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Thursday April 19th 2018

Satsuki Kirioka: Prohibited Nursing

Satsuki Kirioka: Prohibited Nursing

Another film in the elder forbidden nursing genre. The elderly male star Shigeo Tokuda, once again. Shigeo was born in 1934, so is in his late 70s. The girl is played by Satsuki Kirioka. Satsuki has a very pretty face. She is probably mid or late twenties.

The Story
An elderly man, Shigeto, sits on the back step. UP walks a young women, Satsuki. She breaks down in tears and hugs him seeking comfort. Something must have happened.

In the next scene, Shigeto and Satsuki are in the living room. Shigeto is on the telephone. Them they both talk for about a minute. Then Satsuki begins undressing on front of the old man?! First she takes off her blouse, the her skirt and pantyhose. She changes into a white top and purple skirt. Why is this young women changing in front of the old man? She’s certainly not shy with him.

Satsauki approaches the old man and takes his hands. He doesn’t seem to want to go along with her. She starts to unbutton his trousers. She pulls down his trousers and takes them off. Then she pulls off his underpants. The guy is fighting her. She breaks out some kind of wipe and starts cleaning his penis. She spends considerable time carefully cleaning the head of his penis.

Then she just starts stroking it, with her face about6 inches away. Eventually, she can’t resist licking the end of his dick ab then taking his whole cock in her mouth. She blows the old man for a while. Then he pulls up her skirt, pulls down her panites and spanks her for being a bad little girl. When he finishes her spanking, she hugs him. I don’t know what’s going on here.

Cleaning the Floor
Daytime. Satsuki, in a miniskirt and pantyhose, is down pushing a rag along the floor. She is exhausted and her back is sore. The old man gets down behind her, pushes up her miniskirt and massages her ass.

Then the old guy stands in front of her, opens his robe and takes out his dick. Satsuki, on her knees, starts sucking on the old man’s cock. It’s censored, but you can still see quite well. Her pretty face looks nice with the old man’s cock in her mouth. She sucks his dick until he ejaculates into her mouth.

Pretty Girl Tonguing Old Man
Shigeo is at the kitchen table. Satsuki brings him a bowl of something. But the guy doesn’t want it. She comes back with a bowl of rice. She insists that she chew it for him. Satsuki takes some in her mouh and then feed it to him. She opens her mouth, and sticks her tongue in the old man’s mouth. The old man sucks on her tongue.

While Satsuki is straddling the old guy and tongue kissing him, the old guy is pulling up her skirt and feeling her up. He sits her down and sucks on her tits. Them he takes off her panties and eats her pussy and rubs her pussy.

While she is standing and bent over the table, they hear her husband approaching. She pulls on her panties and quickly gets herself presentable. Her husband wearing a suit and tie comes and sits at the table. He suspects nothing. Who would suspect that his young wife would be letting a 76-year-old man finger her at the kitchen table?

Pretty Girl Gives Old Man a Bath
Shigeo is in the bathtub. Satsuki comes in waring just her undewear. She takes off her bra and panties, them climbs in the bathtub with the old man. He plays with her a bit, then they get out of the tub.

Satsuki starts washing the old guy. She soaps him up and then soaps herself up. Shigeo plays with her tits and then rubs her tits all overthe old man’s body. Then she straddles his legs and washes his thighs with her crotch, sliding it back and forth.

She stands up and bends over, and rubbs her ass against the old man’s dick. It looks like his cock penetrates her from behind. Satsuki squats dpwn, rinses off the man’s penis and blows him like a good little cocksucker.

Shigeo goes back in the bathtub and Satsuki is left unsatisfied rubbing her pussy.

Old Man has Sexual Intercourse with his Nurse
Satsuki is in the old man’s bedroom, making up his bed. She gets horny and starts rubbing herself and stripping. She masturbates.

The old guy comes in and catches Satsuki masturbating. He gets on her and she lets him do whatever he wants to her, including pussy eating and asshole licking. Satsuki sucks his dick, gets in 69 position, and mounts him.

Final Scene
Satsuki is sucking the old man’s cock. The salaryman husband come home with a shopping bag. He catches his wife with the old man’s dick inside her. They don’t stop fucking. The husband watches in disbelief as his wife has an orgasm while fucking the old man.


Runtime: 2 hours
Rating: 5/5 Stars
Title: [KK-044] Prohibited Nursing with the Old Man
Starring: Satsuki Kirioka, Shigeo Tokuda
Genre: Japanese AV
Theme: Explores the relationship between an old man and his daughter-in-law.

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