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Thursday April 19th 2018

Azusa Nagasawa: Prohibited Nursing

Azusa Nagasawa: Prohibited Nursing

Another film in the elder forbidden nursing genre. The elderly male star Shigeo Tokuda, is here again. But this time there are two elderly gentlemen. The girl who plays the home care nurse is Azusa Nagasawa. Azusa is a pretty girl, about 25 years old, with very big tits.

The Story
A girl, Azusa, is in the back yard hanging up the laundry. Two elderly guys a walking with canes up to the house. The first guy, Shigeo, is helping the second guy, Hiro, who is having trouble walking. Azusa rushes to help the second guy into the house.

In the next scene, we see Hiro in bed sleeping, with Azusa and Shigeo kneeling beside him. Azusa puts a wet cloth on his head. Shigeo exits. Azusa unbuttons Hiro’s shirt and opens it. She pulls down the blanket, then unbuttons Hiro’s trousers and pulls them off of him. Azusa pulls up his t-shirt and starts wahing him with a wet cloth.

Azusa continues washing the old man, then pulls down his underpants, exposing his penis. Hiro is still sleeping. Azusa begins washing the old man’s penis, which becomes erect. The old guy has a big dick! Azusa strokes it and it grows larger. She can’t resist putting the old man’s cock into her mouth. She begins licking and sucking his cock while he is sleeping.

Meanwhile, Shigeo is spying on her through the door.

Home Nurse Gives Old Man a Bath
Later that evening, Shigeo is in the bath tub. Azusam, the home nurse, comes in wearing a towel. She helps Shigeo out of the tub and has him sit. She removes her towel revealing her big tits. Azusa sits down facing him to give the old man a bath.

She soaps his arm and washes it with her hands. Then she starts on his left arm and legs. Shigeo puts soap on his nurse’s big tits and suggests that she use her tits to wash him. So Azusa lathers up her big tits and rubs them on Shigeo’s chest and legs. Shigeo lathers up Azusa’s ass and suggest that she use her ass to wash him. She rubs her ass on his legs. Then she sits in his lap and squirms around on his crotch, as the old man washes his home nurse’s crotch.

Azusa stands up and the old man puts his arm between her legs. She washes his arm with her hairy twat, rubbing back and forth. Next, Azusa bends over against the wall and with Shigeo behind her, she rubs her ass against him.

When she has finished washing Shigeo with her body, she pours water on him to rinse him off. She rinses the soap off his dick, then she gets down on her knees and takes the old man’s cock in her mouth. She sucks his cock until he ejaculates into her mouth.

Home Nurse Feeds Two Old Men
The second old guy, Hiro, is sitting at the kitchen table. Azusa brings him a bowl of rice. She spoon feeds him. The first old guy, Shigeo, comes in and sits down at the table. Azusa brings him a bowl of rice, also.

Shigeo suggest that Azusa should chew the food for him. She looks a little uncomfortable, but picks up the bowl of rice, takes a spoonful into her mouth, leans over him and lets him eats it from her mouth. Asusa feeds Shigeo this way. Shigeo is sucking on her tongue and licking her lips as the feeding turns into deep kissing. He starts feeling her up while his tongue is in her mouth.

Shigeo tells Azusa to do the same for the second old gut, Hiro, Azusa takes a mouthful of rice and feeds it to Hiro. Asusa still looks a little embarrassed but goes along, letting Hiro sucks the food from her mouth. Meanwhile, Shigeo is begind Azusa, pulling up her skirt to her waist.

Soon Azusa is deep kissing the second old guy while the first old man is feeling her up. She’s got her tongue out, and is licking the old geezer’s tongue. The old man his sucking on his nurses tongue.

Shigeo gets another turn tongue-kissing the home nurse, as he feels her up. He’s got her skirtup around her waist and feeling her ass. This young nurse Azusa likes licking these old guy’s tongues.

Shigeo gives Hiro his turn tongue kissing with the nurse. At the same time, Shigeo, from behind Azusa, pulls up her skirt and pulls down her panties. Azusa is distracted with tongue kissing and licking Hiro old mouth, while Shigeo feels up between the nurse’s legs.

Shigeo gets another turn French kissing his home nurse. Her dress is up and panties down, so Hiro plays with his nurse’s ass. Soon Azusa’s tits are out, with Shigeo sucking on them. Then Hiro takes a turn sucking on the nurse’s tits.

Old Man Fucks His Homecare Nurse
Shigeo has to go somewhere, so he leaves the house with Azusa, the home nurse waving goodbye. She comes in to wash the second old guy, Hero.

Azusa is wearing an ultra short miniskirt, and she is straddling him and rubbing her body on him as she washes.

Hiro can’t take it any longer and suddenly jumps her. He fucks his home nurse in many positions.

The first old guy, Shigeo, observes this and appears to be quite jealous that Hiro is fucking their nurse.

Two Old Guys Fuck Their Homecare Nurse
When Azusa comes to bring tea, she finds that Shigeo is holdng a rope with knots, tied to the wall. Shigeo tells her to straddle the rope, which he pulls tight up against her panties.

Azusa drinks a mouthful of tea, which she tries to put in the old man’s mouth. Shigeo pulls up on the rope which makes Azusa spit out the tea onto his robe. Azusa kowtows, saying that she is sorry. Shigeo pulls up the nurse’s skirt and begins spanking her. The second old man, Hiro, observes this through the openn door.

Hiro rushes in, gets down begin Azusa and plants his mouth between the nurses’s ass cheeks. Both old men are on their home care nurse.

This scene has tongue kissing, titty sucking, pussy eating and ass eating. The old men licks his nurse’s asshole, while she licks the first old man’s asshole. Azusa’s face and mouth is buried between the old man’s ass cheeks.

Then there is cock sucking and more ass eating. Azusa mounts the second old man and bounces up and down on his cock. Then the nurse takes a cock ride on the first old man. She sucks on Hiro’s cock while fucking Shigeo.

Then Hiro fucks Shigeo in missionary position. The Shigeo fucks her in missionary. The old men take turns with the home care nurse.

Hiro is fucking the nurse doggy style when he comes inside her. We watch the semen leak out of her vagina. Shigeo comes inside Azusa whle fucking her missionary style. More semen drips out of the nurse’s cunt. Both old man came inside of their home care nurse.

Last Scene
Azusa is out in the garden speaking with a younger guy about 35. He has an elderly father and needs someone to take care of him. He hands her his card. She goes back into the house and shows the card to Shigeo. They laugh.

Azusa is on her hands and knees with her skirt up and no panties. Hiro comes out and both old men start playing with Azusa.


Azusa Nagasawa: Prohibited Nursing

Runtime: 119:38
Rating: 5/5 Stars
Starring: Azusa Nagasawa, Shigeo Tokuda
Genre: Japanese AV
Theme: Explores the relationship between two old men and their home care nurse.

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