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Friday April 20th 2018

Candid Camera: Pose Me

Upskirt from behind showing white pantie.

Posing a Nude Model
Here’s a segment from the original Candid Camera television show with Allen Funt featuring actress and model Michelle Bauer as a nude model.

Allen, Funt, wearing his trademark tuxedo, introduces the segment. A gorgeous nude model with a man who has a chance to pose her in any way he wants.

Michelle Bauer is completely nude. A young guy named James has been hired from a temp agency called Active Help. James is seated in a chair. Beautiful model Michelle is completely nude. She tries a few different nude poses and asks the guy how he likes it.

The next guy with glasses gets a real eyeful as Michelle, completely nude, turns her backside to him, stands with her feet apart and sticks her ass out.

Michelle Bauer, Candid Camera- "Pose Me!" cethan

Michelle Bauer, Candid Camera- “Pose Me!”

I remember this clip when it was first on television. It actually inspired me to become a nudie photographer.

Fanny Prince
Actress and model Fanny Prince needs a guy to help her make fanny prints. She asks the temp worker, Steve Patterson, to help her make fanny prints.

Michelle pulls down her pants down exposing her ass. She puts blue chalk on his hands and then asks him to rub it on her ass, which he does. Michelle has a nice ass and Steve is feeling her ass.

Michelle Bauer Candid Camera Fanny Prince cethan

Michelle Bauer Candid Camera Fanny Prince

Nude Girl in a Box
A man comes to pick up some cardboard boxes. Allen Funt calls him up and tells him to bring one down. When he goes to move the box a girl screams The guy opens the box and there is a nude girl inside. He asks if this is candid camera.

Candid Camera- Bimbo in a Box cethan

Candid Camera- Bimbo in a Box

Girl Giving Lecture Undresses
A girl giving a lecture takes off her dress and is fully nude. There is only one guy in the audience, a guy in a trucker cap. When he gets a chance to ask a question, he asks her if she likes oral sex!

Candid Candid camera worldb

Candid Candid camera

Great stuff from Allen Funt.

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