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Thursday April 19th 2018

Hippie Hollow Adventures Part 2

Au Pair's Day Off: Jana A. by Photographer Geronimo
Photos courtesy of Pictor Photo Archives

In part one, I wrote about the nude beach in Austin, Texas known as Hippie Hollow. But unlike European nude beaches that are family affairs for all ages and both sexes, Hippie Hollow is about 99% men. Half are gay men sunbathing nude, and a few are actually nudists. But most visitors are just voyeurs, wearing swimming trunks or shorts. Some are wankers.

Well, one Saturday morning during the summer, I headed out to Lake Travis to check out Hippie Hillow. Now if you have ever lived in Texas, you know that there are a lot of illegal Mexicans working there. The guys usually work in construction, or in landscaping or in restaurants. They do all the hard work that pays little. They don’t earn enough to have a car, so usually one guy has a small pickup and he’ll drive about ten others to work: three in the front seat the rest in the back.

Well, being a Saturday, it was their day off, too. So when I get to the parking lot at Hippie Hollow, up pulls a pickup truck with eight or ten Mexican guys. They are wearing their work clothes, work boots, t-shirts–hardly dressed for a day at the beach. Its probably the only clothes they have. Each guy carries a brown paper sack, with a six-pack of cerveza.

I head into the park to find a good spot to hang out. I like something with some shade that is near the water. I find what I think is the best spot in the park and put down my things. I strip down and go for a swim to cool off.

Danish Family
While I’m cooling off in the water, I see some people coming up towards my spot. To my surprise, it’s a family: father, mother and two teenage daughters. The mother is not bad looking–maybe 35 or 40 years old. The father a little older. One daughter looks like an older teen and the other a little younger. Everyone in the family is blonde!

I can hear them talking, and it’s an unfamiliar foreign language. It sounds like it could be Finnish or Swedish or Danish or something. I’ll just call them Danish.

Both of the teenage daughters are wearing cutoff shorts and flip flops. One girl has on a green bikini top and the other has an orange bikini top.

Mexican Laborers
Anyway, shortly after the family arrived, along comes the Mexican laborers with their work clothes and each with a six-pack of beer. The Mexican guys spot the blondes and decide that this is a good place to park themselves. It is well-known that Mexican men go crazy over blondes. If you don’t believe me, just watch Univision.

The Mexicans sit down on a couple of logs and some rocks, with their six-packs at their feet. Remember, they are dressed in work clothes and boots. They aren’t dressed for the beach at all– no swimming trunks, shorts or anything.

The Mexicans are facing the lake, a few meters behind the Danish family. So basically, eight or ten Mexicans guys are sitting there and are looking directly at the mother and blonde teen girls. There were not at all discrete about it–The Mexicans were just staring at them with saying a word. I figure that this will definitely scare off the family, having these guys sitting there drinking beer and watching them.

But no, to my surprise, the father decides that this is a good spot so they lay out there blankets and stuff and this nudist family starts enjoying their day at the nude beach. Which means they all start to disrobe!

It’s Showtime!
The Mexican guys go their just in time for the show! The father get undressed quickly and heads to the lake for a swim, leaving the mother and daughters alone. The mother and daughters were slower to get undressed.

The mother takes off her floppy hat and sundress, and she has on a bikini. The bikini top comes off first revealing a nice pair of ample breasts. Next, she pulls down her bikini bottoms and steps out of them. This mother has just stripped completely in front of the group of Mexican laborers and is now fully nude.

She is definitely a MILF! Nice body, nice tits, nice ass. Her tits have big nipples. She appears to be completely oblivious to the fact that a group of men in work clothes are all staring in her direction. She lies down on one of the blankets to sunbathe.

Meanwhile the daughters take their time getting undressed. The older daughter takes off her cutoffs shorts and is wearing a green bikini. The younger daughter does the same and is wearing an orange bikini. Both girls have well-developed bodies, with curves in all the right places.

The Mexican laborers are taking it all in. Before you know it, the older daughter takes off her bikini top, exposing her breasts. Her breasts are not huge, but well shaped. She has small nipples, that are sticking up. The girl has an even tan and no tan lines. The Mexican guys’ eyes widen.

The younger daughter follows the lead of her older sibling, and removes her orange bikini top. Another excellent pair of tits for the Mexican guys to ogle.

Next the older daughter pulls down her green bikini bottoms and steps out of them. She puts her bikini in a bag. The older teen is now bare-ass naked in front of this crowd of men. She has a killer body–the Mexican guys would describe her as a nice “piece of ass”. Her pubic hair is blonde.

The younger daughter follows suit, taking off her bikini bottom. The Mexican men seem equally fascinated, their eyes riveted on the her body as she strips in front of them.

Now both teenage girls are fully nude, with eight or ten Mexican guys watching them from just a few meters away. You can’t dream this up.

Both girls are natural blondes and have light-colored pubic hair, which, as I previously mentioned, drives Mexican men crazy. It is to their credit that they just sit and watch the show.

Now if you go to any strip club in Austin, Texas, for example The Yellow Rose, the dancers wear g-strings which cover their private bits. These two girls at the beach are fully nude, and their private bits are in plain view for anyone to see! This nudist show at Hippie Hollow is better than going to a strip club, and it’s free to boot!

(Also, at a strip club, the parents are not right there while the girls put on the erotic nude show. But at this beach, both parents were present, and the mother was also fully nude!)

Games Nudists Play
Once the girls are fully nude, they go about having some fun. They have brought along badminton rackets and start to play. They hit the shuttlecock back and forth to each other. At one point, the shuttlecock flies over the older girls head and lands near some of the Mexican guys. She runs up and bends over to pick it up. Naturally, this exposes her even more, and within less than a meter of a couple of the guys.

This game goes on for a spell, with lots of chances for the Mexican guys to get a close up view. A couple of times, when the shuttle landed near a Mexican guy, he would pick it up and hand it to whichever girl came up to get it. The girl gave a quick thank you (in English) and went back to playing.

Meanwhile, the mother, who is also fully nude, continues to sunbath on the blanket. She somehow does not notice a bunch of fully-clothed Mexican men at a nude beach, drinking beer and ogling her teenage daughters. Very strange. I suspect that they were used to European style nude beaches where nudity is not considered anything odd or unusual. At these beaches, many are nude, but some girls might even wear bikini bottoms for a while. Anything is acceptable.

Mother Shows Best
The Danish MILF was lying on her back with her feet towards the lake. But now she turns over and lies on her belly, with her head facing the lake. This means that her lags are facing towards the Mexican guys. One thing I’ve observed is that woman that sunbath nude often have their legs apart. Maybe they want to get some sunlight where the sun seldom shines. Well this Danish MILF was no exception. Before you know it, her legs are wide apart, giving the Mexican guys a view right up between her legs to her twat!

The two girls played some more games. They were quite active. No one got tired of watching these two young blondes prancing around with their tits bouncing up and down, and their private bits exposed.

Things That Make You Go Hmmm?
Meanwhile, the father swam laps back and forth in the lake. I have always wondered about the father in this family. Did he realize that his wife and daughters were providing nude entertainment for a bunch of illegal Mexican workers on their day off? The mother and daughters each stripped nude only a few meters in front of the Mexican men. Then the girls they paraded around fully nude and played nude games right in front of the men, with their private bits out in plain view, bending over and exposing themselves completely. Meanwhile, the mother was laying down sunbathing, with her legs spread, exposing her twat.

My guess is that the father was such a devout nudist that the idea of anything sexual being associated with nudity was beyond his comprehension.

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