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Thursday April 19th 2018

Meguri: The Female Teacher Who Became A Sex Slave After Being Molested

Meguri: The Female Teacher Who Became A Sex Slave After Being Molested

Miss Meguri is a nice female teacher, who gets transformed by one of her students into a submissive sex slave.

Meguri is an attractive woman with a pretty face. She is in her late twenties to early thirties and has large breasts.

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The Story
The movie opens with the a montage of Meguri filmed in the classroom. She is wearing typical teacher attire: white blouse, black skirt.

She sits on the desk and sucks on a strawberry. Then she slowly undresses to a black bra and panties, with garter belt and stockings. This is just a preview to show what she has in store for us.

Act 1: Classroom
Class is in session. Enthusiastic English teacher Miss Meguri says: “Hello, everyone!” in English. Then she walks around the room delivering the lesson.

One of her students, a tall, awkward lad, is inattentive-just staring into space with a blank expression. Miss Meguri tries to engage him, but he is unenthusiastic.

Later, Miss Meguri jokes and laughs with the other students, but the tall student is oblivious. Alone after class out in the hall, Tall Student kicks the wall. He seems a bit odd.

Act 2: Bus Molestation
The bus pulls up and Miss Meguri gets on. She’s wearing a short grey skirt and a yellow top. Miss Meguri sits alone in the back of the bus, reading a newspaper. Soon, Tall Student gets on and sits next to Miss Meguri. She tries to engage him in conversation, but he remains silent.

Finally Tall Student speaks. Miss Meguri replies politely. But suddenly, he grabs Miss Meguri and puts his hand over her mouth. He tells her to keep silent. Then he has her top pulled up and is fondling the teacher’s large breasts.

By now, the student has Miss Meguri’s big tits out and her skirt pulled up. She is wearing black thigh high stockings and white panties. The student has his hand down her panties feeling her up. She has her legs spread wide apart.

Soon, the student pulls Miss Meguri’s panties to one side and sticks his finger inside her vagina. He finger fucks his teacher vigorously.

Meanwhile, the other passengers on the bus see nothing. One man is sleeping two meters away and two young guys sit looking straight ahead.

The student takes his dick out and puts Miss Meguri’s hand on it. He makes her stroke his cock. But soon enough, Miss Meguri is stroking his dick by herself. Very cooperative of her. Eventually she jerks him off and he cums on her skirt, making a mess.

Act 3: Owned Teacher
Miss Meguri is with the Tall Student a second student. He tells Miss Meguri that she must do whatever he tells her. Next we see Miss Meguri on her knees blowing the second student.

The cut to the back of the bus. Tall student is sitting while two men in suits feel her up. It looks like the tall student is pimping out his teacher to anyone.

Next, in the classroom, three students are smiling. Apparently they are now in on it. They slap Miss Meguri and then we see Miss Meguri bent over and being fucked from behind by one of the students.

Back on the bus, Miss Meguri is on the floor of the bus. Two men are feeling her up while she jerks off two more guys.

In the classroom, Miss Meguri crawls along the floor. She stops at one student and sucks his dick under his desk. Another student taps her shoulder and she sucks him next. Then another.

Act 4: Submissive Homeroom Teacher
Miss Meguri stands before her class, with a dog leash around her neck, eys down, looking humiliated. Tall Student feels her tits in front of the classroom full of her students.

Now Miss Meguri is required to strip in front of the class. Off comes her yellow top. Down comes her black skirt. Off comes her top, leaving her in her underwear.

She unhooks her bra in the back, and removes it. Her big tits are exposed. She steps out of her black panties. She has on only a garter belt and stockings.

Miss Meguri gets up on the table for a show. Two of her students spread her legs open to show her naked pussy to the class. Naturally, the rest of her students sit at their desks, paying close attention to the lesson.

A purple electric vibrator is brought out. They stick it in Miss Meguri’s mouth while the two students finger their pretty teacher’s pussy. Miss Meguri looks very horny. Then the purple vibrator is put inside her twat. Imagine this going on in class with a pretty homeroom teacher!

Miss Meguri is bent over the desk, and a fuschia-colored egg-shaped toy is inserted into her vagina from behind.

Miss Meguri is pushed to her knees. One student steps up and drops his trousers. Miss Meguri is hungry for his cock and takes it in her mouth. Her head bobs as his cock slides in and out of his teacher’s mouth. Then another student sticks his dick into her open and willing mouth.

With the fuchsia vibrator still inside her vagina, Miss Meguri crawls around the classroom, pulling down her students trousers and sucking their cocks at their desks. They ejaculate onto her tongue. How can we get our own teachers to perform in such a manner?

Act 5: Bus Affair
The Tall; Student and Miss Meguri are sitting in the back of the bus. He has Miss Meguri on a dog leash. The bus parks in a garage, Men in suits board the bus. For some reason, the men have black cones on their faces. A man with a white shirt and an official transit cap gets on board. He looks like a bus driver. Miss Meguri is turned over to him.

He forcefully puts his mouth on hers. Then he starts feeling her tits. The Cone-faces stand at attention. Transit Man gets her big tits out and sucks on them. He gets are skirt up and sits her in a seat, playing with her. Now she is on her knees, with the bus driver’s cock in her pretty mouth. She does a nice job of sucking the bus driver’s balls.

After much foreplay, the bus driver bends her over and penetrates Miss Meguri’s vagina from behind. Miss Meguri is hanging onto a pole on the bus. The Cone-faces still stand at attention while Miss Meguri is fucked silly, six ways from Sunday.

Act 6: Teacher Dominated by a Dozen of Her Students
Miss Meguri now has a ball and chain. She is slowly following Tall Student in the school hallway to her classroom. Inside the classroom, a dozen students are sitting on the floor in a semi-circle.

Miss Meguri begins to undress in front of her assembled students. Off comes her white buttoned shirt and black skirt. Underneath is some kind of leather strap outfit, that exposes her tits.

The dozen students approach her and starting feeling her voluptuous body. The students take turns tongue-kissing their teacher. Some students feel her tits and lick her pussy and ass. She is quite aroused.

The students bend Miss Meguri over and spread her ass cheeks to see her asshole and pussy. Now she is on the floor while her students take turns putting their dicks into her mouth.

Finally, one student lays Miss Meguri down on her back and sicks his cock inside his teacher’s wet cunt. Nice! Another guy takes his place. Miss Meguri is on her back with one student in her pussy and another in her mouth.

The brazen students take turns with their submissive teacher, fucking her in numerous positions. She ends up with a lot of cum on her mouth and face.

[SPOILER] There is a surprise ending. It turns out that Tall Student was daydreaming the whole thing! So Miss Meguri didn’t really do all those things that we saw her doing in the movie, such as have sex with a dozen of her students in the classroom. It was all in the mind of a strangely quiet student. None of the sex scenes we saw actually happened.

In real life, a pretty female teacher would never stand in front of her class and strip. Or crawl around the classroom on her hands and knees, performing oral sex on each of her students. Or let anyone and everyone molest her in the back of a public bus. That only happens in one’s imagination.

Furthermore, Miss Meguri is not actually a pretty teacher who was turned into a sex slave. She is merely an actress portraying a character in a movie. Miss Meguri probably had to audition for the part, get hired by the producer, and perform the scenes written into the script by a screenwriter who is paid by the word. In real life, Miss Meguri is not used a a sex slave. Those things just don’t happen.


The Female Teacher Who Became A Sex Slave After Being Molested. Meguri

Runtime: 125 min
Rating: 5/5 Stars
Title: [SACE-092] The Female Teacher Who Became A Sex Slave After Being Molested. Meguri
Alternate Title:
Studio: SOD Create
Series: -
Release Date: Sep 23, 2012
Director: -
Starring: Meguri (Megu Fujira)
Genre: Japanese AV
Theme: Teacher Sex Slave
Deprecated: [SACE092] The Female Teacher Who Became A Sex Slave After Being Molested. Meguri

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