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Monday May 21st 2018

Blonde Cheerleader Kate’s Naked Audition

Blonde Cheerleader Kate's Naked Audition.

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This pretty young woman named Kate auditioned for a job at Naked News. Kate is a gorgeous girl with straight blonde hair and a fit body. The audition required Miss Kate to read a story about Opera Singer Emmy Rossum, while completely nude.

In her audition, Miss Kate starts off totally nude. She stands, facing the camera, in a full-frontal nude shot which ends just below her crotch. She has a lovely set of maracas, with tan lines. Miss Kate’s belly button is pierced. Viewers can clearly see the the slit between her meaty outer labia, as Miss Sunderland is completely shaved down there.

The camera is switched to a closer shot, and then back to a 3/4 shot, before Miss Kate turns, and exits the set, stage left.

Miss Kate comes back for a Q&A. She says that it feels weird to be standing there naked. Miss Kate has worked as a model for a few photographers. She feels like she shouldn’t be the only one naked.

Miss Kate says that she is kind of comfortable with nudity. But it’s pretty clear that this is the first time she has been totally nude in front of people or a camera. But now that her audition is on Naked News, tens of millions of people have seen her tits and pussy.

Miss Kate started in dance, then gymnastics and finally devoted all of her time to cheerleading. She is very flexible and can practically bend in half. This is something many people value in a girl. Miss Kate then demonstrates a few flexible moves.

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