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Thursday April 19th 2018

Nanami Kawakami: Strip Show In The Academy Culture Festival


Nanami Kawakami plays a female student recruited for a school strip show. She has small breasts, a nice body and pretty face.

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The Story
The films begins in a cooking class with two boys and a girl mixing batter for cake. The girl is Nanami Kawakami who is wearing a short blue pleated skirt, white shirt and tie. She opens a bag of flour and it gets on everyone. She cleans it up with a broom. Later, the two boys are spying on her in the girls locker room =, where she is changing.

Back in the classroom, the student safety officer complains that their is flour in the portable stove. Nanami pcks it up to shake off and drops it, breaking the stove.

That evening, the science teacher, in white lab coat is looking at some magic crystals The next day in class, the teacher tells the students about the culture festival. One student leaves the classroom and goes to the equipment storage room where Nanami is sitting on the floor having a discussion with another student. Suddenly, they both jump her and start stripping her. The two students have their way with pretty Nanami. The censoring is very light and it is much of the detail is visible.

Scene 2: Strip Show Audition
That evening, the science teacher is once again studying some kind of magic crystals. After class the next day: out in the hall three students are speaking with Nanami. They go into the empty classroom. The boys decide that Nanami will strip for the culture festival. “What!?”, she asks. But one student acting as Master-of-Ceremonies introduces her, and she begins to undress.

Nanami takes off her school tie and then unzips her skirt. Acting very nervous and shy, she slowly lowers her pleated skirt to the floor. Then she takes off her white shirt revealing her in a white bra and panty. The bra is removed exposing her small tits. Finally, Nanami pulss hown her white panties. Nanami is totally nude in from of her three classmates. She turns to show them. The the MC ask her to sit in a chair, display herself and masturbate. She sits with her legs closed, but, them is convinced to open her legs up. She put both feet up on the chair and is fully exposed to her classmates. She begins to finger her pussy with one hand whole fonding her breasts with the other hand.

At first nervous and embarassed, Nanami soon loses her inhibitions as she becomes aroused and reaches orgasm.

In walks the science teacher. At fist he does not see what’s going on. He picks up a box and is about to leave the classroom when he notces Nanami, completely naked in the middle of the classroom. The students make a deal with him, offering him the services of Nanami.

Scene 3: Science Teacher Scores
Nanami is sitting on the examination table in the school infirmary with the science teacher standing in front of her. He drops his trousers and underpants and take out his dick. Nanami gets on her knees and starts sucking. The three students watch from outside. Nanami licks the science teacher’s balls. Then we get some nice open views of Nanami’s cunt and asshole, from the front and back. The science teacher really opens her hole up for the camera!

Scene 4: The Big Strip Show
During the day, all the students are putting up signs for the big culture festival. Now it is the evening and the culture festival is underway The students have the hallway all decorated with lights and. in the classroom, runway lights lights up the main stage. Outside the classroom, one student sells tickets for the strip show. It’s a sold out performance.

It’s show time. The MC introduces Nanami to a round of applause. Nanami slowly walks out onto the stage wearing her schoolgirl uniform–white shirt and tie, pleated skirt, kneesocks and leather shoes. She begins to unbutton her shirt and takes it off. The students in the audience cheer. Next, she unxips her pleated skirt and lets it drop to the floor. Still werin her scool tie, she is now in her bra and panties. Nanami turns her back and slowly removes her bra. But it is off, she loses her nerve. She covers her breasts with her hands and the music stops. The audience gets up and wants her to continue, She turns to face them and drops her hands, showing her tits. The boys cheer!

Nanami teases the crowd with her panties, and slowing pulls them down, letting them drop to the floor. Noe she is totally nude in front of the audience, which consists of here classmates from school. She leaves the stage.

The MC snnounces the next act. Nanami comes out fully nude doe a floor show. She sits on the floor and opens her legs. Then she is on back and with her feet up and spreads her legs wide apart. She leaves the stage.

For the next part of her performance, Nanami comes out, fully nude, with a realistic-looking penis dildo. She sticks it onto the floor, and squats down on it so that it penetrates her pussy. Wow! This is more than an ordinary school strip show! Nanami bounces up and down for a while on the fake penis. Then Nanami turns around and sits on the dildo which penetrates her from behind, She stands and takes a bow.

The MC announces one more part of Nanami’s show. She walks out onto the runway, still fully nude. The MC gets behind her and fondles her breasts and French kisses her. Them he gets his hands on her pussy, holding her wide open for the audience to see while he fingers her cunt.

Nanami’s strip show turns into a live sex show, so there’s plenty more to see at the Academy Culture Festival.

Strip Show In The Academy Culture Festival Nanami Kawakami

Runtime: 119 min
Rating: 5/5 Stars
Title: DV-1458
Studio: Alice JAPAN
Series: Rape Academy Culture Festival Strip Show
Director: Yuji Sakamoto
Starring: Nanami Kawakami

Release Data: 14-12-2012
Genre: Japanese AV
Theme: Japanese

[DV1458] R–e Campus – Strip Show Festival

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