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Monday May 21st 2018

Taiwan Bunkmate

Adult video star Charlie in her very first erotic nude photoshoot
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Another reader writes in about his experience in a co-ed dorm.

Dear Editor,

Now which lad has never looked at a lad’s magazine in his bedroom at home and fantasized about the girls posing in the magazine. A common fantasy would be that a girl on the pages from the magazine comes to life and appears live in your room.

How cool would it be if it really happened? The girl you were looking at actual showed up in your room?

Well, here’s my tale.

Fantasy Comes To Life
I’m staying in a co-ed dorm room. There are three bunk beds. I have a lower bunk bed.

I was laying on my bed when I hear the door opening. In walks an Asian girl with a gigantic suitcase. She takes the top bunk above me. We make small talk and she says that she is 25 years and from Taiwan and studying in Europe.

She was wearing tight skinny jeans. She has a huge wheeled suitcase on the floor and is sorting through it. The Taiwanese girl is bent over the suitcase with her backside facing me. Nice legs and ass in her jeans and a gap between her thighs. I’m generally enjoying watching her move around.

The girl goes out to the bathroom to change and returns wearing a short black miniskirt. Kinda of like a tennis skirt. She has nice legs which look good in a miniskirt.

The way the bunk bed is set up, there is a reading light at one end and a ladder to the upper bunk right next to where you head will be. So I’m laying down and the Taiwanese girl climbs uo the ladder to her upper berth. As she climbs, I can’t help but look right up her miniskirt. She has on matching black panties.

It is kind of funny because I’m just minding my own business laying in my own bed, surfing the internet for pictures of Asians girls. She has so climb up the ladder to get to her bed. Each time she goes up I get a free upskirt show.

She goes up and down a few times. One time she stops and stands on the ladder for about a minute or two as she was doing something on her bed. That was a nice long show that gave me a chance to see all the details.

Now while she is on the ladder, she’s kind of bent over her bed and busy with something, so she does not see what I was looking at. I took that opportunity to raise my head up right under her miniskirt and get a real good close inspection of everything.

She must have climbed up that ladder about a dozen times there were actually a few times that she stood on the ladder giving an extended view.

The Following Morning
The next morning I woke up early and got my notebook computer out and was surfing the internet. I’m looking at photos from a certain website called Asian Babes Database which has pictures from a photo series called asian4u.

ABD website has nude photos like you might find in a lad’s wanking magazine, but it’s all dedicated to Asian chicks–Thai, Japanese, Chinese and Phillipines. This a free website with galleries that links to a paysite called The Black Alley.

So I’m in my bed under the covers, covertly looking at the nude pictures, when the Taiwanese girl climbs down from her bunk in her miniskirt giving another free show. After she climbs back up to her bed, I get up and began chatting with her.

She was sitting kind of crossed legged with one knee up, which put her panty-covered crotch front and center. [Here is a picture showing kind os how she was sitting on her bed. Or maybr this one which is really wide open.]

As we continued making small talk, I was pretty much staring at her crotch the whole time. I looked up at her eyes occasionally and she was looking at me but no indication that she was embarrassed. Like she didn’t move to cover herself or anything.

So I was standing next to her bed wearing only boxer shorts. I even rested my chin on the edge of the bed so her open crotch was literally inches from me and I studied her camel toe while we talked. There were black pubic hairs coming out the sides of her panties. She was friendly and did not seem to know or care where I was looking or what I was looking at. I honestly don’t know if she was aware that my gaze was on her panty-covered crotch.

I can tell you that most girls that wear tight jeans like someone to admire their ass, and most girls that wear miniskirts like someone to admire there legs. They enjoy the attention.

Another thing I will mention is that early on the morning I felt the bed moving rhythmically. She may have been masturbating, but I’m not sure. Perhaps she liked being a little naughty and having her bunkmate look up her miniskirt.

So as I’m standing there, I start wanking as I talk with her. She could not see most of me, so I pulled down my boxers to exposing my crank shaft. I was stroking the shaft which was now quite erect. Then I figured, what the hell, so I dropped my boxers completely and stepped out of them.

So here I was completely naked standing next to her bed, looking up her miniskirt, intensely studying her crotch just like I was studying the pictures in the on the website. The only thing is this was not an image of a girl, but a real 3-dimensional girl. And I was stroking my erection, as I made small talk with her.

Very early that morning, there was another very cute American girl in the room. She was not fat like so many Americans, but petite. I would have guessed she was from Spain. But no, she was from America. She got up very early to pack and leave. She was wearing t-shirt and tight gym shorts, and it was enjoyable seeing her bend over her suitcase. Good cameltoe! Her shorts were so small and tight that I thought they were her panties! I was surprised when she headed off just wearing a t-shirt, her short-shorts and tennis shoes.

Seeing the American girl bending over, plus the upskirt show from the Taiwanese girl got me horny enough to fire up the notebook computer and surf the Asian Babes Database.

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