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Monday May 21st 2018

Newsreader PornOlympics


Here is a short clip of a newsreader reporting on the Porn Olympics. The newsreader is a pretty Asian girl. Her name is Sai Tai Tiger, who is from Thailand and transplanted to Germany. The clip is from Private Gold 100 Pornolympics The Anal Games.

The newsreader is sitting at the news desk in the television studio reading the news reports. There are a lot of cameras, lights, cables and television

Newsreader: Well, dear friends, the first day of the Porn Olympics is over. It has been an unforgettable and very arousing experience.

One of the television studio crew walks up to the newsreader with his penis out. She turns her head and opens her mouth as the man jerks off onto her. Most of the cum lands on her clothes.

Newsreader: So arousing experience, that, even though our technical staff has lost control of their otherwise undoubtably professional behavior. But I don’t blame them for it.

Another of the studio crew walks up to the newsreader on the left with his dick. Again she turns and opens her mouth. The cum is dripping from her mouth.

Newsreader: Just invite a serious amount of SMS, e-mails and calls we have received, I can tell that you really enjoyed the first day of our competition. We’ll be back again tomorrow with another special program on the Porn Olympics, which we hope you will like as much as today.

Another crew member comes up and jerks off onto the girl’s face. This guy blasts a good strong load onto her face.

Newsreader: Our computer system will now work out the voting result of today. As you know, we’ll be choosing today’s lucky winner amongst all the e-mails, SMS and phone calls we have received. Who will win a trip with all expenses paid?

Another guy jerks off onto her face.

Newsreader: If you haven’t been lucky, we invite you to try again tomorrow…Today’s lucky winner has been Johnny Blair of Melbourne, Australia.

She turns to the left to receive another cumshot. He manages to get some of the cum into her mouth.

Newsreader: Wow! This is a surprise, as we have been chosen as the best event of the day! I’m honored. I guess that out spectators are feeling very horny today.

She turns to the right to receive another cumshot.

Newsreader: And now the results. The audience has decided that today’s best athlete has been…Oh! It’s me! Thank you! I’ll be back tomorrow. Goodbye!

Fade to black.

newsreader bukkake

Runtime: 3:50
Rating: 5/5 Stars
Title: Pornolympics
Starring: Sai Tai Tiger
Genre: Euro AV
Theme: Bukkake Newsreader

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