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Thursday April 19th 2018

Upskirts on Dailymotion

Upskirt from behind.

Here are some a few upskirt videos on the popular video hosting site.

White Panties
Strawberry blonde Brittany is wearing a a white tops and and a short white shirt. She is a charming girl with a friend smile, with gorgeous legs and ass. Brittany is on the floor spreading her legs and gyrating her ass.

Then Brittany takes off the top and white skirt. She is wearing just a white bra and full-cut white panties. Brittany is directed to climb up on the couch an give herself a wedgie, just like in the previously clip.

Brittany01 by cipres923

Naomi01 – Naomi is humping the sofa in her panties.

Patient Gets a Look up the Doctor’s Dress
This looks like it’s from some Italian-language television show from the 1990′s.

A sexy doctor is examining a young guy on the examination table. He says something and looks down her blouse. The telephone rings.

The doctor answers the phone, “Pronto!” Her dress has a slit in the front. When she sits on her desk to take the call, her dress opens exposing her red panties for the lucky patient.

Sexy nurse 1 by ilpoeta84

Upskirt Secretary
A pretty Russian secretary in a white shirt, black tie, brown pantyhose and very short brown denim miniskirt is standing on the sofa in the office waiting room, writing on a map of Russia on the wall. A young man comes in and sits down to wait. He lights up a Marlborough.

He gets an eyeful as the girl silently goes about her business. At one point she is bent over and not only can the young man see her white panties, but also her titties under her shirt. He leans over to us the ashtry, putting his face right behind the secretary’s ass so he can look right up her.

Even while is sitting, this secretary can’t keep her legs together. The visitor come up with many reason to get down low for a better look, like dropping something and getting down to pick it up, or tying his shoes. The girl is apparently oblivious to the man.

Upskirt segretaria by sexy-alice

Showing Her Snatch in the Office
A handsome young gentleman goes to a professional woman’s office for consultation. She looks like an attorney or executive. The fellow sits in a chair in front of her big executive desk. The woman comes out from behind the desk. She is wearing a short miniskirt and white top that is open in the front, so that you can see most of her breasts.

The woman sits on the desk with one leg on the floor. Her snatch is displayed. She seems to go the extra mile by pulling up the hem of her skirt and opening her legs.

girl shows off snach by jox2010

Upskirt Public Photoshoot
Tiffany is out and about in a white chiffon dress and no panties. The setting is an outdoor mall and there are people around

Tiffany in a cute dress but no panty by cicciopo

A woman in a miniskirt and high heels is walking down the street when she drops something. She squats to pick it up and we can see than she is wearing no panties.

Upskirt without panty by cicciopo

Panties Removed At Dinner
In this Italian movie, every one is sitting down to dinner. Meanwhile, the young man is trying to pull down his tutor’s panties.

ENF Caught Naked 2 by Lady_Sex_Vivi

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