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Thursday April 19th 2018

Tsukasa Aoi: AV Idol Photography Event

Tsukasa Aoi:  AV Idol Photography Event

Tsukasa Aoi is a Japanese AV idol. Tsukasa is about 20 years old and absolutely gorgeous, She has a very pretty face and great body. What makes this video outstanding is that Tsukasa is so pretty, easily a 9 or 9.5, and a bunch of loser middle-aged guys do such nasty things to her. She is smiling and cooperative the whole time.

In Japan, they often holds events where fans can meet the idols. Often the fans bring a gift for the idol. The fans can get autographs and take pictures themselves.

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The Story
In the opening, We are introduced to Japanese AV idol Tsukasa Aoi. Then we see a group of fans, all men, standing around in a large hoel suite awaiting the arrival of Tsukasa. Most of the the men midle-aged and geeky, and all have cameras. A sleazy-looking man, the MC, appears with a microphone and he introduces Tsukasa. She arrives, and is wearing a white sweater over a low-cut black dress with a red sash, and high heels. She takes the microphone and says a few words, greeting her fans.

The first order is business is autographs. Tsukasa sits on the white sofa. Her fans form a queue and they she signs autographs for each one. he men are all excited to meet Tsukasa and she is smiling and friendly to all. Some of her fans bring her gifts.

Photo Op
The MC announces that they can now take. Tsukasa poses in some adorable poses on the white sofa. She flashes a V and makes a heart with her hands as all the fans snap away with their cameras. How cute! Then she stands up for some full[length poses. Tsukasa's black dress is rather short with an empire waist so that from a low angle, the camera can look up her dress to her white panties. Tsukasa lifts her dress in the front a little. Then pretty Tsukasa poses kneeling on the sofa backwards.

Soon Tsukasa is posing seated on the sofa with her knees wide apart pulling her dress to cover herself. Her posing is getting a little sexier, but doesn't to go too far. The MC asks the fans what they would like to see, One guy says, her kissing the MC. The MC jumps in and starts kissing Tsukasa while her fans take photos.

What else would they like? A guy suggests they use the microphoneto Tsukasa her French kissing the greasy MC, so they do that.

Next the MC suggests that Tsukasa pose with a guy in his underwear. A young guy in black briefs comes out and sits next to Tsukasa. She was not expecting this at a fan event.

The man starts feeling her boobs through her dress. Then his hands are down inside the top of her dress. Then he kisses her nexk and starts feeling her up. Tsukasa i bent over to show her panty-covered ass. The fans keep taking photos. Very quickly, the man pulls off Tsukasa's panties. Now he is licking her pussy. He sticks a finger in her hole and finger fucks Tsukasa until she squirts all over the white sofa.

But now the guy is naked and it looks like he intends to fuck Tsukasa in front of her fans. She is standing, bent over with her hands on the sofa and the guy enters her from behind. Despite mosaic'ing, you can clearly see the guys cock in Tsukasa's pussy. Her fans are crowded around right in front of her.

Tsukasa kneels on the white sofa and gets into Face-Fown Ass-Up position which lets the guy go deep in her vagina. One of her fans has the microphone and starts interviewing her while her pussy is getting pounded. Eventually, the guy comes onto her black dress, which she is still wearing.

Tsukasa leaves to clean herself up and gets applause from her fans.

Cheer Photoshoot
The fans are standing around comparing shots. The MC announces and Tsukasa comes out wearing a blue cheerleader costume consisting of a blue pleated skirt white and red trim, A matching top and white tennis shoes with white socks. She holds two blue-and-white pom-poms. She does some cute smiles and poses for her fans, who snap photos.

Tsukasa sits on the white sofa and poses.The MC makes a suggestion and Tsukasa pulls up her cheerleader skirt to show white see-through panties. Then a geeky guy from the office in a white shirt and tie and glasses steps up on the sofa. He grabs Tsukasa's ankles and holds her legs up and spread open. What a lovely sight! Her fans gets wonderful shots of her pubic hair through her sheer panties.

The MC wants to get in on the fun, so he steps in and slowly pulls down Tsukasa's panties. He takes them off all the way. The man with the shirt and tie pulls up her legs again, but Tsukasa covers her crotch with her hand. The MC takes her hand away, and her fans cheer when her hairy vagina is exposed. Then they have spread her even wider, and the MC pulls her labia apart to reveal Tsukasa's pink fuck hole. Her fans get there camera in for tight closeups of her open vagina.

While her fans watch, the MC puts his mouth on Tsukasa's pussy and then sticks his finger inside. The office guy pulls Tsukasa's top up to expose her tits, which are not small for such a thin girl. They both get there fingers in her hair pie. Then they use a vibrating egg on her clit while fingering her. Another vibrating egg goes inside her vagina, which adds to her arousal. More closeups are taken by her fans, who are getting quite a show!

The MC picks her up and places her upside on the white sofa. Then he sticks a skinny yellow dildo that looks like a carrot in her vagina. They add a white one and a pink one. She smiles and poses for pictures with the things sticking out of her cunt. er fans pull them out one by one to take home as souvenirs.

Next, she sits back on the sofa with her legs spread and the office guy eats her out. Then more fingering from the sleazy MC, which makes her come with a white liquid. Tsukasa leaves and her fans applaud.

Fan Participation
The MC announces her again. Tsukasa comes out wearing a only white bra a panties, and high heels. She has anwesome tight body. She stands in the middle of the room and poses. She squats with her knees wide apart, giving a nice open-leg pose. Then backwards on her hands and knees on the sofa, always smiling.

A different young stud arrives. He and the sleazy MC start to feel her up. They pull down her bra and take it off of her, so Tsukasa is now topless. Squeezing her tits makes her nipples hard. Her panties are pulled down next, so she is completely nude in the roomful of men. The two guys continue to fondle her. One of her fans holds her leg up while the young stud gets his finger up her.

The put the microphone up to her. Tsukasa asks if any of her fans would like a chance to touch hr body. "Yes, yes!" and they all jump up and start feeling her up. Her fans are playing with her nipples and rubbing her legs and ass. One guy asksiff they can suck her tits. "Okay!" and her fans take lickong and
sucking Tsukasa's erect nipples.

The MC asks who would like to French kiss.Tsukasa. While the others are fondling her, one after the other, her geeky fans step up and tongue kiss her. Then the MC asks Tsukasa if her fans can perform cunnilingus on her. She agrees. She agrees.

Tsukasa sits on the white sofa with her legs spread. One by one, Tsukasa's geeky fans step up to eat her snatch. Now that's giving back to your fans. Tsukasa exits.

Fan Appreciation
Tsukasa returns wearing the sexy maid costume shown on the box cover. This is a very short see-through dress over white bra and panties, with black thigh-high stockings and a white maid's cap in her hair. She poses for photos. First cute poses, then more erotic.

Tsukasa takes the microphone and thanks her fans for their support. The two young studs are back, in their briefs. At this point, her fans all strip down to their underpants. The MC produces a stopwatch. The first fan steps up and Tsukasa kneels in front of him. Tsukasa pulls down his shorts and puts his dick in her mouth. Each guy gets 30 seconds of Tsukasa's cocksucking..

One by one her fans steo up and Tsukasa takes their dicks in her mouth for 30 seconds. They get to choose the position.

Next Tsukasa poses with the two studs feeling her up and kissing her. It was much better when her geeky fans were doing it. The studs play with her and finger her. Why not let her fans do this?

The white mat is put o the floor. Tsukasa gets down on a mat FDAU. One young stud enters her from behind. The other sticks his dick in her mouth. Will her fans get a chance with her?

The studs fuck her six ways from Sunday. While she is on her back getting fucked, a thin fan steps up and jerks off on her tits. Then a thick fan does the same. Then a third fan comes on her tits. One by one, her fans jerk off onto Tsukasa's tits while she's getting fucked. It would have been nastier if they came in her mouth, or even better if they all gave her creampies.

They all thank Tsukasa and applaud.

Private Model Tsukasa
Tsukasa has agreed to do some private modeling for one of her fans. They are in a bedroom She's wearing the sexy maid costume.and poses on the bed. She has stated that her limits are lingerie, topless and fully nude.

She starts with cute poses, but quickly her posing turns more erotic.She agrees to open leg poses. She lets her fan take off her panties, and then spreads her legs for him. Then she lets him pull up her top to show her tits,

Tsukasa says she is willing to show pink. But then she agree to masturbation. As she gets aroused, she lets him lick her pussy. He takes a few closeups of her vagina, Soon the model is pulling the photographers pants off and licking his dick. Tsukasa has a luscious tongue, and the phoyog takes pictures f her licking his dick.

Pretty soon Tsukasa is riding her fan. He takes photos with a point=and-shoot camera. Tsukasa is on her back and her fan is in her, banging away.

AV Idol Photography Event ( Tsukasa Aoi )

Runtime: 214 min
Rating: 5/5 Stars
Title: [DV1346] Idol Photo Session Photoshoot Orgy
Alternate Title: AV Idol Photography Event
Studio: Alice JAPAN
Series: AV Idol Photo Shoot
Release Date: Oct 12, 2014
Starring: Tsukasa Aoi
Genre: Japanese AV
Theme: Idol

[DV1346] Idol Photo Session Photoshoot Orgy

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