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Thursday April 19th 2018

Rina Fukada: Prohibited Nursing

Rina Fukada: Prohibited Nursing

Another film in the elder forbidden nursing genre. The elderly male star Shigeo Tokuda, once again. Shigeo was born in 1934, so is in his late 70s. The daughter-in-law is played by Rina Fukada. Rina looks a MILF, maybe in her late 20′s.

The Story
A salaryman says good bye to his wife and heads off for work. The wife, Rina, goes back inside the house and into her father-in-law’s bedroom. She pulls down his covers and unties his robe. Kneeling beside him, she starts to wash him with a rag.

Rina has to pull down his adult diaper to wash his private area. She is washing his penis and notices that it is growing from the stimulation. She is fascinated by the old man’s penis and holds it in her hand.

In a fantasy, she imagines that she’s sucking the old man’s cock. Her skirt is pulled up and she has no panties.

Back to reality, Rina suddenly realizes that she has been stroking her father-in-laws penis. She lets go and puts on her adult diaper.

Later that night, laying in bed, she fantasizes again about perform oral sex on the old man. She tries to arouse her sleeping husband, but he is out cold.

She has no choice but to masturbate. She pushes off her blankets, takes off her pajamas and panties and plays with herself.

Next Day
The next day, the husband and father are talking. The father gives his son advice: pay more attention to your wife. The son heads off to working.

Shigeo watches while Rina is hanging clothes on the clothesline. She’s wearing a short skirt and when she bends over the old man can see her panties. Nice! He teels her that he would like to eat lunch.

Feeding Grandpa
Rina is in the kitchen cooking for her father-in-law. She brings him a bowl of rice. He is about to take a spoonful, when she stops him an says that she has to chew it for him. She takes a mouthful of rice and lets the old man eat it straight from her mouth. The rice is on hos face, so she has to lick it off him. Rina sticks her tongue out and is licking his face and sticking her tongue in the old man’s mouth.

Rina sits on the table straddling the old man, sticking her tongue into his mouth. Shigeo starts fondling his daughter-in-law and pulls up her miniskirt. RIna continues to lick and suck on his face. She directs his hands to her breasts and the old man starts kissing her and feeling her up.

Rina is sitting on the kitchen table with her legs wrapped around him. He lays her back, she opens her mouth and he starts spitting into her mouth. Then she spits into his open mouth. They trade spit for a while, along with deep kissing. Soon his got her tits out and Rina has her hands in his pants. Remember, this guy is close to 80 and the girl is in her 20s.

Rina pulls down hos underpants and takes her father-in-laws cock into her mouth.

Wife Takes a Bath With Old Man
Shigeo is naked and Rina leads him to the bathtub. Then she strips off her clothes and climbs into the tub with her naked father-in-law. Rina sits on hm and he plays with her breasts.

They get out of the bathtub, and Rina straddle the old man, rubbing her breasts on him. She uses her big titties to wash him. Then she soaps up and rubs her ass against his dick. When she finishes washing the old man, she rinses him off with a bucket. She even licks his feet and sucks his toes.

The old guy leans up against the wall and Rina licks down his back with her tongue. Before you now it, Rina is squatting down and licking her father-n-law’s asshole. She spreads the old man’s ass, sticks her face right in and starts licking.

Shigeo turns around facing her. Rina holds his penis up so she can get her mouth on his balls. Oral sex.

Cleaning the Floor
Rina is on her hands and knees, scrubbing the floor. She ends up fucking her father-in-law. He comes inside her and we see the cum dribble out of he cunt.

Final Scene
The husband comes home from work to a shocking sight. Shigeo is seated on the bench outside in the garden, and Rina is performing oral sex on her elderly father-in-law. Then Rina stands, pulls down her panties, and the old man fucks her from behind. The husband watches in horror from behind a bedsheet hanging on the clothesline.

Fade To Black…


Runtime: 59:59 + 59
Rating: 5/5 Stars
Title: [KK-054] Prohibited Nursing
Starring: Rina Fukada, Shigeo Tokuda
Genre: Japanese AV
Theme: Explores the relationship between an old man and his home care nurse.

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