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Monday May 21st 2018

Les Nuz: Celyne Durand

Les Nuz newsreader Celyne Durand.
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One of the most popular newsreaders on Les Nuz sur Comedie is
Celyne Durand. She is is a gorgeous French news reporter on television in France. Celyne’s curly blonde hair frames a pretty face. She also has a killer body. On the looks scale she rates a 9, if not 9.5.

Red Top
“Bonsoir!”, Celyne Durand is presenting the evening news on Les Nuz. She is wearing a red short-sleeved top with a little black best, a black skirt and high heels.

To start, Celine unbuttons the vest and takes it off. She unbuttons a couple of buttons on her red blouse just to tease us. This shows a black bra with red ribbon. She unbuttons the rest of her blouse and lets it hang open. After a whole, she takes off the red blouse and tosses it aside.

Soon she lets her skirt drop to the floor showing red panties. Then she lowers her bra straps and takes off her bra. She covers her breasts with her hands for modesty. But she has to use her hands to express herself, which exposes her tits. Celine has puffy nipples.

At one point, she starts to take off her red panties, but then says “No can do”.

Céline Durand (La Ferme Célébrités 3) se déshabille !

Célyne Durand présentait les news en se déshabillant

Christmas Theme
Pretty blonde Celine chose a Christmas theme as she reads the international news on Les Nuz. Celine has beautiful eyes and puffy nipples. Topless only. Runtime: 8:02

La Ferme: Quand Célyne Durand se déshabillait à la télé !

Curly Blonde Hair
Curly blonde Celine is about the prettiest newsreader on Le Nuz. She starts off in a conservative dark business suit. She quickly takes off her jacket, and then unbuttons her blouse. Celine removes her blouse. Next, her skirt falls to the floor. Then Celine unhooks her bra and holds it in front of her. She hides her breasts with her arm while dropping the bra. But the French have to talk with their hands, and soon Celine’s breasts with puffy nipples are on plain view. Runtime 4:18

Straight Blonde Hair
This is Celine with straight blonde hair, Very pretty with a killer body. Wearing white pants. Runtime: 7:36

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