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Monday May 21st 2018

Makoto Yuki: Mrs. Makoto’s Physical Seductive Class

Makoto Yuki: Mrs. Makoto's Physical Seductive Class

An new female teacher has just transferred to a school with incorrigible students. To keep the attention of the male sudents, she resorts to unorthodox methods.

Yuki Makoto fits perfectly the part of a modest teacher. Her appearance and dress are conservative and she is business-like. Yuki is a dedicated teacher that cares about the well-being of her students.

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The Story
The movie opens with teacher Yuki Makoto wallking through the streets to her new assignment at school. She is dressed modestly in a grey business suit: mid-thigh length skirt, jacket, white buttoned shirt, tights and high heels.

In the classroom, four students are bullying another student and de-pantsing him. This is a class full of troublemakers, all male. In walks a middle-aged, overweight headmaster. He announces that there will be a new teacher. Mrs. Makoto walks in and introduces herself to the dozen or so students. She begins teaching the lesson.

One student in the back gets up, picks up his knapsack, and walks out. He is followed out by a second and then third student. Soon all the students are gone.

Later, a demoralized Mrs. Makoto sits in the classroom, while the headmaster paces back and forth. He understands that these students are incorrigible and unmotivated. He tries to give her advice on how to keep the students in class. He says that Mrs. Makoto must do whatever it takes to keep the students from dropping out. But what does Mrs. Makoto have to offer her students, other than herself and her dedication to teaching? She determines what it is that she must do.

The next day, we see one of Mrs. Makoto’s students lying down on his back on the bed in the infirmary. Today Mrs. Makoto’ has on a black business suit with pink shirt and black tights. Suddenly, Mrs. Makoto pulls up her skirt to her waist. She climbs up on the bed that her student is lying on and shows her panties under her black tights.

Mrs. Makoto’ allows her student to fondle her ass. Her blouse is open and the student gets her ample tits out. Soon the student is licking and sucking his teacher’s nipples. For some reason, Mrs. Makoto can’t just take off her tights, she has to rip them off. She is now on all fours straddling her students face. Mrs. Makoto pulls her panties aside so her student can eat her pussy.

Now we see Mrs. Makoto on her back with her feet in the air and her legs spread wide. Her student sticks his middle finger into her vagina, pumping it vigorously in and out. Next, Mrs. Makoto is between her students legs licking his shaft. Soon, she mounts her student in the cowgirl position. Mrs. Makoto sucks on his tongue while humping him. They go through a few more positions on the infirmary bed.

Masturbation with Fat Kid Who Was Bullied
The next day, in the hallway outside of class, three students are bullying a fat kid. Mrs. Makoto comes by, wearing a white skirt and peach-colored sweater. She chases off the bullies and brings the poor victim into a sports equipment room with volleyballs, a pommel horse and gym mats on the floor. They both sit on a mat on the floor. Oddly, the fat kid takes out en electric vibrator and shows it to Mrs. Makoto. He pulls off his trousers and underpants and uses the vibrator on his dick.

Mrs. Makoto must help this horny fat kid out. Mrs. Makoto stands up, raises her skirt and removes her tights. Then she pulls down her panties so that she is bottomless. Sitting on padded horse, Mrs. Makoto opens her legs. The fat guy kneels in front of her and starts licking her pussy. Then he uses the electric vibrator on her clit. Mrs. Makoto pulls up her peach sweater and gets one of her tits out of her bra and fondles it.

Next, they are laying down on the mat facing each other, with Mrs. Makoto using the vibrator on herself, and her fat student jerking off. Mrs. Makoto proceeds to use the vibrator on his dick. Then he stands and leans back while Mrs. Makoto licks and bites his nipples while jerking him off. Soon Mrs. Makoto has her mouth on his cock and he quickly ejaculates into her mouth.

Tongue-kissing the Headmaster
Mrs. Makoto is at her desk in the teacher’s office. She is wearing a black skirt, white V-neck blouse and canary-yellow sweater. In walks the overweight headmaster. She greets him and they chat. Suddenly, the headmaster grabs Mrs. Makoto and starts kissing her on the mouth. She is taken by surprise, but then is soon sucking his tongue. They engage in some serious tongue kissing.

The headmaster manages to get Mrs. Makoto’s black skirt off. He’s got her bra pulled up and is sucking on her tits. Then he bends Mrs. Makoto over and rips off her tights, playing with her through her panties. Her black panties are pulled aside and the chubby man is cleaning her asshole with his tongue. Then we see Mrs. Makoto sitting on the desk, with her legs apart while the man stick two fingers in her cunt.

Now the headmaster is seated with Mrs. Makoto kneeling between his legs giving him a blowjob. While he is still seated, Mrs. Makoto backs up to him and just like that his cock is in her vagina. Standing, she bounces on his dick. Next, Mrs. Makoto turns around facing him and sits on his dick. He finally ejaculates into the pretty teacher’s mouth.

Rhythmic Gymnastics
Three students are in the exercise room wearing gym shorts and T-shirts. In comes Mrs. Makoto wearing a white one-piece gymnastics suit. She has a green gymnastics ball and shows the trio some gymnastics poses on the mat. She asks if they like it. “Yes!”, they say in unison. Mrs. Makoto continues posing, bent over at the waist and on the mat with her legs spread wide, giving a fine view of her crotch covered obly by the thin material. The students watch and play with themselves through their gym shorts.

Mrs. Makoto kneels on the mat and has one of them come over. She begins licking the bulge in his briefs. Soon his briefs are off and Mrs. Makoto is sucking on his cock. Another student joins, and Mrs. Makoto is servicing both students with her mouth. Eventually, one guy shoots a huge load into Mrs. Makoto’s mouth. This was about half a cup of cum! The second student also finishes in Mrs. Makoto’s mouth.

Classroom Lesson
Back in the classroom, Mrs. Makoto is teaching the day’s lesson. Today she’s wearing a white skirt, black blouse and grey jacket. Mrs. Makoto walks up and down the aisles, reading from the lesson book. The overweight headmaster also sits in the classroom.

Mrs. Makoto asks for a volunteer. A student in back raises his hand and comes forward. Mrs. Makoto kisses the volunteer. The headmaster comes over and she tongue kisses him, also.

The headmaster begins undressing Mrs. Makoto. She steps out of her white skirt, takes off her jacket and blouse. Next she takes off her bra to expose her tits for the classroom full of students.

Mrs. Makoto turns around and leans on her desk., The volunteer takes off her panties. The rest of the class leans in for a closer look. The headmaster spreads her ass checks. Mrs. Makoto turns around and the student holds one leg up while tongue kissing her. The headmaster has his face between Mrs. Makoto legs, licking her pussy. Now Mrs. Makoto is placed on her desk whole the headmaster holds her legs apart. The volunteer spreads open Mrs. Makoto’s vagina with his hands, then finger fucks her, getting deep inside her hole. Next, Mrs. Makoto is bent over her desk and finger fucked from behind. They hold her leg up to give the class a fine view of their teacher’s cunt.

Now it’s time for Mrs. Makoto to suck the volunteer’s cock. He stands while she kneels in front of him. The fat headmaster comes over and gets under her in the 69 position. Soon, she is sitting down on the volunteer’s cock. They try a few positions. Then it’s doggy style so Mrs. Makoto can suck on the headmaster’s dick while the volunteer takes her from behind.

Mrs. Makoto gets on her back while the headmaster fucks her in missionary position. Many more positions are tried.


Mrs. Makoto’s Physical Seductive Class Makoto Yuki

Runtime: 118 min
Rating: 5/5 Stars
Title: [MIDD-683] Mrs. Makoto’s Physical Seductive Class
Alternate Title: Nude Lesson
Studio: MOODYZ
Series: -
Release Date: Oct 13, 2010
Director: K*WEST
Starring: Makoto Yuki
Genre: Japanese AV
Theme: Teacher
Deprecated: [MIDD683] Mrs. Makoto’s Physical Seductive Class Makoto Yuki

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