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Thursday April 19th 2018

Adventures in Apartment Sharing

Adult video star Charlie in her very first erotic nude photoshoot
Photos courtesy of Pictor Photo Achives

I was traveling through Eastern Europe, and in one small city I had found accommodation in an apartment. The owner actually had two flats in the building.

One flat was on the second floor and the other flat was on the third floor.

The third-floor flat had the kitchen, living room and shared bedrooms. The kitchen was small, and the kitchen table was kind of a booth with bench seats, like in a restaurant. The booth was in a bay window that jutted out from the building.

The second-floor flat had only bathrooms and a couple of private bedrooms, that were usually rented to couples. People in the private rooms used the upstairs kitchen in the third-floor flat.

My room was one of the shared bedrooms. I think we had about 6 or 8 guests sleeping in the room. Normally the shared bedrooms were mixed sex, but there were mostly guys staying in the flat, so my room was all boys. Bummer!

A Couple of Graduate Students
One day I was in the living room and a new couple arrived. They were from somewhere in England, so obviously spoke English. Both the guy and the girl were mid twenties. The girl was actually Asian, maybe Chinese (?) and it was at first a shock to hear her speak with a British accent. I expected some kind of poor English pronunciation, like she was just off the boat (J.O.B.), but she spoke upper-class English. She obviously grew up in England and was well educated.

The local girl that was in charge that day got them set up with their room, linens, front door key, etc. I just said hello, and made small talk. They were both graduate students at university. Somehow I got a vibe from the Asian girl that she didn’t like me. As if she would have to put up with this uncouth person sharing the facilities.

Anyway, they went down to their private room downstairs to get settled in. That was the last I saw of them that day.

The Next Morning
The next day, I got up and headed off to a restaurant to get breakfast. I came back to the apartment mid morning, about 10:30 AM. The apartment was quiet and vacant. But when I came into the kitchen, I saw that the Asian girl was sitting in the booth by the window, reading a book. It looked like a big thick novel. Or perhaps it was some philosophy book, like Kant or Nietzche.

I said hello and she barely acknowledged me. No matter, I got a drink from the fridge and took a place opposite her in the booth. I took out my datebook, pencil and eraser, and started writing notes.

We sat there silently, her reading her novel and me writing in my notebook for about fifteen minutes. Then something happened.

My pencil eraser, which was sitting on the table, somehow rolled off the table and fell somewhere underneath it. We both could clearly hear that it fell under the table. “Uh-oh, I lost my eraser under the table.” The Asian girl remained silent and did not look up from her book.

I looked to the floor beneath the table, but couldn’t see the eraser, especially since it was dark under the table and bench seats. “I don’t see it. But, I have a torch.” I got my mini-maglight from my rucksack and shone it under the table, but I still couldn’t find the eraser.

So I got up and started looking for the eraser under the table. I literally got down on my hands and knees and crawled under the table with my mini maglight. As I looked around, I noticed that it was kind of dusty under the benches. But I also noticed that the Asian girl was wearing a short denim miniskirt, and guess what? From underneath the table I could look straight up her skirt clear to her panties! Very interesting view!

I looked around some more for the eraser, but spent most of the time shining the light up the Asian girl’s skirt. Her denim skirt was about mid thigh or slightly higher. And her knees were about 6 inches apart. By shining the light up her skirt, I could plainly see that she was wearing clean white panties. But I didn’t want to remain under the table for too long, lest the girl think that something strange was going on.

Then low and behold, as I was shining the light up her skirt, admiring the view, the Asian girl started to open her legs a little wider, giving an even better view. Little by little, her legs spread wider! As I mentioned, when I first started peeking, her knees were about 6 inches apart. Now her knees were about 2 feet apart. Her legs were about as wide open as she could get them with the denim skirt on. I could see her mons venus under her panties and a little bit of black hair sticking out on each side of her white panties.

How long did I stay under the table looking up her skirt? It seemed like about 5 minutes. And she kept her legs spread the whole time. Eventually, I found the erasor but I still lingered underneath. Suddenly, she closed her legs like maybe she had caught me looking up her skirt. So I crawled back out.

About as soon as I got back in my seat the Asian girl slammed the book closed and left, without saying anything. It seemed like she was pissed off. Uh-oh! Maybe she figured I was looking up her skirt with the torchlight?

Impromptu Photoshoot
It soon was lunchtime, and the day passed. Later in the afternoon, about 4 o’clock, I returned once again to the third-floor flat. Once again it was quiet and vacant. I entered the living room, and there was the Asian girl, sitting in one of the easy chairs, reading the same thick book. She was still wearing her short denim miniskirt. She had the book in her lap with her head down as she read. Again, barely a hello out of her. Clearly, she wasn’t interested in conversation with me.

I had my camera bag with me and sat down in another chair by the window, exactly opposite her. This was a very convenient position to look up her skirt!

I got out my camera, a digital Single-Lens Reflex (SLR). SLR cameras make a lot of noise when they take a picture, so it is not advisable for stealth shooting. But I was playing around with it looking through the viewfinder, playing with the zoom, checking the exposure, focusing, etc. WHIRR-CLICK! I clicked off a shot out the window. WHIRR-CLICK! Then a shot of the big bookcase full of old leather-bound books. WHIRR-CLICK! Then an old picture on the wall of some guy from the 19th century. I didn’t point it in the Asian girl’s direction at all. I didn’t want her to think that I was trying to take a picture of her.

The next thing that happen was interesting. The Asian girl shifts her position so she is slouching back more in her chair with her feet apart on the floor. She raises the book up and is holding it in front of her, so that the big book hides her face.

At this point, her knees are very wide apart and, once again, I have a clear view up her skirt! Only this time, it’s out in the open in the living room, where everything is well lit by the afternoon sun. No need for a mini-maglight torch here! And she’s still wearing those same white panties from this morning.

They used to call this a beaver shot! And with the book covering her face, I can look straight at her beaver without her observing. In fact, I can point my camera at her and she won’t notice at all.

So I aim my camera with the zoom lens and can see straight up her skirt. I press the shutter release button on the camera. There’s a loud WHIRR-CLICK! No way she could not have heard that! But she doesn’t move a muscle. The book is still in front of her face.

I can see on the viewing screen on back of the camera that it’s a perfect shot–spot-on exposure, tack-sharp focus. I zoom in more and take a closeup shot of her panty-covered crotch. Again no response from her. She keeps the book in front of her face and her legs spread open for me.

I check the pictures on the viewing screen and zoom in. I can see her black pubic hair is sticking out the side of her white panties.

WHIRR-CLICK! WHIRR-CLICK! I take a few more shots, but after a bit they are pretty much the same because neither of us has moved. Then she does something extraordinary. She takes one leg and puts it over the arm of the chair. Now she is really spread open wide. I couldn’t not have gotten a better erotic pose if I hired a centerfold model from Penthouse or Hustler magazine. :)

WHIRR-CLICK! I continue taking more shots of her, with each wondering if she will put the book down and look up. But no, the book covers her face the whole time. I even get up to change my point-of-view, but nothing disturbs her from reading. This must be quite a captivating book!

This is turning out to be a wonderful impromptu photo shoot with this pretty Asian graduate student as my private centerfold model. I check the pictures on the viewing screen. With her legs spread as wide as they are, her panties are stretched tight, and now, in addition to seeing her cunt hair, I can see a little bit of her outer labia in the photos. Sweet!

But suddenly, there’s a sound of a key opening the front door. The Asian girl puts her leg down and sits upright in the chair. In comes her graduate student boyfriend. I guess the shows over. :( . She didn’t let on like anything at all was going on, i.e. that she was spreading her legs for me in a short miniskirt right there in the living room, and I was snapping upskirt pictures of her.

That’s pretty much the whole story. After that, the Asian girl continued giving me the cold shoulder. One night, the whole group played charades, and, at one point, we were even on the same team. So she had to at least guess my clues, and I guessed her clues. So at least we interacted. But she was more polite than friendly. We never really had a conversation.

I wonder if she knew what was going on? I think that this girl was somewhat of an exhibitionist who likes being watched by a strange man that she doesn’t know. When I crawled under the table, she must have figured out what I was up to, and enjoyed having someone get turned on by looking up her skirt. So she made it easier for me to see.

Later, in the living room, she wanted to repeat the experience. When i got out my camera, she decided to take it step further and, by covering her face, allow me to take upskirt photos of her right in the living room. Of course, if I said anything she could have denied everything. Clever girl! As long as her face wasn’t visible, no harm.

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