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Thursday April 19th 2018

Yuki Toma: New Insult Female Teacher

Yuki Toma: New Insult Female Teacher

This is the story of a female Japanese teacher who is blackmailed by her students. The teacher, Yuki Toma, is really hot with a pretty face, a shapely body and big tits.

The move is presented in a very realistic fashion, and the acting is very good, especially by Yuki Toma who plays the humiliated teacher.

The Story
The story begins in a classroom of all boys, before class begins. All the students are looking at some porno magazines. That is all except for one goody two-shoes, the teacher’s pet. The teacher, Miss Toma, enters the classroom. She’s wearing a black miniskirt, black pantyhose and tight white blouse that is bursting at the seams.

The teacher’s pet, who is a real geeky looking guy, tattles by telling Miss Toma what the boys were doing before class. Miss Toma takes the magazines from two boys in the back of the room.

Later, in the teachers office, she shows them to another teacher and the gym teacher. The gym teacher goes and gets the headmaster, who comes back and places the blame on Miss Toma, saying that she dresses too provocatively.

Back in class, Miss Toma makes the boys with the dirty magazines stand up, whereupon she humiliates them in front of the class.

On some pretense, the gym teacher brings Miss Toma down to the gym. The school administrator shows up. He attacks Miss Toma in the gym and rapes her.

The next day, Miss Toma is in the classroom giving a test. She has flashbacks of the rape in the gym.

Students Blackmail Their Female Teacher
During the test, the boys in the back ask a question. Miss Toma comes to the back of the room. One of the boys, whips out his mobile phone and shows it to Miss Toma. The phone video of Miss Toma having sexual intercourse with the school administrator. It turns out that whole sex scene was caught on tape by the gym teacher, and every one of her students has the video on his phone.

Miss Toma is now owned by her students. The students arrange the chairs for a show. Yuki is told to go to the center and strip for her students. She’s wearing a black skirt, black pantyhose and a white buttoned blouse.

Under the command of the students, Miss Toma slowly starts to undress. First she unbuttons her blouse and takes it off. She has on a pink bra. Next she unzips her skirt in the back and takes it off. She slowly removes her bra, but covers her breasts with her hands. Yuki lowers her hands and which displays her very big tits.

The boys next have Miss Toma bend over the desk. They direct her to pull down her black pantyhose and take them off. She is just wearing a pink pair of panties and bent over the desk.

The students tells her to face forward and take off her panties. She is now totally nude in the classroom in front of her male students. The students are giving their pretty teacher a good lesson.

Her students order Miss Toma to climb onto the desk, and get on her knees with her face down and ass up (FDAU). Then they order her to spread her ass open, exposing her private parts from behind. Some parts are mosaic’d out, but Miss Toma’s anus is in clear view.

Next they command Miss Toma to sit in a chair and spread her legs, exposing her vagina. They direct her to open her labia with her hands for a nice pink display of their teacher’s pussy. She is pretty well exposed to all her students. They all get a good look at Miss Toma’s cunt.

Saved By The Bell
The students had further plans, when suddenly, the bell rings signaling the end of class.

In the next scene, Miss Toma is in the teacher’s locker room. In comes the gym teacher. He has a few words with Yuki, and then one of her students shows up. The student has never been with a woman, but is eager to learn. With the permission of the gym teacher, the student pulls down his pants and starts humping Miss Toma in his underwear.

He turns Yuki around and pulls up her skirt. Then he takes out his dick and starts rubbing it it against Miss Toma’s ass. He pulls down her pantyhose and starts pumping bit between Miss Toma’s legs.

Now he pulls down her pink panties and starts pumping his dick between her legs from behind. Miss Toma seems to respond to this and gets a little excited with all the rubbing of his dick against her pussy.

Next, the gym teacher tells Yuki to squat down and suck on her student’s cock. She is reluctant at first, but after a while sucks it pretty good. Her student shoots his load into her mouth, and quickly leaves. The gym teacher says something and also leaves.

Strange Liquid
Miss Toma is alone in the teacher’s office. She throws the magazines that got her into this mess into the trash. Another teacher shows up and speaks to her. Then the school administrator comes in. He speaks with Yuki in a rather threatening way. What does he have in mind?

The administrator has a vial with some liquid. He orders Yuki to unbutton her blouse and rub the liquid on her tits. Apparently, it’s some kind of aphrodisiac? She pulls up her black mini skirt and puts some between her legs.

Later, Miss Toma is in the classroom teaching English. She’s writing with chalk on the blackboard. “He will have completed the task by tomorrow.” Miss Toma walks around the classroom. She’s is starting to feel the effects of the liquid that she rubbed between her legs. Yes, it’s making her orgasm in front of the classroom full of students.

She drops to the floor. One student drops his pants. He slowly brings his erect penis towards his teacher. She tries to resists, but can not. The liquid that the administrator has made her hungry for cock. Now all the students have their dicks out with Yuki on the floor.

She eagerly gulps down one of the student’s cocks. She jerks him off into her mouth.

She tongue kisses another student. She tries to resist, but eventually crawls to get his cock in her mouth. Yuki takes off her blouse and skirt, and pulls down her pantyhose. She continues sucking, and then another student gets his dick sucked. On her knees, she’s greedily slurping both cocks.

She strips off her bra and panties so that her students can fuck her. The gym teacher has shown up now in her classroom. He tongue kisses her.

Two students lie on their backs on the floor and Miss Toma sits on their cocks. Three other students and the gym teacher watch.

Next, the geeky teacher’s pet gets in on the action with the teacher. She lays him on the floor and takes off his shirt. She French kisses him. Then she pulls off his pants and starts licking his penis and sucking on it. She jerks him off.

Now she’s on her back and another student is quickly inside her in missionary position. Then he pulls out to let another student fuck her. They take turns fucking her. Eventually one guy comes on her belly. Then the next guy is back inside her. While she is being fucked another guy come son her face, and then the guy fucking her comes on her pussy.

Her students are all taking turns with their teacher and just using her as a cum bucket.

Next the gym teacher spreads her legs and eats her out. He gives some nice spread open shots of her freshly-fucked pussy, He sticks his finger in her cunt. She stands and her finger fucks her.

Soon she’s on her knees sucking on the gym teacher. Then he fucks her doggie style. Several position changes.

She’s left in the floor in the classroom. THE END.

Japanese teacher forced to strip and display herself in front of her students

[hbad183] New Torture & Rape of a Female Teacher Series! Raped in Shame in front of Her Students!

Runtime: 120.42
Rating: 5/5 Stars
Title: [HBAD-183] New Insult Female Teacher
Release Date: May 21, 2012
Director: Kyosuke Murayama
Starring: Yuki Toma
Genre: Japanese AV
Theme: Pretty female teacher and male students in school.

New Torture & Rape of a Female Teacher Series! Raped in Shame in front of


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