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Friday April 20th 2018

Origins of Lap Dancing

Private Photoshoot with Betty
Photos courtesy of Pictor Photo Achives

Every guy that has ever been to a gentlemen’s club is familiar with the lap dance. The dancers perform up on stage for a few songs, while disrobing. When they finish dancing on stage, they come down and circulate among the punters, and ask the men if they would like a lap dance. Typically it’s $20 for a lap dance, which lasts for one song, about 3 or 4 minutes. Kind of expensive. In fact, considering that in many countries you can have sexual intercourse with a pretty girl for about $50 or $60 dollars, it’s a waste of money.

But when and where did lap dancing begin?.

Boston’s Combat Zone in the 1970s
I first started going to strip clubs in the 1970′s. I lived in Boston, Massachusetts from about 1972 to 1976. In Boston, all the strip clubs were in one area downtown known as the “Combat Zone”. It was on Washington Street. The most famous strip club in the Combat Zone was the Two O’Clock Lounge. It featured full nudity, with the dancers stripping all the way down. The last song would be a floor show, with the dancer down on the floor spreading her legs for the patrons.

There was no lap dancing in the Two O’Clock Lounge back in the 1970s. You could buy a dancer an overpriced lady’s drink and she would sit with you. I know many times that the bartender would rip off tourists by demanding $100 for the lady’s drink. (This scam still persists in some foreign strip clubs, but I don’t think that it’s very common anymore in the U.S. They learned that they make more money by being overpriced, but honest.)

The Combat Zone strip clubs were real old school. I think that they had been there since at about 1960, and they hadn’t changed or redecorated. By the mid-1970s, they were pretty grungy places.

There were other strip clubs in the Combat Zone. I recall one being called The Naked I. Some of the strip clubs had hookers working there. I recall being in one club during the daytime when it was nearly empty. A dancer sat with me at the table. She looked more like a college student than a stripper. She didn’t ask for me to buy her a lady’s drink.

We made small talk for a while and somehow she worked into the conversation that some of the girls who worked there would give blowjobs under the table. The tables were pretty small and I said that I didn’t see how a girl could fit under the table to give a guy a blowjob. The dancer got up and then got down on her knees in front of me with her head under the table and her face at my crotch. “See? It’s not so hard, I can fit under the table.”

Florida Gold Coast, Late 1970s
I lived in Florida in the late 1970s when Jimmy Carter was President, near Fort Lauderdale. There were a few strip clubs in the area. I think one was in Boynton Beach. It may have been on South Military Trail, but I can’t remember the name of the place. It was more like a modern “gentlemen’s club” than the old school stripper bars.

In this club, each girl danced the typical three-song set. For the first song in the set, the dancer began in her costume she took off little by little. She would finish the first song topless. She finished the second song by taking off her panties. She was bottomless for the whole third song. For most of the song she was down on the floor spreading her legs. If you sat close to the small stage she was dancing on, or should I say spreading on, you could get some great views of the dancer’s vagina.

But there was still no lap dancing.

Orlando Florida, Early 1980s
I think it was some time around 1982 or 1983 that I was sent on a business trip to Orlando, Florida, home of Disney World, Epcot Center, Sea World and other theme parks. I stayed for the whole weekend. During the day, I went to the Magic Kingdom to see what Snow White was doing with the Seven Dwarfs. See Snow White & 7 Dwarfs Part 5 with subtitles. No, it was nothing like that.

To find out what to do in the evening, I looked in the yellow pages that was in the hotel room. Back then, there was no internet. The only source of where to go was the newspaper or Yellow Pages. I found that there was a few strip clubs on one of the main streets in Orlando. It may have been on South Orange Blossom Trail.

My First Lap Dance
I drove my rental car from the hotel to find it. There were several strip clubs on the same highway. One club had one of those temporary lighted signs that can be towed. The sign said “$5 LAP DANCES”. I had no idea what a lap dance was. None of the other strip clubs advertised lap dances.

I pulled into the parking lot and went inside the club that advertised lap dances. I sat down at a table on kind of a bench style seat. The waitress came over to take my drink order. I asked her what a lap dance was. She said that she’d send a dancer over to explain.

I petite girl came over. She looked quite young, had a nice figure and pretty face. She might have been 18, but back then I recall some states allowed girls to strip at 17. She was not a super model or anything, but very cute. Maybe she would rate a 6 or 7. I asked her what a lap dance was. She said that she sits on my lap, topless, and dances to one song.

I decided to give it a try. The girl took off her top to expose her very nicely shaped breasts. She was wearing only a G-string. The dancer straddled me facing me so that her titties were right in my face. Nice! When the music started, she just started squirming around rhythmically. Basically she was grinding herself on my dick. I put my hands on her hips and then slide them down so I was holding her ass. She did not object to that. Her tits were right in my face, and they were brushing against me. Naturally, I got an erection, and she was squirming back and forth on my erection.

Wow! This lap dance is great. Basically, a pretty girl who is nearly naked dry humps you. At the end of the song, she asked if I wanted another song. I said sure. I only made it halfway through the song before i unloaded in my pants. As I recall, I was wearing a pair of tan khaki trousers, and my trouser snake had just shot huge load of semen into my underpants. It leaked through and made a big wet stain my khaki’s.

The dancer noticed and jumped off me. I gave her $10. Then she left to find another customer. I looked around and saw other guys getting lap dances. What I observed was that some of the local guys had figured out that you come to the club wearing a pair of gym shorts made of very thin material. Then your cock was practically touching the girls vagina as she dry humped you.

One guy I say getting one lap dance after another. He had on a pair of loose gym shorts and no underwear. As the girl dry humped him during the lap dance, his cock and balls kind of came out the leg of his shorts, so she was dry humping away right on his cock. She had on only a G-string, so it was probably the next best thing to being inside her.

Later on, another girl told me that most guys put on a condom when they came in for lap dances. That sounded like good advice to avoid the cum stain on your trousers. When I left the club, I had to hold a newspaper over the stain.

Houston, Texas, Late 1980s
That time in Orlando, Florida was the first time that I ever saw the term lap dance used. Back in the northeast, They were still doing things old school. They were still totally nude and spreading for the floor show. I don’t recall lap dancing being offered.

Around 1988, I moved to Houston, Texas. When I got off the plane and drove to my hotel, there were huge billboards advertising “SHOWGIRLS”. I swear, those billboards in Houston are huge and about 100 feet tall!

The first “titty bar” that I went to in Houston was one called Executive Suites. Executive Suites gentlemen’s club was not too far from Houston Intercontinental Airport (now George Bush International Airport), near the Hotel Sofitel, where I was staying.

It turns out that Executive Suites was the very same place that Anna Nicole Smith was working at when she met that old gazillionaire that she eventually married. I was in Executive Suites many times between about 1988 and 1991, so I must have seen her dancing there. I do kind recall seeing some old guy in a wheelchair once or twice. Or maybe that was a different old gazillionaire?

Anyway, they offered lap dancing at Executive Suites. I don’t recall the price for a lap dance. It may have been $10 or $20. Expensive, but the girls were stunning n Houston back then. I went to a couple more clubs in Houston and they all offered lap dancing. But it was not anything like the original lap dance in the club in Orlando a few years before. I recall going to Rick’s Cabaret and the Men’s Club and I think lap dances were $20. But many of the girls were 8′s and 9′s, and were Penthouse Pets or Playboy models.

Sometimes on weekends, I’d drive to Austin, Texas for some fun. A titty bar there called the Red Rose offered $5 lap dances. The girl would come sit with you and talk for a few minutes, and then ask if you wanted a lap dance. The girls would hang out with you like they were your girlfriend as long as you bought a few lap dances. Maybe you would have to spend $20 each hour on slow Saturday afternoon to have a pretty girl sitting on your lap. Some of the girls would let your hands roam all over there bodies while they sat there.

By then, they started making up all kinds of rules, such as no touching. The manager would walk around enforcing the rules. The girl would always say, “My manager is watching!” I think the police sent in undercover vice cops to try to bust the clubs, claiming that it was prostitution if there was any contact between dancer and punter.

I don’t know why the local government has the right to tell people what consenting adults can do. With so much violent crime in America, why waste resources on victimless crimes? America is a very prudish country. Plus I imagine the cops must love to be on the vice squad, because they can use their authority to extract from the club owners and from the girls. I know that this goes on sometimes.

Table Dance
Then I started seeing something called the “Table Dance”. This was sold like the lap dance, but the girl only danced in front of you. There would be no contact between the dancer and the patron. Kind of kills the fun, if you ask me.

For the most part, I stay out of strip clubs nowadays. I haven’t frequented them since about 1992. Back then, the lap dance cost from $5 in some clubs to $20 in high-end clubs. Now they are all tease and you won’t get any satisfaction. They are just a way to empty your wallet.

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