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Thursday April 19th 2018

First Time for Everthing Part 2

Adult video star Charlie in her very first erotic nude photoshoot
Photos courtesy of Pictor Photo Achives

There is a first time for everything. Do any of you guys out there remember the first time you ever saw a girl’s vagina?

In Part 1, I explained how back in the 1960s, we had no clue what a vagina actually looked like. The story continues…

My first job when I was in school was delivering groceries for the local grocery store on the corner. This was a very small grocer, and they offered credit to customers who didn’t have the cash, plus free delivery for customers who couldn’t make it to the store and carry back their groceries. A lot of the deliveries were to elderly ladies, but also some others. Everyone didn’t have a car back in those days, you know.

There were usually two or three delivery boys working at the grocery store. The customers gave us tips, which we pooled together and divided up at the end of the week.

Grocery Delivery for Margaret
Anyway, I had been working there for a few weeks and I had the routine down pretty well. One day I came into work in the afternoon, and I had a delivery to make. The customer was a woman named Margaret, who lived in a house on the next street. The order was all ready to go when I got to work. They gave me the address, 49 Peach Street 2nd floor, and I got ready to go.

But the head delivery boy, Jimmy, who is a bit older than the rest of us, and has been working there for a few years, is smiling slyly. The others are nudging each other also. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge. I don’t know what the joke is, but, whatever it is, I’m not in on it. I’m think that maybe this Margaret is some crazy old lady or something and the jokes gonna be on me!

Anyway, I take the grocery order, which is packed in a large box and head out the door.

I walk down the street and around the corner. I find the address, 49 Peach Street, which is a 2-family house. I and climb up the front steps and enter the vestibule where the bells are. I ring the bell for the second floor. The downstairs door is already open, so I climb the stairs up to the second floor.

Meet Margaret
When I get to the apartment, the door is slightly a jar. I knock. A woman’s voice answers: “Come on in.” I step into the foyer and the woman says, “Is that the grocery delivery boy?” I answer yes. She says to bring the groceries here into the dining room.

I step into the dining room and what do I see? An attractive woman in her early twenties is standing up on the dining room table with her back to me. It looks like she’s changing a light bulb in the chandelier above the dining room table.

Wow! Light brown hair, nice figure. Margaret is a real stunner. She’s wearing a very short summer dress. This was the 1960s and skirts were very short back then. “Just put the groceries right here on the table.”

I step up to the table and set down the box of groceries. Margaret goes back to changing the bulb. On the table is a bag and small light bulbs for the chandelier.

As I set down the groceries, with my eyes I follow the line of her leg up to her dress. The dress just barely covers her behind. Margaret’s ass is just above my eye level. Her dress is very sheer and I can practically see right through it.

She’s is busy changing the bulb and is not looking at me at all, so I lean forward just a but to see if I can get a peak up her dress without her noticing. As I lean forward, I get a clear shot up her dress and to my astonishment, she’s not wearing panties!

No Panties Delivery
No panties! It looks like I hit the jackpot today. Margaret says, “You’re not in hurry, are you? I’ll pay you as soon as I finish with these bulbs.” So I stand there and wait for her to finish.

Meanwhile, I’m trying to see as much as I can. I move a little to one side so that I’m right behind and underneath her. Now I can clearly see all the way up her dress. Not only is she wearing no panties, but no bra as well. She is leaning forward a bit and her dress is out in front, and I can see her body under the dress all the way up to her tits!

Anatomy 101
I look at her crotch and there is her pussy, completely visible to me. This is the first time I ever saw a woman’s vagina up close, or even at a distance, for that matter. I can see the outer labia, and her pussy lips hanging out, with her light brown cunt hair around the lips. There is pubic hair on her mound. Wow! And look! There’s her anus. I can’t believe I’m staring at this pretty woman’s asshole and pussy, which is about twelve inches from my face. Does she know I can see everything?

As I’m taking it all in, she moves her feet wider apart, which opens up her crotch even more. This makes the view of her pussy even clearer. In fact, she seems to stick are ass out a bit which kind of opens her up more for my inspection.

My mouth goes dry and I actually get kind of week in my knees. I am pretty much speechless. I just keep looking, taking it all in. Maybe I’m drooling, I don’t know. This is a surreal experience.

Bendover and Smile
I’m just staring at her cunt, amazed at what it looks like. It certainly doesn’t look like an X, like Vinny had described it to us.. It kind of looks like a clam! And her asshole looks like a little dark button.

If this display was not enough, the next thing is the icing on the cake. She needs to get something from the bag on the table, so she bends over at the waist with her knees straight and starts digging through the bag. You’ve probably seen this pose in Penthouse or Hustler magazine. But back in the 1960s there was no Penthouse or Hustler, so I had never seen such an awesome sight!

Bending over makes her dress rises above her ass, and it totally opens up her ass crack. I don’t even have to lean forward to see anything. I’m inspecting this woman’s asshole and cunt from just a few inches away. Talk about getting an education!

Full Frontal Nudity
She stands up straight again, and now turns to face me. Her hands are above her head, which raises her dress up in the front. I can see up to her belly button without even leaning forward. So now I’m staring at her pussy from the front, which offers a completely different view.

While standing she changes her pose a little, moving her feet further apart which exposes her more. Women didn’t shave everything nack then, so she really has a hairy cunt. And her pussy lips hang down about half an inch or so. They look pink and moist.

Margaret’s bottomless table show went on for what seemed like a good five or ten minutes. I said nothing the whole time, but was staring intensely at her private parts. This was, after all, my first view of a woman’s pussy. It was probably the most exciting moment of my life up until that day. It’s something I will never forget.

Act Naturally
Then it gets even more interesting. Margaret finishes screwing in the lightbulbs in the chandelier. She says, “Just let me check the delivery.” And with that, she squats down with her knees apart next to the box of groceries and starts looking inside the box. Now I can see straight up her dress up to her crotch. She goes though the box, and I continue to look up her dress between her legs.

But then, Margaret starts to speak to me. Have I been busted staring between her legs? Earlier, she was too busy with the light bulbs and groceries to notice where I was looking. But now Margaret is talking to me, looking me straight in the eye.

Her: “So you’re the new delivery boy?”
Me: “Yeah.”
Her: “How do you like your new job?”
Me: “It’s pretty cool.”
Her: “Anything interesting happen whole making deliveries?”
Me: “Uh, no…”
Her: “Have you seen anything interesting while making a delivery?
Me: “Me? No, nothing unusual.”

The whole time she is squatting in front of me up on the table with her legs open. If I glance down I can see her vagina. And she’s acting like everything is normal. Maybe she doesn’t know that she’s exposing her cunt? Well, if she doesn’t know, I’m not going to tell her. So I just act naturally, as if there is nothing unusual going on. I try to sneak a glance down at her snatch every now and then.

About that time there was a sound downstairs. Someone at the downstairs door is coming into the house. She asked me to help her get off the table. I took her hand, she stepped onto the chair and down to the floor. She gave me the money for the groceries and I left.

Back At The Store
When I got back to the grocery store. The other delivery boys were laughing. “How did the delivery go?” They all seemed to know what was up! Apparently Margaret pulls this prank on all the new delivery boys!

I will always be grateful for woman like Margaret, who provided us delivery boys with some sexual education, or at least a female anatomy lesson, that was sorely lacking. She had fun and it was a great experience for us.

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