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Thursday April 19th 2018

Moonlighting Secretary Part 2

Au Pair's Day Off: Jana A. by Photographer Geronimo
Photos courtesy of Pictor Photo Archives

In part 1, I established that I worked a lot of overtime for a large defense contractor outside of Boston. Sometimes on weekends in the evening I would visit Boston’s Combat Zone, where all the burlesque clubs and peep shows were located.

At work, the normal working hours were eight to five. Often I would stay later. And sometimes I would go into the office on Saturday or even Sunday.

Back in the early 1980′s, the workplace was mostly a man’s world, The only females working there were the secretaries. Fortunately, the company usually hired attractive young women in the twenties to work as secretaries.

Now a lot of these secretaries were pretty cute, and some were very hot babes. There was one extremely hot secretary who worked in another department. She was a very pretty girl and and a real nice body. I’d say was about 20 or 22 years old. I would often see this girl in the cafeteria at lunch time, and sometimes getting coffee in the morning.

She wore fairly conservative business clothes, like you would expect from a secretary. Mostly dresses and skirts, sometimes pants. But always tight fitting, so you could see her curves. And she often wore a buttoned blouse that was a little too small, and would be pulling apart at the buttons.

At one point, I was on a project that brought me over to her department on a regular basis. So I saw her quite frequently, although I had no reason to interact with her. So I had never spoken with her. I don’t know if she even noticed me.

One Saturday I went into work. There was almost nobody in the plant. I was using a copy machine over in the hot girl’s department, and was surprised to see her at work on a Saturday morning. Her boss was in the office and he had her at work with him. I will point out that was very unusual for a secretary to be working on a Saturday morning.

Peep Show
The next weekend, I went to visit some friends in Boston. I headed down on Saturday and stayed overnight. I left on Sunday afternoon, and was driving home, when I decided to visit the Combat Zone in Boston.

I was feeling a little randy and thought I would get a quick look at the peep show to see if there were any nice looking girls working there today.

I had been in this peep show a few time before. The way it works is, you put in a 25-cent token and the screen comes down revealing a topless or nude girl on the other side of a plexiglass window. She would ask for one dollar, which you passed to her through a round hole in the wall. Then she’d pull aside her panties and show you her vagina.

You could do whatever you wanted, which meant take out your dick and wank it. After about a minute, the screen would go up and the show was over. If you wanted to continue, put in another token and give the girl another dollar.

Often the girls there were quite unattractive. You would give them one dollar just to be polite, and then leave. One time, I recall, there was a woman in her late twenties who was worth paying for. She kept saying, “You want to see my pussy, honey? Do you want me to show it to you?” and “How’s that? Can you see OK? Do you like that? Do you like seeing my pussy?” She was very friendly, talking dirty the whole time, and you wanted to give her more dollars.

Another time, there was a friendly girl there who, for another dollar, would let you feel her pussy through the hole. And once, a girl there allowed the peep-show customers to finger fuck her for the extra dollar. But usually there was no touching, and the girls just acted bored and distracted during their show. Most of the time, I would take out my dick and jerk off, but I would not ejaculate, because it was just not that good.

Anyway, this Sunday evening, on the way home from Boston, I headed down to the Combat Zone. I parked my truck and walked down Washington Street, where the peep show was located. I went inside and bought $5 worth of tokens from the guy at the front. I had a bunch of dollars already. (Question: Why are clerks in adult video stores and peep shows always creepy-looking men? Answer: Not always, but that’s another story.)

The Greatest Show On Earth
I enter one of the booths and lock the door behind me. I unbutton my trousers and pull them down to my knees. I also pull down my underwear. I already had a hard-on in anticipation. Then I drop a token in the slot.

Not wanting to waste time, I’m already stroking my cock when screen goes down, revealing the girl in the booth. Jackpot! A pretty, young girl, topless, only wearing a G-string. She has a great body and nicely shaped tits, with her nipples sticking out. Just what we like to see! Then I look at her face and guess what?

It’s the secretary from work!!!

Pause and think about that for a second. The hot secretary from work, whom you have only seen in business attire, is the nude girl in the peep show! How would you react? How should you react?

Nude Peep Show Girl
She asks, “Do you want to see my pussy? Pass a dollar through the hole.”
I pass her a dollar. Instead of just pulling aside her panties, she pulls them down to her knees.

I’m looking at the hot secretary from work who’s showing me her pussy for $1. My pants are pulled down and I’m stroking my cock. The light is on her and the booth is dark, so I wonder if she can see any of the customers’ faces. I’m not sure she would know me anyway, because I’ve never actually spoken to her. But I’m pretty sure she can see that my cock is out, it is erect, and that I’m masturbating.

Well not only is this girl hot, but she’s putting on a good show. She must have been trained by the woman I mentioned that talked dirty, because she was talking dirty the whole time. “How’s that? Can you see OK? Do you like what you see?”

Hearing the girl’s sweet voice saying those kinds of things really adds to the show.

After a minute, the screen goes up. I drop in another token and pass her another dollar bill. She continues her display. She turns around and bends over so I can see her ass and pussy from behind.

Here I am jerking off in a booth. and on the other side of a plexiglass window is the hot secretary from work, who is putting on a show by pulling down her panties and displaying her tits, pussy and ass. She even spreads her ass so I can see her anus!

She puts on a really good show, like she is really enjoying it. She takes off her panties completely , so that she is completely nude. She gives different poses and lets you see her from different angles. Now she’s pulling her pussy lips apart and showing the inside of her vagina. “Do you like that?”, she asks.

I have to say that, for me, this was the greatest show on earth.

I keep dropping tokens in the slot. I had bought $5 worth, which was 20 tokens. So that was about 20 minutes of jerking off as I watched the secretary from work expose her pussy for me. Before the tokens ran out, after I thought I had a pretty good look at her, I managed to shoot my load. After that, I pulled up my trousers and left. I drove home.

I’ll finish the story in part 3.

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