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Thursday April 19th 2018

Kokone Mizutani: Slave Teacher

Kokone Mizutani: Slave Teacher

Kokone Mizutani is very pretty Japanese actress. In this film, she plays a teacher with a dark secret.

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The Story
The movie opens with a male students in classroom. The teacher, Kokone Mizutani, enters the classroom. Miss Mizutani is a young and pretty teacher in a classroom of all boys. She is wearing a white blouse, a conservative black skirt and no pantyhose. She walks to the head of the class a begins her lecture.

Suddenly, one student near the back throws a book on the floor. Then he empties his pencil case onto the floor. Miss Mizutani slowly walks over and sits on the floor, and begins picking up the mess. Then the guy orders her to squat with her knees apart as she picks up the pencils. This exposes her panty-covered crotch.The students throw more stuff on the floor. Miss Mizutani gets down on all fours to clean it up. Her skirt rides up exposing her ass. The student treats Miss Mizutani with disrespect and humiliates her. The other students laugh. What is going on?

Cut to: Miss Mizutani reading a lesson from the book, tutoring one student. She is wearing a grey top with black diamonds, a white skirt and pantyhose. She notcics something and questions the student. He tells Miss Mizutani something that shocks her and embarasses her. She pleads with her student not to tell anyone her secret.

The student commands Miss Mizutani to lift up her top, exposing her brassiere. He tells his teacher to get her tits out. Miss Mizutani reluctantly complies. Her nipples are erect. Next the student orders Miss Mizutani to pull up her skirt. He has her sit on a desk with her legs open. Nice look at her panty-covered crotch. Soon the student rips her pantyhose open. After threatening to go and tell someone her secret, Miss Mizutani pulls her panties up so they barely cover her vulva. Her outer labia are in full view. Then Miss Mizutani pulls her panties to one side and expsose her vagina to her student. The student sticks a finger in her pussy. When he pulls it out, she is dripping wet.

It only gets better, as Miss Mizutani has no choice but to comply with her students wishes. She turns out to be a willing cocksucker. She puts her tongue to work everywhere, including ass licking. Pretty soon, the student is fucking his teacher on the floor in the classroom.

Scene: Vibrator in Hallway
The bad student is waiting for Miss Mizutani in the hallway. She os wearing light blue blouse and white skirt with a black belt. The bad student orders Miss Mizutani to pull up her skirt He pulls down he pantyhose and then rips off her panties. Her skirt comes off. Then he places a remote-control vibrator in her pantyhose.She is right outside of a classroom full of students, on her hands and knees, with the vibrator stimulating her.

Soon Miss Mizutani is squatting in the hall with her student’s cock in her mouth, deep-throating her.

Scene: With Gym Teacher in Teacher’s Office
Miss Mizutani is wearing a red track suit in the teacher’s office. Her hands are bound and she is stripped botomless, only wearing a t-shirt. Along comes another gym teacher. This looks like his lucky day.

Scene: Hallway
Miss Mizutani follows the bad student to to a corner in the hallway. She is wearinf a conservative blue shirt and white skirt. He order Miss Mizutani to drop her skirt, then take off her shirt. She only has on a red rope that goes around her tits and between her legs. The bad student ties her hands above her head, and uses a large vibrator on Miss Mizutani to get her warmed up. A big dildo is then inserted in her pussy.

Scene: Cleaning the Classroom
It is late in the evening after school. Miss Mizutani enters the dark classroom. She has on a white shirt and black skirt. The bad student is there with a bucket and mop. Apparently this is his job. He orders Miss Mizutani to mop the floor. Suddenly he dumps the bucket of water onto Miss Mizutani, soaking her. Her white shirt becomes transparent. He orders Miss Mizutani to take off her wet clothes, so we get a slow striptease from Miss Mizutani.

Now Miss Mizutani must wash the floor by hand, in the nude. She looks very nice doing that. Suddenly, from nowhere, five students walk in. The bad student pulls out a dog collar and leash and puts it aruund Miss Mizutani’s neck. She is led around on her hands and knees by the dog leash. The other students are all enjoying the view. This is how they like to see heir teacher.

They spread Miss Mizutani’s legs and finger her pussy. Of course, her pussy is dripping wet. One guy sticks his penis in her mouth and she starts sucking. Others wait their turn. Soon Miss Mizutani is sucking two cocks at once. The bad student lays on the floor. Miss Mizutani straddles him and fucks him cowgirl style. The bad student bangs Miss Mizutani in different positions. Her students jerk off on her pretty face. By the end, she is a sloppy mess.

We see Miss Mizutani posing in a white one-piece swimsuit in some kind of dark jail cell. It looks like Miss Mizutani is now a willing slave,

Slave Teacher (Kokone Mizutani)

Runtime: 127 min
Rating: 5/5 Stars
Title: [ABS-133] Slave Teacher
Alternate Title:
Studio: Prestige
Director: Flagman
Starring: Kokone Mizutani (Rio Fujisaki)
Genre: Japanese AV
Theme: Female teacher and bad male student.

[ABS133] Slave Teacher (Kokone Mizutani)

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