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Monday May 21st 2018

Newsreader Andrea Undresses

Newsreader Andrea Sully Undresses.

Why Waste Time? Take the Naked Video Tour

Andrea Sully Stripping
Professional newsreader Andrea Sulley is reading the news for her broadcast station. Andrea is wearing a long, prison-stripe skirt and low-cut red sweater.

Almost immediately she unbuttons the skirt in the back and lets it lip down to the floor, leaving her with nothing from the waist down but a pair of pink panties.

Then Andrea reports a story about a pub in England named “The Cock and Seaman”. While she says the word “cock” several times, she unbuttons the front buttons on her red sweater, and takes it off, leaving her delivering the news in her bra and panties. She names a few other pubs including “The Cock and Donkey” and “The Cock and Pullet” which are very suggestive references.

But Andrea is not done yet. During the next story, she decides to pull down her panties on camera! Yep, she pulls the and and lets them drop to the floor. Andrea is now bottomless. The camera cuts off about mid thigh, giving a nice view.

Finally, Andrea takes off her bra, and she is totally nude.

You will want to rewind the tape and watch this a few times, and maybe get your cock and pullet, too.

Andrea Sully

Odds & Ends: Andrea Sully

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