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Thursday April 19th 2018

Nude Fashion Shows

Nude fashion mode

The idea of a nude fashion show may sound like an oxymoron, but nevertheless, there are nude fashion shows and we’ve got the video to prove it.

On this first clip, half a dozen models walk down the catwalk with various outfits by designer Charlie Le Mindu. Then a blonde, nude except for a round disk for a hat, walks down the runway carrying a heart-shape bag.

Later a fashion model with black hair appears, with just a hat and a handbag. She has a nice shaved snatch.

Nude Fashion Show 1 by Bigfathorse85

Nuda contro dittatura e privazione libero arbitrio (Nude against dictatorship and deprivation free will)
This Italian clip, titled “Nude against dictatorship and deprivation free will” shows a fashion model wearing a black suit and tie, black skirt and white stockings. She has a huge black cape that looks like it is from Harry Potter.

Nuda contro dittatura e privazione libero arbitrio by ANSA

Big Nude Fashion Show
This clip shows a huge attendance at this presentation of a new collection. The music starts and the models begin slowly walking out, totally nude. There are at least a dozen beautiful fashion models and they are all completely bare.

At first, some of the audience, which is mostly haute couture-type people and the fashion press looks dumbfounded . But most just take it all in stride.

Nude Fashion Show by AngelDevilSuresh

Totally Nude Runway Models
This clip has totally nude models walking in the runway. This actually looks more like a gentleman’s show than a fashion show.

Nude fashion show by mcintyre787

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