackboard, along with five students. She’s wearing a light grey business suit and purple thigh-high stockings.

Miss Hotaru takes off her jacket, to reveal a low-cut black top. She examines a pudgy students hand, then rolls up her skirt. She quickly pulls down her white panties. The pudgy student kneels in front of her, but fails to do the job properly. She scolds him abd gets another student to fill in.

She has a big graduated cylinder to catch the fluid that she squirts out when he fingers her. There quabtity of fluid is about 250 ml.

Aonther student tries his hand, but does not do so well. She makes him undress, lay down and do sit-ups. Straddling him, she has another guy finger her to milk out her pussy juice.

Each of Miss Hotaru’s pupils gets a turn finger fucking their teachrr to see how mich fluid they cab get out of her.

Miss Hotaru has all of her students strip down, and is sucking their dicks. We find her on her back on the floor, wirh a cock in her mouth and her legs spread. One student sticks his cock in her vagina, to stimulate even more fluid from her.

The students line up to fuck their teacher. They continue to collect and measure Miss Hotaru’s fluid.


Best Squirting Female Teacher Hotaru Akane

Runtime: 177 min
Rating: 5/5 Stars
Title: [IDOL-070] Best Squirting Female Teacher Hotaru Akane
Alternate Title: Supreme Shiofuki Female Teacher
Studio: Opera
Series: -
Release Date: Sep 25, 2007
Director: Asao Takai
Starring: Hotaru Akane
Genre: Japanese AV
Theme: Squirting Sex Education Teacher
Deprecated: [SACE092] The Female Teacher Who Became A Sex Slave After Being Molested. Meguri

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