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Monday May 21st 2018

Chisato Shoda: Sexy PTA President and The Bratty Student Council


The PTA president is trapped by two school bullies.

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The Story
The story opens with two young hooligans in short pants, white short-sleeve shirts and suspenders sitting in the stairwell at school. Along comes a weakling with glasses who they begin bullying. He has a bag of snacks, and hands it over to the two bullies. As they eat their pinched cakes, they question the victim.

Along comes the high and mighty PTA President Mrs. Shoda wearing a black business suit and fishnet stockings. Her black skirt is very short. Is this appropriate attire for a school administrator? Mrs. Shoda squats down to speak with them, and the bullies can look straight up her skirt, beyond the top of her red stockings all the way to her panties.

Scene 1: Producing the Incriminating Tape
The weakling is at home when the doorbell rings. It’s the two bullies. They give him a video camera and tell him to get some good video of Mrs. Shoda.

Later that evening, we see Mrs. Shoda at the kitchen table with the with the weakling. They are talking when the doorbell rings. Mrs. Shoda answers the door: it’s the tutor for the weakling, a man of about 30 years.

While the tutor is teaching the student, Mrs. Shoda calls the tutor to step out of the room. Outside the room, they start to make out. Apparently Mrs. Shoda has a thing for the male tutor. Meanwhile, the student continues to study. But he has set up a video camera which is filming the whole affair with the tutor.

Scene 2: Collecting on the Incriminating Tape
The next day, Mrs. Shoda is at school and is rushing to the bathroom. She enters the Men’s bathroom. The bullies and weakling follow her in and open up the stall where she is peeing. The drag her out of the bathroom stall. She scolds them. Then they show her the video camera with the tape of her and the tutor getting it on. “Give me the tape!”, she demands. But they refuse, having other plans.

They take out the remote vibrator, and tell Mrs. Shoda to raise up her skirt. She reluctantly complies, raising her black skirt to her waist. Then they put a remote vibrator inside of her panties. Of course, this drives her wild. They get the video camera and film her while the vibrator stimulates her. They turn her around so they can film her crotch from behind.

The bratty students strip off her business suit jacket. Mrs. Shoda can hardly stand up, so ohe one student holds her from behind so she can lean back against him. He fondles her breasts, while a second feels her up. They pull up her top and play with Mrs. Shoda’s tits though her bra. Then they get her big tits out, lick and suck on them. Soon, one bratty student pulls down her panties and starts licking Mrs. Shoda’s vagina.

Exhausted, she squats down. One brat drops his trousers and shows the bulge in his briefs to her. She grabs his underpants and they yank her arm down. Now the student’s erection is right in the PTA President’s face. Naturally, she is reluctant to put it in her mouth because that would violate the policy against fraternizing with students. But she decides that she has no choice and so opens her mouth. Suddenly her head is pushed forward and the student’s cock is all the way in Mrs. Shoda’s mouth. What student wouldn’t enjoy sticking his dick in a MILFy PTA Presidents mouth? So the guy soon cums in Mrs. Shoda’s mouth.

The other two students drop their trousers and are already erect. Mrs. Shoda sticks out her tongue and the boys rub the heads of their dicks on it. Now she is sucking two. Mrs. Shoda stands and they bend her over the urinals. One student penetrates Mrs. Shoda from behind. After a while, he ejaculates inside her, and we see the semen dripping out.

The next guy leans Mrs. Shoda agianst the corner and fucks from the front. Then the guy sits down on the commode, and Mrs. Shoda sits on his dick. After a few position changes, student #2 shoots his load of semen inside Mrs. Shoda’s pussy. The camera has been filming the whole time.

Scene 3: Shower
In the shower, Mrs. Shoda has a one-piece swimsuit and is blindfolded.

The humiliation of Mrs. Shoda continues.

The Sexy PTA President The Bratty Student Council Chisato Shoda

Runtime: 116 min
Rating: 5/5 Stars
Title: GVG-008
Studio: Glory Quest
Series: Naughty PA Head & Student Council Brats
Director: Hyon
Starring: Chisato Shoda
Release Data: 09-July-2014
Genre: Japanese AV
Theme: Japanese MILF

[GVG008] The Sexy PTA President The Bratty Student Council Chisato Shoda –

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