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Friday April 20th 2018

FKK Palace Frankfurt

Private Photoshoot with Betty
Photos courtesy of Pictor Photo Achives

Frankfurt, Germany.–As a member of the international banking cabal, one of my tasks is to attend meetings at the European Central Bank, so I was recently in Frankfurt where the ECB is headquartered. As luck would have it, I had a free day on a Thursday. So around noon I headed over to an FKK club in Frankfurt called Palace.

Palace is located in an industrial part of Frankfurt near the Industriehof station on U-4. If heading from downtown on U-4, get off at Industriehof and walk to the front of the platform and cross the tracks. There’s a brick wall. Go through the opening in the brick wall and just walk straight to a roundabout. Continue going straight at the roundabout and Palace i on the left. There is a sign, a few parked autos and probably a taxis waiting outside.

After you enter through the front door, they buzz you in through an inside gate. The entrance fee was 75 Euros which is paid at the front desk. The woman on duty asks your shoe size and the puts a wrist band on you. She gives you a locker key on a wristband and you head to the locker room. Grab a towel and find your locker, say #113. Undress and take a shower, then wrap a towel around you and head out into the facility.

There are a couple of bars, tables with stools, and couches. There were a few costumers there, but mostly there was the female staff waiting to serve you. The staff was mostly wearing bikinis and other skimpy clothing. Some of the female staff were topless.

Actually I’m told that the girls there are not really staff but just customers like you and me. They have to pay 75 Euros just like the regular male customers. Sauna clubs are really just a coed club with members that join for one day to use the facilities.

Walking through, many of the female guests will greeted me and tried to get me to talk to them. I greeted a few pretty girls but kept walking, My intention was to use the sauna and pool. Then have a cold drink.

Representing Montenegro
Unfortunately, I was intercepted by one of the staff, who said she was from Montenegro and named Katy. Katy was a tall thin brunette, 25 years, with big boobs. Having been to Montenegro, we were able to make small talk and we had an interesting conversation. She led me to the bar to get a cold drink, Apfelshurl, which is Apple juice with spritzer. Then she guided my to a room in the back for a session.

The standard fee is 50 Euro for a 1/2 hour session. There was an attempt to upsell by I chose the standard package. Once she started, Katy developed a very poor attitude. I declined to finish, not wanting to waste anything on a bad attitude.

Afterwards, we went back to a small locker in the lobby to retrieve funds, which I paid in cash, a crisp 50 Euro note. She tried to explain her bad attitude, that somehow she how misunderstood something i said. Whatever.

Sauna & Pool
I headed back to the locker to shower and then to the sauna. There are two saunas. One sauna is warm. The other sauna is hot-90 degrees Celsius. I used both saunas and then in a wash the sweat off me. Then into the small round swimming pool. The pool is not deep or wide enough to do laps or anything.

While I was swimming nude in the pool, two of the female staff (or members) squatted with their knees apart at the edge of the pool, like you would see in a men’s magazine. Nice view from the pool. One girl was from Croatia and the other said that she was half Russian. Strange, but she didn’t seem to understand Russian. They were interested in both at once, but I was not.

Representing the Netherlands or Romania
After swimming in the small pool, I was walking through the club when i spotted a very pretty girl standing and talking with her friend. She was petite and looked almost exactly like March 1999 Penthouse Pet Victoria Knight, a.k.a Leah Marie Willis. Leah also appeared on ALS Scans website as Joanne, and numerous other websites. By the way, she was famous for having very big lips.

I caught her eye and she said her name was Chantay and was Dutch. She did not look at all Dutch. In fact, from her accent I would have guessed Spain or Argentina and she reminded me of one of the girls on Univision television network. Like on the Mexican show Estudio 2 or the zany Argentine sitcom Rompeportones.

We went to a room and she was very friendly, She managed to upsell me to a 100 Euro session that involved a toy. She was also willing to allow me in her backdoor for another 100 Euro which I declined.

Anyhow was excellent and worth 100 Euros, but I don’t want to make a habit of getting upsold.

Buffet Lunch
By then, it was about time for the buffet lunch. There was pizza and other stuff that was quite good. There was also desert.

Chantay sat at the next table over from me with a group of Romanian girls and seemed to be speaking their language. So I am going to go out on a limb and say that she is Romanian, not Dutch.

I decided to leave Palace after eating lunch, with intention to return in the evening. Make sure you get a card to get back in.

Representing Czech Republic
I returned to the club at about 6:45PM. After showering again and entering the club, one of the female staff who I saw earlier in the day got my attention. She was a Czech girl with perfect natural titties that Czech girls are famous for.

She led me back to room where we got busy. Only one suggestion for upsell, which I declined. Excellent service provided by her standard session for 50 Euros. I wold go back to Palace if I knew that she was there because she was well worth it.

Buffet Dinner
The restaurant opened for dinner at 7:30 PM. I had the beef which was quite good. Also desert. No complaints about the food at all.

I left the club felling quite pleased with myself.

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