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Thursday April 19th 2018

Russian Teens Twerking

Nude in Public.

Here’s a video on youtube that went viral It is from a school talent show. It starts with Winnie Pooh character with a honeypot. The music starts and out comes a dozen dancers dressed in orange and black stripes like bees. They have on one-piece swimsuits, short black pleated skirts, knee socks and black shoes. The dancers start twerking. These are teenage girls from city of Orenburg, in Russia.

They girls get down on the floor Face-Down, Ass-Up (FDAU). With their legs spread wide, they present themselves to the audience, pumping their asses like tauntingly. What teases! All the girls are very pretty, but we see more of the girls gyrating asses than their faces. At one point, they all strip off their pleated skirts.

HOT Bees and Teddy bear sexy Dance of Orenburg young russian schoolgils

Russian Girls Twerking In ‘Winnie-The-Pooh’

Russian schoolgirls TWERK dance

Thus caused quite a scandal and the dance school is being investigated by the authorities. It was probably the apparent young age of the dancers that caught everyone’s attention. The owner of the dance studio is Viktoria Yakovenko.

More Twerking from Russia
But there are plenty of youtube videos that show girls twerking. For example:

Sexy Russian Twerk Team Choreography

In this video,a group of eleven Russian girls twerk on the bank of a river. They are wearing white t-hirts and colorful little gym shorts.

Beautifull Russian Twerkers Shoshina Katerina EP.4

This video shows a sequence of indiviual twerking girls at some kind of dance competition. The girls have tight short shorts, get down on the floor, spread their legs wide and gyrate their hips.. Where was this filmed?

Siberian Dancehall Contest 2013 BOOTY DANCE selection 1

White Girl Twerk Cypher! College (Video) #1 ORIGINAL 2014

This video has too much editing and quick-cuts which is distracting and totally unnecessary

Viralz These Hot Twerking Russian Girls

Watch out Miley and Minaj – Siberia’s twerkers are workin’ it

Ths looks it was filmed in a club somewhere in Russia.

Russian twerking – original video

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