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Thursday April 19th 2018

Nao Yoshizaki: Female Teacher Without Panties

Nao Yoshizaki: Female Teacher Without Panties

This the story of a young female teacher who is having difficulty getting her students to pay attention in class. She comes up with an idea that will keep them focused on her during the lesson.

The teacher is Nao Yoshizaki. Nao is a pretty actress in her early twenties with great figure for showing.

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The Story
The film opens in a classroom. a young female teacher Nao Yoshizaki is standing in front of the class. She is wear a very modest, gray charcoal business suit, a pink collared shirt, sensible shoes and thick nerd glasses. The camera pans up from her shoes Miss Yoshizaki is reading from a lesson book. Two students, in white shirts and red ties, are talking to each other. A student in the front row asks a question, which Miss Yoshizaki tries to answer.

At the end of the school day, in the teachers officer, Miss Yoshizaki looks frustrated. She’s just not getting through to her pupils. Two male colleagues enter and make a few suggestions about how to reach her students. They tell her that for students to learn, a teacher must first attract the boys attention. Miss Yoshizaki has an idea.

Her colleagues are at their places in the teacher’s office, when in walks Miss Yoshizaki. Her colleagues jaws drop. They look her up and drown from head to toe and her in shock.

Later that day, the students seated and talking, waiting for Miss Yoshizaki’s class to begin. Miss Yoshizaki arrives. She walks into the classroom, and her students are shocked. Miss Yoshizaki has a new look. The nerd glasses are gone. Miss Yoshizaki has contact lenses. But that’s not all. She no longer has a modest business suit. She’s wearing an ultra short, tight black miniskirt, thigh-high stockings and sexy high heels. As she stands by her desk in front of the class, the camera shows that her miniskirt is so short that it doesn’t even reach down to the top of her stockings. And she is not wearing panties!

Scene 1: Lost Contact Lens
Miss Yoshizaki is alone and asleep in her classroom. She stands at the teacher’s desk and is bent over it at the waist. She wakes up and is thinking out loud. She slams her hands down on her desk, and -oops- one of her contact lenses pops out. She starts looking for it on the floor. Miss Yoshizaki is down on her hands and knees searching for the lost contact lens.

In walks one of her students. He asks what she is doing on the floor and Miss Yoshizaki explains that she lost a contact lens. Of course, he’ll help her find it. She tells him, “I’ll look over here and you look over there.” They both get down on the floor searching. Miss Yoshizaki’s skirt rises up, and suddenly her student he notices that he can see right up her skirt to her vagina! There is a clear view of Miss Yoshizaki’s pussy and asshole.

Her student pretends to be looking for her contact lens, but he can’t take his eyes off of her Miss Yoshizaki’ pussy. Who can blame him, what would you be looking at? But then the student finds the contact lens and has it on the end of his finger. Of course, he doesn’t tell her right away, why spoil the show! But eventually Miss Yoshizaki’ sees that he has found it.

Her student stands up, looking rather embarrassed, and lo, he has an erection in his trousers. Miss Yoshizaki is still on her knees so that her face is at the same level as her student’s crotch. She notices the tent in his trousers. Miss Yoshizaki makes a comment about his erection and now he is really embarrassed. He tries to cover it with his hands. Miss Yoshizaki just smiles, stands up, puts her arms around her student and gives him a deep kiss.

[Up to this point, the scene was all rather innocent. Except for Miss Yoshizaki not wearing panties. But no law says that a teacher must wear panties. Lots of girls go commando with certain outfits. No pantylines, etc. I can vouch for that. But when she deep kisses her student, then she is signalling that anything goes.]

Soon the student is tongue kissing his pretty teacher, While Miss Yoshizaki is licking her student’s tongue, he is feeling her up through her clothes. He unbuttons her blouse and starts playing with her tits. He takes one tit out and plays with her nipple to make it hard. Then the student is licking and sucking on his teacher’s tits.

Miss Yoshizaki rubs her student’s erection through his trousers, while her student gets his hand up her skirt to feel her pussy. Miss Yoshizaki sits on a desk and opens her legs for her student.

No Panties Teacher 3 Hour Special Nao Yoshizaki

Runtime: 175 min
Rating: 5/5 Stars
Title: [PGD-602] Female Teacher Without Panties
Alternate Title: No Panties Female Teacher
Series: Panty-Less Female Teacher (PREMIUM)
Director: K.C. Takeda
Starring: Nao Yoshizaki
Genre: Japanese AV
Theme: Explores the complex relationship between female teacher and male students in classroom.

[PGD602] Private Teacher Ultimate Sexual Lesson

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