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Monday May 21st 2018

Yui Ohba: Enjoy Hi-School 06

Yui Ohba: Enjoy Hi-School 06

This movie is about a new female teacher at a boys school. The teacher is Yui Ohba, a Japanese girl with a very pretty face and big tits. Wow! Is this girl pretty with a nice body. From some angles, she resembles Japanese movie star Maria Ozowa. It’s simply astonishing that they can get such sweet and pretty girls to do the kinds of things Yui does in this film Especially with such geeky-looking guys.

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The Story
Male students are in the classroom. The school administator comes in an announces that there will be a new teacher. The new teacher is a beautiful, young women Yui Ohba. Miss Ohba enters the classroom and introduces herself to the class.

Scene: Solo with Pink Dildo in Teacher’s Lounge
Miss Ohba is alone in the teacher’s lounge.

Yui Ohba: Enjoy Hi-School 06

Scene: Infirmary
Miss Ohba walks down the hall alone. She’s wearing short shorts. She enters the infirmary. There she find a sick student laying on the examination table. asleep He is holding his crotch. She opens his trousers and looks has his dick. She pulls his all the way down. After a whole, the student wakes up.

Suddenly four more students rush into the room. They all student fondling Miss Ohba. Soon she is kneeling and gobbling up three cocks

After School in the Classroom
It’s late and long after class. But two students are still at their desks writing. Miss Ohba walks in, wearing a white collared short and and short tight black skirt. She goes to the front of the classroom and stands behind the desk. She questions the students, but they are busy writing. Miss Ohba has other plans for them.

Her short skirt rides up when she sits on a desk in front of one student. This reveals her panties. The action unfolds..

It’s a long scene. At one point, Miss Ohba is bent over a desk getting fucked from behind when the second student sticks hos ass in her face. Like a trooper, Miss Ohba dutifully gets her tongue right into the crack of her student’s ass.

Scene: Locker Room
This scene is shot POV style. Miss Ohb is alone in the locker room with one student. It’s a long and narrow room with a window at one end. There are metal lockers on either side and a long padded bench down the center of the room. She’s wearing a cream-colored sleeveless sweater and a flowing white skirt with grey pattern. She holds a pink dildo and some kind of a purple vibrator on a wire with a control. The POV guy starts to fondle her tits.

Yui Ohba: Enjoy Hi-School 06

Scene: Miss Ohba, Her Colleague and Five of her of Students
In the classrom, one of Miss Ohba’s students is daydreaming. She hits him on the head with a book. She wears a long-sleevred white shirt and tight grey skirt. Next we see Miss Ohba in the boys locker room surrounded by her students. They are feeling her up through her clothes. An pudgy male teacher wanders by. When he sees the students molesting their teacher. He runs in and yells at the students.

To protect her students, Miss Ohba tells her colleague that there is no problem. He can do what the students were just now doing with her. His anger changes to interest. This horny guy has probably not had any pussy for years. He starts with some serious tongue kissing.

Her colleague has some fun with her with her students looking on. Then her students lay Miss Ohba down on a blue gym mat and get their dicks in her mouth. But soon she’s havong sexual intercourse with the pudgy male teacher.

While her colleague is fucking her pussy, Miss Ohba’s students step up one at a time a ejaculate onto her pretty face. She licks some of their cocks clean. Five students come on her face, plus her colleague, who pulls out and also shoots his load onto Miss Ohba’s face.



Runtime: 120 mins
Rating: 5/5 Stars
Title: Enjoy Hi-School 06 [ABS-118]
Starring: Yui Ohba
Studio: Prestige
Release Date: 2013-02-13
Genre: Japanese AV
Theme: Caring and cooperative female teacher at the boys school.



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