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Monday May 21st 2018

Miyuki Yokoyama: Beautiful Teacher Looking to Get Some DIck


The English teacher, Miyuki Yokoyama, is an attractive young woman in her early twenties. Miyuki has a pretty face and clear complexion.

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The Story
The story open with Miss Yokoyama teaching an English class. She is wearing a very tight miniskirt and spectacles. Miss Yokoyama walks around the class reading from the workbook and quizzing her students.

Scene 1: Classroom Lesson
Coming from class one day, her colleague, a man of about thirty-five, grabs Miss Yokoyama and brings her to the school infirmary. He explains something to her. Later that day, Miss Yokoyama is teaching her class. For some reason, all six students come up to the front of the class . They try to convince her to do something. “Come on, Miss Yokoyama.” One student has some clothes for her to put on–a pleated grey skirt, white shirt and blue tie.

Well she will just strip and put the clothes on right in class, in front of her students. Off comes her pantyhose and white minskirt. She puts on the pleated skirt. Off comes her blouse and she puts on the white shirt and blue tie. She is dressed as a Japanese schoolgirl.

At this point, the six students have a conference, and come to a decision. They want Miss Yokoyama to climb up onto a school desk. She gets into all fours and the students examine her from behind. At first she questions what the point is. But ultimately she goes along with their examination of her. Her spread Miss Yokoyama’s legs and examine her panty-covered crotch. They all start to feel her up, which she does not resist. Soon Miss Yokoyama’s tits are out for the boys to suck on.

They pull Miss Yokoyama’s panties off and spread her legs, giving them a good look her vagina, which they play with with their fingers, which makes her aroused. So they finger her pussy hard. Soon, Miss Yokoyama is on her knees on the floor, eating a delicious dick. She also samples the hanging ball sack.

Before she knows it, Miss Yokoyama is on her back on a desk and one of her students is sticking his dick into her vagina.

Scene 2: Exercise Room Training
All the students are in the exercise room, stretching and working out. Miss Yokoyama, wearing pink yoga pants helps one guy stretch. The students all leave and Miss Yokoyama starts to look through the students lockers. She finds a sweaty pair of men’s gym shorts and starts to sniff them. This gets her aroused and she can’t help but play with herself, with a hand in her pants. Thankfully, she pulls down her yoga pants and panties so that we can see her masturbate.

Suddenly, in come six of her students and they catch Miss Yokoyama masturbating. She tries to pull up her pants, but they all see what she was doing. They have her kneel in the middle of the room and they surround her. Out come the cocks and Miss Yokoyama is soon sucking on and jerking off three cocks at a time.

Scene 3: Exercise Room Training Session
Miss Yokoyama is walking down the hall, and, once again, her male colleague grabs her and brings her into the infirmary. But this time, it’s not just to talk. He begins undressing and convinces Miss Yokoyama to cooperate with him. She has reservations, but he persists and she eventually goes along.

It was not clear what the motivation was for the teacher to go along with all the wishes of her students.

A Beautiful Female Teacher Is Searching For Dick To Suck Miyuki Yokoyama

Runtime: 122 min
Rating: 5/5 Stars
Title: MXGS-503
Studio: AV Station
Director: Dera3
Starring: Miyuki Yokoyama
Release Data: 16-March-2013
Genre: Japanese AV
Theme: Japanese Teacher

[MXGS503] Beautiful Teacher x Looking to Get Some Dick

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