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Thursday April 19th 2018

Reiko Kobayakawa: Lady’s Sex Report


Reiko Kobayakawa plays a housewife. Reiko is a MILF with big tits, large erect nipples, nice legs.

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The Story
The film starts with some upbeat calypso music which indicates that this is a light-hearted comedy. A teenage girl, Kaoru Hanasaki, is in bed in her room. Her mother, Reiko Kobayakawa. enters carrying red plaid flannel pajamas. The daughter Kaoru says that she is not feeling well today, Kaoru takes off her pajama top, revealing her small breasts, and puts on the shirt. Suddenly, Kaoru notices that her brother, Hiyoshi, is peeking in through the door. The big-titted mother, Mrs. Kobayakawa, tells him to not look in when someone is undressing.

Scene 1: Hiyoshi hypnotizes Mrs. Kobayakawa
Later, in the living room, Hiyoshi is dancing a silly dance on the sofa. Mrs. Kobayakawa sits at the table, deep in thought. The foolish lad, Hiyoshi, has an idea. He will try to hypnotize Mrs. Kobayakawa. He uses a coin on a string. Mrs. Kobayakawa goes along and pretends to be frozen and unable to move. Hiyoshi checks her by moving her legs. But when he touches her breasts, Mrs. Kobayakawa pushes him back. Hiyoshi’s feeling are hurt.

OK, Mrs. Kobayakawa will give Hiyoshi another chance to hypnotize her. He tries again and this time the hypnosis appears to have worked. Mrs. Kobayakawa is unable to move a muscle. To check, Hiyoshi raises her arms and Mrs. Kobayakawa stays in any position he puts her in. Hiyoshi then feels the woman’s breasts. She tells him to stop, but apparently can do nothing to stop him. Hiyoshi stands her up and pulls up her skirt to show black panties. He pokes his finger between her legs. Mrs. Kobayakawa continues to tell him to stop, but is apparently helpless to stop him. Hiyoshi buries his face in Mrs. Kobayakawa’s ample bosom. She can just stand there at attention.

Hiyoshi uses the coin to hypnotize Mrs. Kobayakawa further. He tells her that her hand is a vagina. So Hiyoshi takes her hand and rubs the palm with a finger. Then he licks it with his tongue. Mrs. Kobayakawa becomes sexually aroused by this. He forms her hand into a hole and plunges one finger inside. Mrs. Kobayakawa responds just like she is being fucked. Reiko’s acting is superb.This is an academy-award worthy performance!

Once again, Hiyoshi further hypnotize Mrs. Kobayakawa. This time she is told that she desires Hiyoshi’s penis. She begins stroking him through his trousers. Mrs. Kobayakawa. drops to her knees and pulls down Hiyoshi’s short pants and underpants. Hiyoshi’s cock is already erect. Mrs. Kobayakawa slowly licks Hiyoshi’s balls, ad then takes his cock in her mouth. She gets her big tits out rubs his cock on her nipples. Mrs. Kobayakawa’s nipples are huge and sticking out. Then she gets back to work on his cock and balls with her mouth. The lad shoots his load into her mouth. Hiyoshi quickly wakes her from the trance, and Mrs. Kobayakawa is shocked at what she has done. Then he put her to sleep

Scene 2: The doctor examines Kaoru
The doorbell rings. It’s the doctor to see to the daughter Kaoru. Hiyoshi brings the doctor to Kaoru’s room. When the see Kaoru, he uses the coin-on-string to hypnotize Kaoru. Hiyoshi command Kaoru to take off her pajama top. Hypnotized, Kaoru is obediant. Then the doctor begins examing Kaoru’s breasts. They are medium-sized and nicely shaped. He rubs her nipples and Kaoru moans a little. The doctor starts feeling Kaoru tits.

Now they tell Kaoru to take off the pajama bottoms. She’s wearing pink panties. The doctor touches her crotch and sucks on her tits. Hiyoshi is behind Kaoru feeling her tits. Now they tell her to take off her panties. She does, and is sitting completely nude on the bed with her legs spread in front of the doctor and Hiyoshi. The doctor spreads Kaoru’s labia open and rubs her clitoris. Soon, the doctor is finger fucking Kaoru, with Hiyoshi looking on.

We see the doctor and Hiyoshi taking turns tongue kissing Kaoru. Then is it fellatio time. The doctor takes his big thick cock and sticks it in pretty Kaoru’s mouth. She bobs her head back and forth as the cock slides in and out of her mouth. Not wanting to be left out. Hiyoshi puts his dick in Kaoru’s mouth. She works the two cocks like a slut. Then the doctor begins fucking his cute patient Kaoru. He ends up coming in her mouth. The doctor leaves, his work done.

Scene 3:
That night, we see Mrs. Kobayakawa tied to the bed with her legs spread. She’s wearing a pink bikini and a crotchless mesh body suit. She wakes up and is surprised to find her predicament. Hiyoshi comes in with a big electric vibrator. He places her on all fours and takes off her bikini bottoms. Then he gets Mrs. Kobayakawa face-down, ass-up and uses the vibrator on her pussy.

Further hypnosis once again makes her desire Hiyoshi’s dick. Soon Mrs. Kobayakawa is licking his balls and sucking his cock. Once he is hard, Hiyoshi spreads Mrs. Kobayakawa legs wide open. But first some tongue kissing with Mrs. Kobayakawa. She has a very long tongue and knows how to use it. And of course, she has to get her big tits out. Once the foreplay is finish, Mrs. Kobayakawa mounts Hiyoshi’s dick, cowgirl style.

Mrs. Kobayakawa gets in the doggie position to be fucked from behind. Then more positions–spoon, face-to-face, missionary. FInally, Hiyoshi ejaculates inside of Mrs. Kobayakawa. What would be your favorite position to fuck Mrs. Kobayakawa?

Mrs. Kobayakawa wakers up to find her legs spread wide and her cunt dripping with semen. She does not know how she got here or whose semen it is. It looks like Hiyoshi has gotten away with his mischief.


Shotacon Little Hiyoshi’s Diary of Shameless Mischief Reiko

Runtime: 91 min
Rating: 5/5 Stars
Title: DV-1458
Studio: Dream Stage
Series: A Diary of Shameless Mischief
Starring: Reiko Kobayakawa, Kaoru Hanasaki
Release Data: 30-August-2013
Genre: Japanese AV
Theme: Japanese MILF

[DSE1077] Lady’s Sex Report

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