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Thursday April 19th 2018

Jeniffer Aniston in Horrible Bosses

Jeniffer Aniston in Horrible Bosses.

In the 2011 movie Horrible Bosses, Jennifer Aniston plays an over-sexed dentist who constantly sexually harasses her male dental hygienist, played by Charlie Day. The best part of this movie is the scenes with Jennifer Aniston talking dirty.

Now why any heterosexual make would object to being sexually harassed by Jennifer Aniston is a mystery. I suppose you just have to suspend disbelief for the movie.

Sex Scene- Sexy Jennifer Aniston Naked Sexually… by geinouchannele

Procedure with patient
In this scene, Jennifer is working on a patient, telling Charlie about what she did the night before.

Jennifer Aniston: Horrible Bosses.

Meeting in Office
In this scene, the hygienist comes to the dentist’s office for a meeting where he find Jennifer wearing an open white lab coat with only panties and thigh-high stockings underneath.

Charlie says that she’s naked. Jennifer say, “I’m not naked, Dale. Can you see my pussy?”

Blonde Patient
In this scene, they are working on a blonde female patient. Jennifer say: “You are going to give me that dong, Dale. You are going to fuck my slutty little mouth.”

Jennifer ends up taking incriminating pictures of Charlie in the dental chair.

Jennifer Aniston: Horrible Bosses Moments 4

Invitation to Fuck
In this scene at nigher Jennifer undresses in front of an open window with the lights on. For a snack she has a popsicle, hotdog, and banana. The guy describing what he saw says that it was an invitation to fuck.

Jennifer Aniston: Horrible Bosses Moments 6

Phone Sex in a Crowded Car
In this scene, Jennifer is in the bathtub. She calls Charlie on the phone and wants him to describe what he is going to do to her. Jennifer asks him, “Are you going to slap me in the face with your cock?”

Jennifer: Horrible Bosses Moments 7

Frame up!
In this scene, Jennifer pulls down a male patients pants. Unfortunately, it was a setup to frame her.

Jennifer Aniston: Horrible Bosses Moments 8 (Final)

Behind the Scenes Footage
Here’s some behind the scene that shows how one of the scenes was made.

Jennifer Aniston: Horrible Bosses Behind the Scenes

Highly recommended. We give Horrible Bosses two thumbs up.

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