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Thursday April 19th 2018

Eri Ouka: No Panty Female Teacher

Eri Ouka: No Panty Female Teacher

This the story of a young and pretty female teacher who teachers class without panties.

The teacher is Eri Ouka, a pretty girl who looks to be in her mid twenties.

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The Story
The film begins with Miss Ouka slowly walking in the hallway to her morning class. She is looking over the students papers as she walks.

When she arrives at the class, the students take their seats. Written on the blackboard is “GoooooD Morning” in big block letters. Later in the teachers lounge, Miss Ouka is seated at the table when a colleague comes in. He grabs a paper from Miss Ouka who tries to hide it.

At home in bed that night, Miss Ouka makes some kind of prayer with a talisman. While sleeping, a bright light shines in her room and some ghost-like character appears. He tells her something and disappears.

On the way to school the next day, Miss Ouka is thinking about her vision. She enters the teachers office and decides that she should take off her panties. Her colleague comes in and she has hide the fact that she is pantyless.

Scene 1: Teacher’s Office
In class that day, Miss Ouka is writing on the board and her dress raises, but no one seems to notice. But later, in the teachers office, a student comes to ask about a homework problem. While writing in his notebook, his pencils flies out of his hand and lands on the floor. When Miss Ouka bends to pick it up, the her student observes that she is not wearing panties. He somehow convinces Miss Ouka to stand up and pull up her dress.

To see better, her student sits Miss Ouka on the table and kneels in front of her. Then for some reason, Miss Ouka agrees to spread her legs and show the student her pussy. The student quickly drops his trousers and is standing with an erection. Then for some reason, Miss Ouka starts playing with her students dick, jerking him off. Pretty soon, Miss Ouka is licking and sucking his dick.

Scene 2: Library
Miss Ouka, wearing a frilly white top and short pink skirt is in the library searching for a book. With her nose buried in a book, she bumps into two student scholars who are carrying a huge stack of books. Miss Ouka lands face-down on the floor under a pile of books, with her skirt up around her waist, exposing her naked rear. But instead of helping her up, the two scholars pull Miss Ouka’s legs apart to see her vagina. The scholars play with the helpless teacher’s vagina and stick their fingers inside her.

Miss Ouka begs them to help her, and tells them that if they get the books off her, she’ll allow them play with her pussy. Finally, they help her up. In a flash, both scholars are on the teacher. One is tongue kissing her and feeling her tits. The other is fingering and then sucking on her pussy. Miss Ouka doesn’t seem to mind at all and is moaning with pleasure.

Miss Ouka gets on her hands and knees and they continue to play with her while undressing her. Later, the scholars get some vibrators working on Miss Ouka. There is plenty more.

Scene 3: Office
Teacher Miss Ouka is in the office with a colleague. She’s wearing a boufy white top, black miniskirt and thigh-high stockings, and her miniskirt is shorter than the top of her stockings. Her colleague pulls up her skirt to reveal no panties. He bends her over a desk to see her ass.

Scene 4:
Teacher Miss Ouka is in her classroom with four of her students. She is wearing a loose gray jumper dress and long sleeve shirt. They heard a rumor that she doesn’t wear panties at school. She denies the rumor. To check, one student tries to pull up her dress, but she holds it down. They ask, what is she hiding? Suddenly, one student sneaks up behind her and raises her dress high. They can all see her ass, which proves that she is not wearing panties.

The students continue to try and lift her dress up, exposing snatch and a patch of pubic hair. Finally, they all grab the hem of her dress and pull it up to her chest. Whoa! Now they can see everything clearly.

Miss Ouka smacks them each on the head, lines them up in a row, and says, “Since you exposed me, I will expose you!” And then as punishment, Miss Ouka pulls down each student’s trousers. Her students stand there embarrassed, trying to cover themselves, But Miss Ouka will have none of that. She pulls back the shirt of one student and exposes his huge erection. Miss Ouka starts to stroke it with her hands. Then a second student’s erection is exposed and she strokes him as well.

Miss Ouka jerks each of her students’ dicks and plays with their balls. Wow! This is some punishment for lifting up the teacher’s dress! But what else can she do to punish them? Miss Ouka thinks for a bit, and then starts rubbing her students cocks on her naked ass. Miss Ouka is bent over, jerking off one guy while another guy rubs his dick up between her legs. Then she starts sucking on his dick. Now Miss Ouka is licking two dicks at once, while a third guy is rubbing his dick on her ass.

At this point, Miss Ouka decides to strip out of her dress. She unbuttons her shirt and gets her tits out. The guys have to feel her tits and squeeze her nipples. Soon Miss Ouka is bent over a desk sucking cock, while one guy spreads her ass cheeks to show her vagina and anus. The guy licks Miss Ouka’s anus, while rubbing her pussy.

One student lies on the floor and Miss Ouka rides his face. She gets into the “69″ position. The other three students take their positions so they can put their dicks in Miss Ouka’s mouth.

Now they have Miss Ouka on her back with her legs spread and her feet in the air. Miss Ouka is jerking off two of her students and the others are jerking off themselves. One after another, her four students ejaculate onto her face.

It is interesting how this scene evolved from the students trying to lift up her dress; to her punishing them by pulling down their trousers; to cock sucking and ass licking. Imagine trying to get one of your teachers to do this! Start with pulling up her dress and see how it goes!

Scene 5: In the Classroom after School
It is late after school. One student is still in the classroom. Miss Ouka enters and asks him if he has a problem. He explains that he has no experience with a woman. Miss Ouka shows him the talisman that she used to solve her dilemma. He tells her that his problem will be solved if she shows her pussy to him. The student chases Miss Ouka around the room and lifts up her dress. He tries praying with the talisman.

Miss Ouka sits her student down in a chair. She pulls up her dress and straddles him like she is giving a lap dance. Then she starts kissing the student. Miss Ouka’s tongue comes out and is in her students mouth. He spreads her ass cheeks. Then his hands are up her sweater and on her tits. The student licks her nipples. Pretty soon, Miss Ouka is completely nude and straddling her student on the chair–basically a nude lap dance from the teacher!

But here is more nasty business! Miss Ouka is up on the desk with her legs up for some pussy inspection. Her student gets Miss Oukas labia spread open, fingers her, then licks her. Why not stick two fingers in Miss Ouka’s hole and spread open her vagina? Miss Ouka spreads her ass cheeks to display her asshole for the camera. Then face-sitting. This is all before the guy even gets his trousers off!


No Panties Female Teacher ( Eri Ouka )

Runtime: 176 min
Rating: 5/5 Stars
Release Date: 06-August-2010
Title: [PGD-418] Asian Female Teacher Without Panties
Alternate Title: No Panties Female Teacher
Series: Panty-Less Female Teacher (PREMIUM)
Director: Tadanori Usami
Starring: Eri Ouka
Genre: Japanese AV
Theme: Explores the complex relationship between female teacher and male students in classroom.

[PGD418] Asian Female Teacher Without Panties Part 1


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