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Thursday April 19th 2018

Upskirts in a Stranger’s Home

Upskirt from behind showing white pantie.

In suburban neighborhoods across America, you never know what’s going on behind closed doors. Some men have purchased video cameras. They invite pretty girls into their house for a private modeling session.

The best thing about this video is the way the girl acts and speaks. She’s very cooperative and friendly.

Kacy, a pretty American girl, has come a stranger’s home to model for him and his friend. She has on a modest brown dress that she could easily where to an office or to school if she were teacher.

Kacy sounds like she has a Texas accent.

The man off-camera directs Kacy to turn around. Then he directs her to stand up on a chair near the wall. “Sideways or backwards or?” she asks helpfully. The man directors her to turn around and stick her butt out. Next she is holding her dress out so that we can see her panties. “Cute panties!” say the man’s friend who came by to watch the show.

Then the man has Kacy pull her dress all the way up so that we can see her panty-covered ass. Kacy has very nice legs and ass.

Now the man directs Kacy to turn around. When she turns, she is holding her dress in the front. “Same with the front?”, she asks helpfully. So she lifts her dress up to her waist showing her floral panties.

Next the man directs Kacy to kneel. “With my back to you?, Kacy asks cooperatively, anticipating just what the director wants. She kneels with her dress pulled up and waits for her next command. The man tells Kacy to bend over, and then pull her panties in to giver herself a wedgie. This shows her very nice round ass cheeks. “Shake my butt or anything”, asks Kacy in a joking way, wiggling her cute behind.

She sits down and awaits further instruction. Kacy is perfect for this kind of work.

The funny thing is, when the director asks if she will remove her dress, she says that she is not sure that she wants to do that. I will never understand female logic. Kacy was just lifting her dress, sticking her ass out and basically peforming a mild erotic show. But she is too shy to pose in bra and panties?!

Kacy by cipres923

This is the fourth clip of Kacy. Something happened between the first scene and this one. When we left off, Kacy wasn’t sure about taking off her dress. Now she is topless, wearing only a pair of frilly white lace see-through panties.

Kacy is sprawled out in a bunch of cushions in the living room of the man’s house. Kacy shows off her really nice tits and is not at all shy about displaying her body. Kacy is quite happy to spread her legs as the camera zooms in for a closeup on her crotch. You can definitely see her goodies right through her panties.

The cameraman and his friend joke that they don’t have to tell her what to do anymore, that she’s turning into a pro, indicating that this is her first time doing something like this in front of a camera. Kacy laughs.

So what changed her mind about being nude? The camera asks her ,if it was the wine or because he and his friend are such nice guys? Kacy replies, “I think both.” The lesson is, give the model a little wine and be a nice guy!

Kacy does a great job posing for the video camera.

Kacy04 by cipres923

There are tons of upskirt panty clips on from user cipres923. I don’t know where these fellows live, but they manage to find stunningly gorgeous girls.

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