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Monday May 21st 2018

Kanari Tsubaki: Forbidden Care

Kanari Tsubaki: Forbidden Care.

Another film in the elder forbidden nursing genre. The girl poviding the care is played by Kanari Tsuboni. Kanari has a very pretty face. She is probably early twenties.

The Story
Kanari, the daughter-in-law, will care for her elderly father-in-law while her husband is at work during the day.

We see Kanari on her hands and knees cleaning the floor. The father-in-law gets a look up her skirt.

Peeing Time
Soon he has to go pee. Kanari takes him into the toilet, pulls down his trousers and underpants exposing his penis which is not erect. She does not look directly at him or his penis, due to her embarassment.

The old man’s arm is in a sling, so she has to she has to hold his dick for him as he pees.

Feeding Time
Later, the father-in-law sits down at the kitchen table for a meal she has prepared. Since his arm is in a sling, she has to feed him. But he expects her to chew up the food for him as well. She takes a mouthful of rice, and then feeds him. But the old man literally sucks the food out of her mouth.

He tells Kanari to stick out her tongue, which he sucks on. Each mouthful of rice is an adventure, but she keeps on taking more spoonfuls of rice to feed him. By the third spoonful, the old man has his hands on her, feeling her up.

Now her tongue is in her father-in-laws mouth, and Kanari’s skirt is up around her waist exposing her white panties. He unbuttons her sweater and goes for Kanari’s tits.

He unbuttons her bra, gets her tits out and sucks on them. Basically, he is making out with her and feeling her up like a freshman. Nice moves, old guy!

Afterward, while Kanari is still topless, she goes back to feeding him.

Bath Time
The father-in-law is seated in the bath, naked, while Kanari pours water over him from a bucket. He convinces her to undress so that her clothes wont’t get wet. She shlyly strips in front of him–blouse and skirt. She pauses at the bra and panties, but the old man is firm that she strip completely. She shyly removes bra and panties. Now they are both naked.

Kanari soaps up her father-in-law, wahsing his legs and stomach. She soaps up her tits and to wash his leg. Then she washes his hand with her tits.

She is straddling his leg, sliding up and down. How did he convince his caregiver to do that? Kanari soaps up her crotch and straddle her father-in-law, sliding her crotch back and forth on his leg. But seen he is tongue kissing Kanari.

Kanari bends over with her father-in-law standing behind. She washes the old man’s penis with the crack of her ass.

Now Kanari rinses him off. The old man asks Kanari to clean off his penis with her mouth, so the next thing you know, his cock is on her mouth and she is sucking on it. He shoots a load of sperm into Kanari’s mouth. This is how to get from caregiver givnig a bath to giving a blowjob.

Changing Time
The father-in-law is laying down in his bedroom. Kaori needs to change his adult diaper. Of course she has to wash his penis with a wipe. So she is handling him. Meanwhile, the old guy is feeling Kanari’s ass.

Kanari face is next to the man’s dick. Suddenly, the son-in-law comes home unexpectedly. Kanari throws a blanket over the old guy to cover him up. She see her husband out the door, and heads back inside to finish her job on the father-in-law.

When she gets back, the old guy is exposed and jacking off. Kanari takes over for im

Kanari Tsubaki: Forbidden Care

Runtime: 2 hours
Rating: 5/5 Stars
Title: [GG-220] Kanari Tsubaki: Forbidden Care
Starring: Kanari Tsubaki: Forbidden Care
Genre: Japanese AV
Theme: Explores what happens when daughter-in-law takes care of her father-in-law

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