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Monday May 21st 2018


Private Photoshoot with Betty
Photos courtesy of Pictor Photo Achives

I had some more free time in the German city of Frankfurt so I decided to pay a visit to another Sauna Club called Mainhatten.

I gave my chauffeur the day off, so without a car I took public transportation. The trams run frequently in Frankfurt. To get to Mainhatten from the main train station (Hauptbahnhof) take the 11 or 12 and get off at the stop Daimlerstrasse. From there, it is a short walk to the club.

There’s a front desk on the left as you enter the front door. I came on a Monday and there was a discount price of 45 Euros for the entrance fee. Naturally I paid in cash, Don’t know if they take credit cards or not. The friendly woman at the front desk asks your shoe size and gives you a locker key and attaches a wrist band, and your in.

The locker room is directly across from the front desk. I went in and took a shower. While I was getting undressed in the locker room, a girl in her early twenties walked through the men’s locker room door. She was totally nude. It turns out, the quickest way to get from the lobby to the back pf the club is to go passed the men’s locker room.

I put on a towel and headed out into the club.

Did I mention that the female staff is completely nude? Twenty or thirty pretty girls with nice figures, sitting at the bar, walking around, sitting on couches, sitting on chaise lounge chairs by the pool, all 100% naked.

Saunas and Wellness
The are several saunas: a krautsauna (70 C), a finnishsauna (90 C) and a dampsauna. On the way to the saunas, several girls greeted me and tried to get me to sit down. I returned their greeting, but didn’t stop to chat.

As I sat in the glass sauna, I could watch the parade of girls walking by. Many of the girls were definitely model material, with excellent bodies and pretty faces.

I spent some time in the saunas and then headed out to an outdoor pool. The pool is large enough to swim short laps.

Romanian Girl from Cluj-Napoca
I spotted one beautiful girl sitting in an area with couches under some umbrellas. She got up and set up a lounge chair in the sun to sun bath. After a while, I got up and walked behind her. She was lying face down on the lounge chair with her ass sticking up, rhythmically waving one foot in the air.

Everyone time she move her foot, her ass checks spread open which gave a great view of her asshole and pussy to anyone that happened to walk by. I stopped behind her and she turned her head to look at me. She invited me to it down.

I sat down and we chatted a bit. She said she was 21 years, Romanian, from the city of Cluj-Napoca, which is in Transylvania. While we chatted, she was still moving her leg and exposing her private parts. “Excuse me, Miss,” I said, “but I can see you asshole.” This did not seem to bother her. In fact, she asked me if I liked to look at her pussy. I told her I would let her know, as I spread her ass cheeks with my hands.

I won’t go into all the details, but I went to a room with her. The fee was 50 Euros.

Restaurant and Lunch
After that I went to eat lunch in the restaurant, which was pretty good.

After lunch, I spent more time in the sauna and swiming

Whole I was in the pool, and The Romanian grabbed a float and paddled around the pool. I pushed her around from behind like a boat, which gave me a great view up between her legs. Very fun girl, very playful. I had an erection in the pool. Then I took her to a room again.

After that I headed home. But would return in the evening.

Czech Girl Suzanna
I came back to the club about 7PM. While I was in the sauna I saw a stunning girl walk by, totally nude, of course, except for a mesh stocking on one leg.

I looked for her and found her in the smoking room. I sat across from her and was watching a hardcore adult video on the flat screen television. The video had closeups of penetration. She told me her name was Suzanna from Czech Republic. Definitely magazine quality.

She took me to a room and told me to relax. She used her mouth and tongue on my body which was very relaxing. She licked and sucked very well. She was quite happy to lick my balls and for a long time.

I was on my back and Suzanna squatted on my cock. Entering her pussy was worth the wait. Then I penetrated her in the spoon position and was deep inside her.

Now it was time for dinner. They had grilled some meat on the outdoor grill. There were several other prepared dishes as well. Excellent meal with a lot of choices.

20-year-old Romanian Girl
I went back to the sauna and then was relaxing on a lounge chair. A black-haired girl came by and I invited her to sit down. We spoke for a long time about all kinds of things.

We went to a room and she layed down submissively as I examined her body. She was very clean, without blemishes. Another magazine-quality girl. I rubbed my dick between her ass checks.

She turned over and I lowered my cock into her open mouth. I kind of fucked her mouth from above. She was very receptive.

We had intercourse in several positions. The last was doggie position. She wrapped her legs around mine to pull me deep into her. I fuck her good and hard from behind and came strong.

When I left the club, I was feeling the happiest and most satisfied of my life. This is what wellness and men’s health is about.

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