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Thursday April 19th 2018

Moonlighting Secretary

Au Pair's Day Off: Jana A. by Photographer Geronimo
Photos courtesy of Pictor Photo Archives

At one time, I had a job working for a large defense contractor in the northeast. The company was based in a medium-sized city about 50 miles from downtown Boston, Massachusetts.

For several years, I worked a great deal of overtime. We called it crunch time–I was often in there working on a Saturday or Sunday to meet a deadline. In fact, I worked so much that I didn’t have much of a social life, i.e. no girlfriend.

The city I lived in was pretty much dead on the weekends. So after work, it was not unusual to drive the fifty miles to get to Boston. Sometimes, I would visit friends that lived there. But sometimes I would drive to the city center and visit Boston’s Combat Zone, which is where the burlesque clubs and other adult entertainment venues were located.

Back then, the city officials in Boston had zoned one area for adult entertainment. The theory was to keep all the seedy businesses contained in one place, rather than spread throughout the city. This was essentially Boston’s red light district.

One famous club was the Two O-Clock Lounge, which was a well-known burlesque club. I recall that there was total nudity, both topless and bottomless dancing.There were also a few other strip clubs, adult movie theaters and a couple of peep shows. There was also some street prostitution.

Now this was back in the late 1970′s or early 1980′s. I don’t think that any of these places still exist anymore, but I could be mistaken.

Combat Zone Street Walker
Before getting to my main story, I’ll just mention one time during the summer I was in the Combat Zone. There was a nice looking girl, about 20 years old, brunette, walking slowly down the street, dressed like a whore. She had on a short red satin miniskirt, a halter top that bared her midriff, and white go-go boots. She was pretty, had nice legs and ass, and nice breasts.

I was walking a few yards behind her and noticed that her miniskirt, which was only about 12 inches long and barely covered her was completely unzipped in the back. Her ass was completely exposed on the street.

The girl walked completely around the block and I followed her. When we got to a cross street, we had to wait for the traffic light. I stuck up a conversation with her:

Me: Good evening, Miss!
Streetwalker: Hi!
Me: What are you doing here?
Streetwalker: I’m working.
Me: Can I offer you a ride anywhere?
Her: What did you have in mind?

At this point the light changed. I let her get a few steps ahead of me so I could look at her legs and ass, which as I mentioned was pretty much exposed. Then I saw several police cars plus a paddy wagon, parked with some officers standing around looking our way. I saw what was going on, this was a sting operation. I could tell this was a setup because:

1) the girl was way too pretty and wholesome to be a hooker in the Combat Zone. Real Combat Zone hookers quickly develop a worn and hardened look.
2) the way she was walking was like she was bait trolling for chumps, leading back to the paddy wagon,
3) she only asked leading question that, if answered wrong, would tend to incriminate you
4) unlike a real hooker, she did not go immediately for the close. Most of the time they immediately tell you that they can suck your cock, or ask, “do you want to
fuck me?”

I caught up with her, and the conversation continued:

Me: I’d be happy to offer you ride, Miss, my trucks parked right over there.
Her: So what are you interested in? I’m working right now…
Me: Yeah, I can see that.
Her: What would you like to do?

She continues to try to get me to incriminate myself. She kept saying that she was working.

Me: Let’s just go for a ride. It’s a nice night. We’ll think of something to do.
Her: Is that anything in particular that you would like to do with me? Because I’m working right now…
Me: You’re working. Let me guess. You work for the Boston police department? And this is your job tonight, right?

With that, she didn’t say anything else, and then she headed over toward the cop cars and paddy wagon. I guess that I was one that got away.

Sometimes I wondered about that girl. I thought she might have been a rookie police officer, but she didn’t look like a cop. Maybe she just worked as a secretary for the police department. She was young and pretty. Why would she want to dress like a whore and walk the street, trolling for johns. Did she think that she was doing some good, fighting crime? Or was there some other reason?

Recall that not only was she dressed like a whore, but she had unzipped the miniskirt in the back so her ass was exposed on the street. She was exposing herself far more than any self-respecting whore would. Maybe she got some kind of thrill by exhibiting herself in that way, posing as a streetwalker. Makes you go hmmm.

A few months later there was a story in the Boston Globe about the undercover sting operations in the Combat Zone. The reporter interviewed a girl who was posing as the hooker for the stings. Maybe it was the same girl. It turned out that she was a secretary working for the city somewhere, and the police had recruited her to pose as a prostitute.

Anyway, I’ll continue with the actual story in part 2.

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