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Monday May 21st 2018

Azumi Chino: Creampies In The Calligraphy Classroom Pregnancy Education

Azumi Chino: Creampies In The Calligraphy Classroom Pregnancy Education

The have been many scandals making the news involving an illicit affair between young female teachers and their male students. It seems like many pretty female teachers, just can’t keep their hands off of their students. This movie is the story of such an incident at a school in Japan.

Azumi Chino is an attractive young women who fits the part of a teacher quite well. Her appearance are dress and fairly modest and conservative. In the classroom, her demeanor is business-like. She is a dedicated teacher who cares about the well-being of her students–maybe a little too much.

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The Story
The video opens in suburban school in Japan where Azumi Chino teaches calligraphy. Miss Chino is dressed like a typical schoolteacher: pink sweater over a white collared shirt, tight gray skirt and white pantyhose. Miss Chino kneels on a traditional mat at the head of the class. Four calligraphy students sit cross-legged at low tables practicing writing with brushes. There are examples of Japanese calligraphy on the wall.

Miss Chino helps one student draw the symbols. She looks over the work of a second student in a yellow hoodie in the back row. His works is a disaster. Clearly he needs extra help. Miss Chino kneels behind him and helps him draw the characters. Suddenly he jumps up, placing his hands over his crotch, He has gotten a stiffie!

After class, Miss Chino and her student are alone in the classroom practicing calligraphy. The school’s headmaster enters and examines his work. The headmaster tears it up. The student is distraught. Miss Chino comforts him by allowing him to put his head on her bosom. He sticks his face between her breasts. Then he starts feeling her breasts through her sweater. Miss Chino appears uncomfortable by this, but permits it.

Then he tells Miss Chino that he would be comforted by sucking on a nipple. Miss Chino is taken aback by his remark. But she wants to comfort her poor student. After thinking about it for a bit, she reluctantly agrees. Miss Chino unbuttons her shirt, revealing her bra. She lifts her bra, exposing her big tits to her student.

Miss Chino’s student sucks on one of her nipples. Then he sucks on her other tit. Miss Chino gets aroused by having her tits sucked by her student.

Once again the student has a stiffie. She tells him to show her. The young man stands and lowers his trousers and underpants, revealing a rock-hard erection. Miss Chino’s eyes pop when she sees his dick sticking up. But she appears delighted at what he has shown her. She plays with his erection a little.

They hear someone coming! Miss Chino quickly pulls up her students trousers and composes herself. In walks the headmaster. They have a meeting and agree that the slow student needs special attention from his teacher.

The next day in calligraphy class, all the student are busy drawing. Miss Chino, wearing a low-cut white sweater and short burgundy skirt, gets behind her slow student and rubs her breasts against him as he draws.

When class ends, the slow student stays behind for some extra work. Miss Chino kneels beside him.

Draw In a Bath
Cut to Miss Chino in a bathtub with her pupil. Miss Chino is wearing a white micro bikini. Her bikini is like this style or this or this offered by Wicked Weasel. The top is too small to contain Miss Chino’s full breasts, so some underboob shows. Plus the bikini top is sheer so that her nipple show. The student stands up and is naked. Miss Chino has a brush and draws on his chest, and then brushes his springy erect penis.

Miss Chino guides her students hand to draw on her. She pulls the bikini top aside exposing her bare breasts and has her student brush her nipples, making them erect. Then he starts brushing the front of her micro-bikini bottom. Soon, Miss Chino is titty-fucking her student’s dick. Soon, she is blowing him.

Teacher Pays a Visit to Her Students Home
Miss Chino has a meetin with her student’s father at his home. She’s wearing a blue flower-print skirt and a white shirt. The father heads off to work, leaving Miss Chino alone with her student in the family living room. She decides to instruct him in the art of tongue kissing. Miss Chino unbuttons her shirt and gets her tits out so that he can suck on them.

Miss Chino pulls up her skirt to her waist and then steps out of her panties to show him her pussy. She sucks on his fingers and tells him to stick a finger up her vagina. He fingers her, and then licks her clit while finger fucking her hole. She really seems to enjoy this activity. Miss Chino returns the favor by blowing him. She’s happy and smiling the whole time. Eventually, she mounts her student, cowgirl style. At last, the lucky student is inside his pretty calligraphy instructor right on the floor in the family living room!

Miss Chino bounces up and down on her student’s cock, with her big tits bouncing. She switches to reverse cowgirl so we can see her asshole. Then Miss Chino gets down on all fours and presents herself. Her student takes her from behind, fucking his young teacher on the living room carpet, doggy style.

Miss Chino flips over, spreads her legs and her student enters her missionary. We can clearly see his penis entering Miss Chino’s vagina, while he rubs her clit. The young man ejaculates inside Miss Chino. When he pulls out, the semen gushes out of her. She tells him he did good.

Home Alone
By now, Miss Chino is hooked on her student’s sperm. We see her on the phone in her pajamas planning their next meeting. She masturbates in her bed at night.

Headmaster’s Test
The three other students are in the classroom with the headmaster for a calligraphy test. Where is Miss Chino and her student? Behind a partition in the next room. The young man is eating Miss Chino’s pussy. Her yellow sweater is raised exposing her breasts, and her white dress is pulled up to expose her bottomless with no panties. The headmaster calls to them. “Just a moment!” says Miss Chino. Her students continues to eat her out. Next he steps out of his trousers and she takes his cock in her mouth. Very risky, as the headmaster is just 10 meters away beyond the partition.

All of a sudden, one of the other students jumps up and walks quickly toward them. He barges right in on them and catches Miss Chino on her knees blowing her student. Miss Chino tells him that if he keeps his mouth shut, he can get the same. The second student steps out of his trousers and gets his dick out. Now Miss Chino has her hands on two dicks and then takes the second student’s cock in her mouth. She bends over so that the first student can fuck her from behind, while she sucks the second student’s cock. Nice!

The camera shows Miss Chino having sexual intercourse with one of her students and orally copulating a second student. Meanwhile the headmaster tests the other two students in the far room. The first student banging Miss Chino pretty hard and she is quite vocal, but no one hears. Soon, the second student comes in his teacher’s mouth. Then the first student comes inside Miss Chino’s pussy.

A Lesson for All
Back in the calligraphy classroom, Miss Chino, wearing a black skirt without pantyhose, white buttoned shirt and a white sweater, is kneeling on a mat, with her four pupils kneeling around her. She holds up two pages, one with red letters, one with black letters. Each student has to pick one. Next two red pages. Then two blacks pages.

She tells the two students nearest her to come closer and feel her breasts through her shirt. She unbuttons her shirt to reveal a fuscia bra with white trim. They continue feeling her up. She gets her tits out for the young men so that they can suck on them. Wow, are her nipples erect!

Miss Chino turns around and pulls her skirt up to her waist. She shows her pupils her ass. Then she pulls down her panties and spreads her ass cheeks to show them her asshole, which is not censored. Miss Chino puts one knee one on the table and opens her vagina for them.

One guy takes a paintbrush and draws a black arrow pointing to Miss Chino’s asshole and labels it with some calligraphy. Then he draws a red arrow pointing to her vagina and labels it also. How degrading for her to have her calligraphy pupils drawing nasty slogans on her body.

Now Miss Chino stands facing them, with her knees wide apart and shows the young men her pussy from the front, holding her labia open. She gets her shirt off, and pulls her dress way up high to make room for writing. One writes on her stomach with a red paint, and then with black paint.

Miss Chino sits on the table with her legs spread and knees pulled back. One student fingers her vagina. The two guys stick their fingers inside her. Soon, all four students have their fingers inside their horny calligraphy teacher’s hole. Somehow, this went from a normal calligraphy class to everyone finger fucking their pretty teacher!

Time to get your dicks out. Student #1 gets his trousers off first. Miss Chino plays with his erect penis. Student #2 gets his dick out. She plays with both erect penises, licking and sucking them. Students #3 and #4 get their cocks in Miss Chino’s face as well.

They get a big mat on the floor. One guy lays down and Miss Chino mounts him. She fucks him while the other three watch. Student #1 unloads his sperm inside Miss Chino.

For Student #2, Miss Chino gets on her hands and knees. He fucks her doggy style. Another guy French kisses her, and then sticks his cock in her mouth. The guy fucking her stands and we can see his cock sliding in and out of her cunt. He comes inside her, and the white semen drips out.

Student #3 sits on the table and Miss Chino sits on his cock. She bounces. Another guys feel her tits. #3 shoots his load into his calligraphy teacher.

Student #4 takes Miss Chino missionary position. She’s on the floor on her back, while her student pumps her pussy from between her legs. She wraps her legs around him to pull him in deep. Finally he gives her the creampie she wants so bad. Wow, this is one horny young teacher. Every one of her students gave her a nasty creampie today.

But wait, student #1 is fucking Miss Chino again! They are taking turns with their teacher. He gives her another creampie. Student #2 is back with his cock in Miss Chino’s pussy. He unloads his sperm into his calligraphy teacher’s hole. Then #3 gets his second turn at Miss Chino, and unloads inside her cunt.

Back in the classroom.. One student steps out of the closet, pulling up his pants. They all choose to see who goes next. Miss Chino is in the closet, servicing her students one at a time. The classroom has been transformed from Miss Chino’s Calligraphy Class to Miss Chino’s Whore House.


Creampies In The Calligraphy Classroom Pregnancy Education Azumi Chino

Runtime: 136 min
Rating: 5/5 Stars
Title: [GVG-137] Creampies In The Calligraphy Classroom
Alternate Title: Creampies In The Calligraphy Classroom Pregnancy Education
Studio: Glory Quest
Series: Cocks & Pregnancy Fetish Creampies Extracurricular Lesson Pregnancy Education
Release Date: May 07, 2015
Director: Nasty Sanchez
Starring: Azumi Chino
Genre: Japanese AV
Theme: Teacher
Deprecated: [GVG137] Creampies In The Calligraphy Classroom Pregnancy Education Azumi Chino

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