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Thursday April 19th 2018

Budapest Peepshow

Private Photoshoot with Betty
Photos courtesy of Pictor Photo Achives

I was recently visiting the city of Budpest on business. Budapest is in Hungary, and Hungarian girls are known as some of the hottest and sexiest girls in the world. In fact, many of the best-looking porn stars are Hungarian. Many , but not all, Hungarian girls are natural blondes with blue eyes. The girls in Budapest have pretty faces and excellent bodies to match. You can see them whenever you visit Budapest.

I once was told by a Hungarian woman that the parents of Hungarian girls who become adult video stars are proud of their daughters. In many places in the world, like the U.S., parents are ashamed if their daughter gets involved in any aspect of the adult entertainment industry. That includes dancing in strip clubs, making adult videos, or working as prostitutes. It seems to me that these kind of jobs are just other aspects of the entertainment and leisure industry. Many of them pay lucratively, so why shouldn’t a young lady with the right attributes be able to earn a living from looks?

Anyway, back to my story. I was in Budapest at the beginning of June 2012 for only two nights. I went to the Bankomat and withdrew some Hungarian Forint to pay for meals, drinks, etc. The exchange rate is $1 equals 235 HUF (Hungarian Forint). So 1,000 Forint is about $4.25 U.S.

I bought a one-day travel card which allows travel on the metro, trams and buses. The price was 1550 HUF,, which is $6.58 U.S.

I jumped on a tram at Blaha Luzja Ter, I think it was tram #6. I rode the tram down Josef Korut, which later turns to Ference Korut. I noticed a couple of Peep Shows along the street. So I got out of the tram at one of the peep shows and went inside.

Peep Show
Inside the entrance there are some stairs going down. At the bottom is your basic sex shop selling Adult DVDs, dildos, vibrators, etc. The store was not so big, and there were no other customers in the store.

There was a man behind the counter. I asked of him if there was a peep show. He said that there was just one girl working today. He said to go to the back of the store and go in Booth #2. It would cost 100 Forint ($0.425 U.S.) and I could see if I liked the girl.

42 Cent Preview
It went in the back and entered the booth. I dropped the 100 Forint coin (or maybe it was a token he gave me for 100 Forint) in the slot. The light came on and I saw a girl in a bikini.

The girl looked about 19 or 20 years old, with blonde hair. She was pretty and had a nice body. Maybe I would rate her somewhere from 6 to 8. Her face was nice and her body was excellent. Nice proportions, nice shape, nice tits and ass. She was probably better looking than 90% of the girls you see in the U.S. She looked like she must have just gotten out of gymnasium, which is their secondary school.

She moved a bit and pulled her triangle bikini top to uncover her tits. Very nice tits. Then she turn around and pulled down her bikini bottoms to show her ass. Very nice ass. Then she turned frontwards and showed me her pussy. Very nice pussy.

The whole show lasted only about 1 minute. I went back outside and told the man behind the counter that I would like a show. He said “Only blowjob. 2000 Forint give to me for booth and 6000 Forint give to girl.” So that is 8000 HUF total which is $33.97. Not bad for a blowjob from a pretty girl.

$34 Show
I gave the man 2000 Forint. He said go back to Booth #5. So I went into Booth #5 and latched the door closed. In this booth, there was a big opening with a plexiglass window for the top half of the window. The bottom half of the window was open The girl came out and came up to the window. She was still in her bikini. I handed her 6000 Forint and asked if she spoke English. Very little English. I asked how old she was. She said 19. I asked if I could touch her. She said touch OK.

I took off my trousers so I was just in my underwear.

She stood by the window moving a little. I reached in and felt her body. She smelled nice. She let me feel her body, including her tits through her bikini top. I pulled aside the bikini top and played with her tits. Then I started sucking on her nipples. She did not object, and was very friendly and smiling the whole time.

I felt up the rest of her–her flat stomach, legs and ass were all very firm. I put my hands between her legs. No complaints from her. She turned around and bent over, so I spread her ass cheeks and played with her beautiful ass. Her thong bikini barely covered her asshole and her outer labia was visible. Nice!

Then I pulled down her bikini bottoms to expose her asshole and pussy. I rubbed her outer labia and played with her pussy lips. I opened her vagina to see the pink inside. Even though it was only for BJ, she did not mind if I played with her pussy. I pulled back the hood on her clit and stroked with her clitoris. Then I slid my finger inside her right up her tight little hole. Yes, she was tight. Remember that she is probably just out of high school an only doing blowjobs at this place. So her pussy has not been used by so many men. Maybe just her boyfriend.

She was very cooperative and seemed to enjoy what was going on. Perhaps she was new? I’ve noticed that when girls first begin doing sex work, it is a lot of fun for them. I mean, who doesn’t like sex? But eventually, they get jaded, mostly from too many inconsiderate customers. Maybe she was sitting in the back by herself for hours and was glad to be doing something and to be making money. Anyway, she didn’t rush or anything, and was friendly and smiling the whole time. Quite adorable, actually.

I had an erection from playing with this pretty, young Hungarian girl. There was a wooden platform on my side for me to stand on so that my dick would be at a convenient height for the girl to suck on it. I stood up on the wooden platform. She squatted down so her face was a dick height. Then she pulled my boxer shorts down and I took them off. She gently grabbed my cock and stroked my balls. For awhile she played with my cock and balls with her hands.

Then she took out a condom, tore open the wrapper, and put the condom on m dick. She licked my shaft with her tongue. Nice lips and tongue. The I put my cock into her open mouth. Sometimes I let her suck on my dick. Sometimes, I held her head by her ponytail and fucked her mouth with my cock. I thoroughly enjoyed having my penis in this pretty girls mouth.

The didn’t come for quite a while, so the blowjob lasted a long time. I would say at least 15 minutes. Maybe 20. She did not object at all or try to rush me. She seemed to be really into sucking my cock. Eventually, I shot my load into the condom when it was in her mouth. But even though the condom was full, she still kept on sucking on my cock for maybe another minute or two. Almost like she didn’t want to stop!

So that’s what you can get for 8000 Forint, about $34, in Budapest. You can feel up a pretty 19-year-old, finger fuck her, and then she will suck you cock, with a condom. All with a good attitiude, friendly, smiling and no rushing to get you to finish.

If I lived in Budapest, I would definitely go to that peep show anytime I felt like having my dick sucked by a pretty girl. I would probably be in there a couple of times each week.

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