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Monday May 21st 2018

Roommate With Black Panties

Adult video star Charlie in her very first erotic nude photoshoot
Photos courtesy of Pictor Photo Achives

Another reader writes in about his experience co-ed living experience.

Dear Editor,

I am a university student in Europe. I was staying in a co-ed dormitory with bunk beds for six students. Our suite has two room with two bunk beds in the main room and one bunk bed in the second room. My bed was the bottom bunk in the second room.

My roommate was a girl from France, whom I rarely ever saw, because she always came in late, after midnight, when I was already in bed. The I would have to get up early, like 6:30AM for an early class and she would sleep late. Sometimes I would wake up early, like 6:00AM and jerk off in my bed for half an hour. I would look at a magazine with nude girls or look at porn on my laptop.

Morning Panty Show
Anyway, one morning I woke up early and the room was already light. I stood up and cold see that she was sleeping face down on her stomach. The room was warm and she was not under the blanket. She was sleeping in a small black t-shirt and black thong panties. A black bra and black panties were hanging on the side of her bed. Standing at the bottom of her bed in my boxer shorts, I had a great view of my French roommate’s legs and ass.

My other four roommates were still sleeping in the other room, so I could stand at the end of her bed and do whatever I wanted without getting caught, So I took my dick and balls out through the hole in the boxers and started to flick my dick back and forth. It was soon standing at attention. I proceeded to stroke my penis.

This was a great show until one of the other roommates got up and I had to stop jacking off.

Upskirt Show
I left for my class and when I got there, it turned out our class was cancelled. So I headed straight back home. I got back to the dorm about 9 o’clock, and the French girl was already up and dressed. She was wearing a loose-fitting dress. This was one of the only times I actually ran into her.

One cool thing was she was sitting on my bed, and her bra and panties were laying on my bed. So maybe I could smell her scent on my covers! Apparently, she was putting on her shoes, and jumped up when I came into the room. The French girl then sat on the floor facing me while she put on her shoes. Her legs were open and I had a clear shot up her dress at her black panties. She definitely liked to wear that black underwear.

After the French roommate left the room, I was the only one there. so I took a shower. In the shower, I spent some time stroking it, thinking about the upskirt view that she gave me. When I finished my shower. and came out of the shower room with only my towel, I found the French girl sitting there waiting for me to come out. I was so startled that I dropped everything–the shower gel, shampoo and my towel–exposing my boner in front of my female French roommate.

I said to her, “Well, this is awkward. I just exposed myself to you!” I did not hurry to cover my self, and added. “Well, it’s too late, no sense in covering up, now. You’ve already seen everything, and might a well get a good look.”

Then she said, “I just left my bracelets in the shower.” I remembered seeing the silver bracelets hanging on a hook. She went and got her jewelry and then left. We did not speak of the incident.

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