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Friday April 20th 2018

Groper Train: Search for the Black Pearl (1984)

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Groper Train: Search for the Black Pearl is a 1984 comedy film in the genre of Japanese pink cinema. This genre was a kind of soft-core adult movies that began in the 1960s and continued through the 1980s.

Japanese pink cinema is not hardcore adult video. There is nudity, but the sex is simulated and no display of genitals. This style film is shot with high movie production values, using directors and actors from mainstream the movie industry. The director of Search for the Black Pearl is actually an academy award winning director, Yôjirô Takita, who won Oscar in 2009.

The Story
Manchuria, China 1928. A Japanese soldier, Gohei  Yamamori, finds the worlds largest Black Pearl on the dismembered hand of Chinese warlord Zhang Zuolin, who was killed by a Japanese bomb. The Chinese demanded the return of the Black Pearl. This eventually led to the Manchurian Incident, or Mukden Incident, and the war between China and Japan.

Fast forward to Tokyo 1984. The soldier who found the Black Pearl (strangely not looking much older after 60 years!) is on the train groping a woman. Suddenly he has a heart attack. Now he’s lying down and apparently dying. He has a hot young wife who wants him to tell her wear he hid the Black Pearl. He says let’s screw again and he’ll tell.

They screw (softcore), which kills him . His last words are “Pussy Print”. The search is on to fund the Black Pearl. They enlist the famous detective Ippei Kuroda and his pretty female assistant to help them find it.

He looks at the “pussy print” that was hanging on the wall. Unfortunately, only half the print has survived a fire. He must find the other half. The “pussy print” was made from the niece Yoko Yamamori.

The detective Kuroda makes a test pussy print of his pretty young assistant Hamako. His plan is to collect pussy prints of random women on the train. Eventually Kuroda finds a pussy print match for niece Yoko.

They think the pussy print must be a map to the Black Pearl. They decide to visit the great mystery writer Mr. Matsuki.

To investigate, Mr. Matsuki has the pretty niece Yoko sitting on his desk with her legs spread. He examines her vagina with a glass. He touches her vagina and Miss Yoko reacts. Then Mr. Matsuki sticks his tongue up Miss Yoko. The old writer turns around and has her bend over hos desk. “Have you figured out the location yet, sir?” she asks innocently. Soon Miss Yoko is on her hands and knees, and Mr. Matsuki enters her doggy style.

Unfortunately, Yoko and the son Haruo are soon found murdered, and the plot thickens.

How they get the Black Pearl back in the end is quite interesting. Let’s just say that Kuroda’s pretty assistant is really tight.

Director: Yôjirô Takita
Writer: Isao Takagi (screenplay)
Stars: Yukijirô Hotaru, Shûji Kataoka, Kaoru Kaze
Runtime: 1:06:31

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