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Thursday April 19th 2018

Rina Aizawa: Please Wear Clothes Teacher, I am Begging You

Rina Aizawa: Please Wear Clothes Teacher, I am Begging You

Miss Rina is a pretty teacher who takes her clothes off at the drop of a hat and she loves to enjoy the reactions of her students fazed by her G cup tits and tease their cocks.

The teacher, Rina Aizawa is a very pretty Japanese girl about mid twenties. Rina has a pretty face, is thin and has large natural breasts.

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The Story
Not much of a story, except that the female teacher is very horny and doesn’t mind interacting with a student. Otherwise they are mostly unrelated scenes. This must fall under the Horny Female Teacher genre.

Scene One: Infirmary
A pretty teacher is helping a student into the infirmary. She has on a white T-shirt and short black mini-skirt. She helps him to the examination table to lay down. The student seems to have a headache. She leans against him rubbing her tits against him. He gets excited and embarrassed. She notices and demands to inspect him.

Miss Aizawa unbuttons his pants and pulls them down. Then pulls down his underpants. He has an erection.

Then she lets him feel her tits through her blouse. It continues from there.

Scene Two: Punishing a Thief (start: 30:00) *****
Japanese teacher scenes don’t get any better than this. A goofy-looking student with glasses, who looks about forty, is going through lockers in the locker room, obviously looking to steal something. Miss Rina is passing by and sees him. She has bangs, a ponytail and is wearing standard teacher garb: white button shirt, short black miniskirt and fishnet stockings

Miss Aizawa stops and spies on him for a while. She sees him take a wallet and rifle through it. She has caught him red-handed.

She takes away the wallet and questions him. Miss Aizawa will have to punish the thieving student.

She makes him kneel on some chairs and begins spanking him. But it is not punishment enough. To further humiliate him, will require bare-bottom spanking.

Miss Aizawa makes him pull down his trousers for a better spanking. The student is ashamed and embarrassed. Now his underpants also must come down.

Now Miss Aizawa makes him stand up on a row of chair and bend over.  Miss Aizawa continues slapping his bare ass from behind. She has her face right behind the students ass as she continue scold him.

The thief is standing on the chairs shielding his privates. He tries to cover his privates from her view. But Miss Aizawa makes him put both hands on the back of the chair, which leaves his dick and balls dangling right on front of her face.

Miss Aizawa squats behind him and looks closely at her student’s dick and balls. She grabs his penis from behind and pulls on it. Soon Miss Aizawa gets her pretty face into her student’s ass crack and starts licking her student’s asshole. Pretty Miss Aizawa is using her tongue to clean  her student’s asshole!

Apparently this was something necessary for her to do, because she continues to scold the student and explain to him that it is necessary.

What kind of punishment is this? Miss Aizawa has her pretty face right in her male student’s ass crack! Who would not want that kind of punishment? Any student would want my pretty teacher to clean his ass out like that!

Now Miss Aizawa is licking his balls. Then she gets underneath the thief to take his cock in her mouth. Her skirt has ridden all the way up to her waist and she has her legs spread wide for the camera while she sucks.

Soon she is on her knees sucking off her student. It is interesting to see the teacher assume such submissive postures with this thieving student.  At this point, Miss Aizawa unbuttons her white blouse and gets her tits out, as the student feeds her his dick.

Scene 3: Alone with Her Student in a Classroom
A nerdy student with white shirt, black pants and glasses is alone in the classroom, studying hard for a test. In comes Miss Aizawa. She gets close to him , teasing him and tells that he needs stop stressing about schoolwork and take time to relax to relax. Next she is kissing him and unbuttoning his shirt.

At one point, the student has Miss Aizawa bent over a desk. He pulls down her panties and examines the teacher’s anus. Soon he is fingering his pretty teacher from behind. Then she turns to face him and spreads her legs wide open to present her vagina for finger fucking.

Eventually, the student gets his cock into his pretty teacher’s hole. All the scenes are about the pretty teacher instigating the sexual activity with students.

Scene 4: Miss Aizawa’s Academic Guidance
Student-Teacher conference. Miss Aizawa is counseling a failing student. They are alone in the classroom after hours sitting opposite across two desks. Suddenly, Miss Aizawa jumps up and decides that the motivation this student needs is of the sexual kind.

She kneels in front of him and pulls his pants and underwear down. She starts stroking his already erect penis. Then begins sucking on it.

Scene 5: Peacemaker
Two male teachers are about to come to blows over a disagreement. One guy looks like a pudgy middle-aged loser. The other is younger and slim. Miss Aizawa plays peacemaker by charming both of them. She starts by tongue kissing the pudgy one, who sucks on her tongue. Then she kisses the slim teacher.

When they get her top down, they are pleased to see her big tits. They both suck on her tits. Soon Miss Aizawa is on her knees, sucking her colleague’s dicks.

The first teacher to get his cock into Miss Aizawa is the pudgy one.

Please Put On Some Clothes, Mr… Rina Aizawa

Runtime: 115 minutes
Rating: 5/5 Stars
Title: [MIDD-735] Please Wear Clothes Teacher, I am Begging You
Studio: MOODYZ
Release Date: Feb 11, 2011
Director: Takuan
Starring: Rina Aizawa
Genre: Japanese AV
Theme: Female teacher and male students.

[MIDD735] Please Put On Some Clothes, Mr… Rina Aizawa

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