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Thursday April 19th 2018

Aki Nagase: Prohibited Nursing

Aki Nagase: Prohibited Nursing

Here is a film in the elder genre. It is another story from the Prohibited Nursing series. Like many, it stars Shigeo Tokuda.

The Story
A Japanese schoolgirl, about 18 years old, in her school uniform is walking home from school. In the park, she sees that an old man has fallen down. She helps him to his feet and agrees to help him get home. When she gets home, she sees that the guy is kind of living in squallor. The place needs a total makeover.

She helps out by going shopping for the old man, straightening his place up and cleaning the place. He gives her the change from chopping. “Origato”, she says. He starts to pay her for her services.

Schoolgirl by Day
In the next scene she visits with some guy in his mid 30s. They chat on the sofa and then he pays her. They have ex. Afterwards, the guy smokes in bed. It looks like the schoolgirl is turning tricks after school. This is not uncommon in Japan.

With the girl helping out, the old guys flat is starting to look livable again. The guy hasn’t been this happy in years. They get along swell, like grandpa and granddaughter.

She even gives the old man a bath. He’s naked, of course, and she’s wearing shorts and a t-shirt. He climbs into the stainless steel tub. Suddenly the old man about his late wife, who he used to take baths with. The girl goes out and undresses. Then comes back naked and gets into the tub with him. This makes him happy.

Leering Old Man
Later the girl, in her uniform with white shirt, grey pleated skirt and kneesocks, is hanging out the laundry. The old man is watching and looking up. Sinister music indicates that he is now thinking about her sexually. He shows the girl how to fold the clothes, and starts to feel her up a bit. He starts kissing her hands. She doesn’t seem too into it.

Later he spies on her in the toilet. He comes in to help her out. He has her squat on his lap to pee. Then he wipes her off. Yes, he is certainly helpful.

Feeding him Tea
Later he’s in bed. Is he sick? The schoolgirl, in full dress uniform, comes in and helps him sit up. She’s got a bowl of tea or soup for him. She drinks some into her mouth and then puts her mouth on his mouth so let him drink. There is a lot of licking and he sucks her tongue. It looks like French kissing. It goes on for a few minutes, and the girl seem so to like it.

Peeing in a Bottle
Later, the old man is still in bed. The schoolgirl come by with a bottle that he can pee into. She pulls down the covers and undoes his robe. She takes off the old man’s adult diaper which exposes his penis. She takes the bottle and tries to hold his dick so he can pee. It’s not working because his dick is soft. She strokes his dick and it starts to get bigger. Now it can pee into the bottle.

The girl is so ecstatic that she spills some of the pee on him. She kneels over him and asks to be punished. She is upset. He pulls up her skirt and starts spanking her pink panty-covered ass for spilling the pee.

She is kneeling over him kissing his body to make amends. She works her way down to his cock. He pushes her face into his cock, She knows what she has to do. She starts licking the old man’s penis. Before long, his cock is hard and she’s sucking away like a pro. The old man ejaculates into her mouth.

They spend more time together. He gives her a 10,000 Yen note.

Long-Awaited Payoff
Nighttime. The old man is in bed sleeping. The schoolgirl comes in and kneels beside his bed. He gives her another 10,000 Yen note. She turns on the lights and starts tongue kissing the old man. Then she strips. She goes to work on him, kissing and licking his nipples. She kisses him all over and rubs her body against his.

She takes off his Depends diapers and turns the old man over. He gets on knees and the schoolgirl starts licking the old mans’s asshole. Holy shit! I didn’t see that coming. The schoolgirl has her faced buried in the old guy’s ass crack.

The schoolgirl turns him back over and goes to work on the old man’s penis, licking and sucking. Good girl!

Now her panties come off and she straddles the old man’s face. 69.

She gets up, squats on his dick and in it goes. The old man finally got his dick in this young twat. She fucks him pretty good, doing most of the work. She falls off him, exhausted.

In the last scene, it is night in the city. We see the schoolgirl standing on the street corner negotiating with a John. He hands her cash. She’s still turning tricks at night.


Runtime: 60:59 + 60:59
Rating: 5/5 Stars
Title: [SCD-10] Prohibited Nursing
Starring: Aki Nagase, Shigeo Tokuda
Genre: Japanese AV
Theme: Explores the relationship between an old man and a school.

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