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Thursday April 19th 2018

Kaoru Natsuki: Prohibited Nursing Procedures

Kaoru Natsuki: Prohibited Nursing Procedures

Here is another film in the elder genre. It is another story from the Prohibited Nursing series. Like many, it stars Shigeo Tokuda. The best part of this movie is that it’s presented in a very realistic manner.

The Story
Japanese wife is going to take care of her elderly father-in-law, who is bedridden. The husband and wife discuss it with the father, who agrees.

Changing His Depends
The wife’s first duty is to empty the bottle with pee and then come back and change the old man’s adult diaper. She opens his robe and pulls down his adult diaper, exposing his penis. Kaoru gets out some handi-wipes to clean off around his crotch. Embarassed, she will not look at the man’s penis. But she has to handle his penis and needs to look at his penis.

In a fantasy scene, she imagines playing with the old man’s dick with her hands. She strokes him, and then begins licking his cock and sucking on it. (I wonder if you can get a mainstream actress who won’t do an actual sex scene to suck cock by telling the actress that they are not really sucking, it’s just fantasy?) He comes and she slurps it up.

Back to reality, we see that she is starting to jerk him off. But then she realizes that it’s not in her imagination and quickly stops and finishes changing the old man’s diaper.

Kaoru’s Daily Chores
Kaoru is hanging sheets on the clothesline out in the garden. The old man is watching her from his bed on the floor. Wearing a short skirt, she bends which shows her black panties. She notices the old guy watching her.

In another fantasy, Kaoru imagines pulling up her white skirt and taking off her black panties. The old man is stroking himself. The old guy gets up and goes over to Kaoru. He gets behind her and starts feeling her up.

Back to reality, the old man calls her over to him. She asks that she dust the wood floor. She gets down on her hands and knees and starts cleaning.

In fantasy, she is face-down/ass-up giving nice upskirt views of her pantyhose-covered ass to the old man. Then she is straddling him and ends up squatting over his face with her skirt pulled up.

In reality, Kaoru is cleaning the floor with her dress up around her waist. When she notices, she quickly pull it back down.

Later That Evening
The salaryman husband is home from work, speaking with the father in the living room. Kaoru is making up the floor-bed in the father’s room. She sniffs his pillow, which makes her horny. She rubs her breasts through her blouse, then pulls it up and takes it off. Next her bra come off and we see her tits. She’s rubbing between her legs, then inside her panties. Kaoru pulls her panties down, don’t worry it’s censored, and masturbates to orgasm.

Feeds Him Rice
This scene is priceless. The father-in-law is at the kitchen table. Kaoru brings him a bowl of rice, which he eats.

In fantasy, the old man is eating a cucumber. He orders Karou to take off her panties. She takes them off. Then, standing next to the old man, Kaoru pulls up her skirt to her waist. Her father-in-law rubs the cucumber against her vagina to get the flavor. He eats some. Then he sticks the cucumber right up her vagina.

Back to reality, he’s still eating the rice. He is having trouble chewing it, so he asks her to puts some rice in her mouth and chew it for him. She takes a mouthful and then lets her father-in-law suck the rice from her mouth.

She does this with a couple more mouthfuls of rice. After awhile, he’s pretty much jut sucking her on her tongue. Kaoru is standing over him licking his mouth in an extended French kissing session that goes on for a few minutes.

After a while, the father-in-law starts feeling her ass. He pulls up her top and plays with her breasts through her bra, while she is spitting into his mouth. He unhooks her bra and gets her tits out. Kaoru is making out with her father-in-law like they are high-school kids!

The old guy pulls up her skirt and is sucking on his daughter-in-laws tits. Kaoru is really horny and allows him to do whatever he wants. How does it end? Who knows, it just fades to black. This was not a fantasy scene, as far as I can tell.

Evening Bath
The father-in-law is in the bathtub. Karoru comes to the anteroom and strips to her underwear. Her father-in-law climbs out of the tub, totally naked, and squats so that she can wash him.

Pretty Kaoru gets behind him and starts happily scrubbing his back. She starts getting tuned on and is soon rubbing against him.

Fantasy time. young Kaoru is naked and the naked old man using her as a bench to sit on while he showers. Next he is taking her from behind.

Back to reality, Kaoru is still behind the old man rubbing his chest in a sensuous way. He’s looking around confused by her actions. She snaps out of it, and starts to rinse him off.

Later That Night
Once again, Kaoru is alone on the guy’s bed. She picks up the empty pee bottle.

In fantasy, she is opening the robe and pulling down his shorts. Then she gets the bottle for him to pee in. She holds the bottle in one hand and his disk in the other. Her father-in-law says that she will have to suck on his dick in order for him to pee. “OK,” she says an she comences sucking on her father-in-law’s cock.

Back in the real world, she’s on the floor with her legs spread, masturbating through her panties. But her father-in-law is spying on her through the open door. Suddenly he rushes in a puts his mouth on her mouth. Then he starts feeling her tits. This is real. No fantasy here.

He pulls down her top and exposes her tits. He begins to suck on Kaoru’s tits.

The old man pulls Kaoru’s top all the way off, then pulls off her skirt. He’s all over her. He turns her over and pulls down the panties. He spreads are ass to get a good look at his daughter-in-laws asshole and pussy. He spreads her cunt open with his fingers. Don’t worry, it’s censored, so you can’t make out the details. He starts tonging in her ass crack.

Next, the old man is French-kissing his daughter-in-law. Why not? She likes it. Then she’s on him like a horny slut. She unties his robe, while still sticking her tongue in his mouth, More spitting in his mouth. She works her way down with her mouth on his bosy, and pulls down his jockey shorts. She’s handling his penis while licking the old man’s nipples. Now her mouth is on her father-in-law’s cock and she’s licking and sucking like a sex maniac.

The moment of truth. with the old man lying on his back, Kaoru mount’s her father-in-law, getting his cock inside her. Different positions, including doggy.and missionary, when the old man comes inside her. It”s censored, but you can still see the old man’s sperm leaking out of Kaoru’s cunt.

Putting One Over on the Clueless Husband
The husband and father and at the table drinking tea and talking. The old guy is feeling pretty spry. He gets up from the table and walks to the door. Kaoru is waiting there on here knees. The father-in-law stands in the doorway with his back to the husband, while Kaoru gets inside the old man’s robe, takes out his cock and starts sucking on it.

Kaoru’s husband doesn’t know what’s going on. He asks the old guy some question. There is a great shot of Kaoru sucking off her father-in-law while her husband is in the other room totally clueless. Fade to black.


Runtime: 59:58 + 54:48
Rating: 5/5 Stars
Title: [SAQ-22] Prohibited Nursing
Alternate Title: Prohibited Nursing Procedures
Starring: Kaoru Natsuki, Shigeo Tokuda
Genre: Japanese AV
Theme: Explores the relationship between an old man his daughter-in-law through fantasy scenes.

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