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Thursday April 19th 2018

Keiko Takikawa: Prohibited Nursing With Old Man

Keiko Takikawa: Prohibited Nursing With Old Man

Here’s another film in the elder genre, a story from the Prohibited Nursing series. Like many, it stars Shigeo Tokuda. The best part of all of these movies is that it’s presented in a very realistic manner.

The Story
In this story, the Japanese elder is quite spry. He lives with his son and his wife.

The senior citizen out walking. He comes home, and his daughter-in-law is in the kitchen. They chat, then he heads to the living room, where he thinks about something serious.

At the Dinner Table
Keiko, her goofy young husband and her father-in-law are at the dinner table eating noodles.

Strange Behaviors
The next day, Keiko brings her husband outside where they watch the old man, who is on the floor going through some strange contortions.

Later, the old man brings her husband into the living room where they spy on Keiko. She’s cleaning the glass door in a sensuous manner. She pulls up her top and her skirt and is obviously horny. The two men watch her, and look concerned that she has flipped her lid.

Feed The Old Man
Later, in the kitchen, Keiko brings the old man a bowl of rice. He’s having trouble swallowing the food. Keiko will help him by chewing the rice for him. She takes a mouthful of rice, and then puts her mouth on the old man’s mouth to feed him. He’s surprised and looks at her funny. She’s smiling.

Another mouthful of rice from Keiko’s mouth to the old man’s mouth. Keoko sticks her tongue right in her father-in-law’s mouth. He’s sucking on her tongue. He get’s his hand on her ass and there is some heavy petting and making out between the young wife and her elderly father-in-law. As they kiss, he’s pulling up her skirt to her waist.

The scene continues with the old man pulling up her shirt and getting her tits out, while still kissing her. She gets his robe open. Finally, he has to stop. “Origato”

Back to feeding him the rice, but from the spoon.

Scrubbing the Floor
The next day, Keiko is on her hands and knees dusting the floor with a rag. The old man is watching her. She’s wearing pantyhose and can see up her skirt. He gets up and pees on the floor, faking an accident.

Keiko rushes over. No worries, she’ll be happy to clean it up. Down on her hands and knees, she starts wiping up the wet spot. The old guy is looking up her skirt. Keiko sees him looking, smiles, and hikes up her skirt He’s enjoying the show. His robe is pulled up showing his underpants.

Keiko notices the huge erection in his shorts. She comes over and kneels in front of him, telling him that she has to clean him off. She slowly pulls down his underpants, exposing his penis. She takes clean rag and starts gently drying his penis with it. She is manipulating his penis with both hands as she supposedly cleans him up.

Hanging the Laundry
Keiko is out in the garden hanging clothes on the clothes line. Today she has on an even shorter pleated skirt and no pantyhose. The old man watches as she bends to pick up clothes. Sitting on the floor, he opens his robe, spreads his legs and rubs his dick. She sees him and is surprised.

The old man stands at the end of the clothesline. Keiko goes between two bedsheets, and starts displaying her ass for the old man. Next, Keiko is pulling down her panties. She bends over and shows her father-in-law what she has between her legs. She rubs her pussy as her father-in-law watches.

Soon he goes to her. She opens his robe, pulls down his shorts and takes her father-in-law’s cock in her eager mouth.

He grabs a bedsheet and brings her inside the house. She spreads it on the floor, Then goes back to sucking on his cock. He comes in his dayghter-in-law’s mouth. She spits his cum into her hand and then slurps up.

Clueless Husband
Meanwhile, the goody young husband is busy with work. He calls the father to see what’s going on with his wife. “Nothing to worry about,” says the father.
Next the husband calls his wife to see what is going on with his father. “Nothing to worry about,” she says.

Bath Time for Grandpa
Father is seated in the bath, naked, taking a shower. In comes Keiko in her underwear. She strips off her bra and panties and sits behind the old man. She soaps up her chest and then rubs her tits on his back to wash him.

He turns to face her. She gently washes his body with her hands. He washes her tits. Then she is rubbingup against him.

She stands and his washing her everywhere. Keiko and the old man are both naked, and he’s kind of humping her from behind. It doesn’t look like he’s inside her, but he’s rubbing his dick against her ass. They kiss and make out.

Keiko Changes His Underwear
The husband is still at work. The father in his bedroom and is on the phone with him. Keiko comes in with some new underwear for the old man. He lays down on his back and Keiko kneeels next to him. She opens his robe. She takes out somewipes and wipes him down a little. Then she peels down his underpants, folding them neatly. She gets to work cleaning her father-in-laws private area. She is gently cleaning all his crotch with the handiwipe.

Soon Keiko has her father-in-law’s dick in her mouth. Keiko likes and sucks like a horny little bitch.

After a while, they switch and Keiko is on her back. The old man pulls off her shirt and pulls off her bra. He’s sucking on her tits. More kissing and dry humping.

He pulls down Keiko’s underpants to expose her vagina. He gets down between her legs and licks her pussy.

Keiko sucks the old man some more to make sure he is good and hard. Then they switch to a 69 position. He’s licking her and she’s sucking him.

Finally, with the old man on his back, Keiko climbs onto him, inserting her father-in-law’s penis into her tight little hole There’s a whole lot of fucking-doggy style, missionary, Of course, he finishes by ejaculating inside his daughter-in-law’s vagina. It is pixelated for censorship, but we watch the sperm drip out of Keiko’s cunt onto her hand. She licks her hand clean.

Another Day
The young husband in his business suit comes home from work. “Hello, anybody home?” He looks around the house for his wife and his father.

Then he see their legs out between the sheets. The husband catches them in the act. They are French kissing, Keiko’s dress is pulled up, her panties are pulled down, and she has her hand inside the old man’s underwear, jerking him off.

The husmband is shocked by what he sees and falls backwards. “What’s going on?!” They don’t even bother to stop what they’re doing.


Runtime: 59:58 + 54:48
Rating: 5/5 Stars
Starring: Keiko Takikawa, Shigeo Tokuda
Genre: Japanese AV
Theme: Explores the relationship between an old man his daughter-in-law through fantasy scenes.

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