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Thursday April 19th 2018

Adventures in Mixed Dorms

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I was in Budapest, Hungary for about a week and booked a bed in a mixed dorm room with about 10 bunk beds. That is 20 people in one room of both sexes! But the curious thing about this particular hotel was that they divided the room into separate cubicles, with one bunk bed (2 people) per cubicle. Curtains at the entrance to each cubicle provided some privacy.

But the funny thing was, they didn’t always put people who were together into the same cubicle or even the same room. (There were identical rooms on each floor.) I recall one time there was a man traveling with his two kids, a girl about 15 and a boy about 12. The Hungarian girls at the front desk put them in three different cubicles! The 12-year-old boy shared a cube with an Asian girl in her mid twenties and the 15-year-old girl shared a cube with some old guy. Those Hungarians didn’t care. The Asian girl said she was in the lower bunk and she felt it was weird sharing her cubicle with some kid. And don’t even ask about changing beds. It would take an act of the Hungarian parliament to accomplish that.

Since I was traveling alone, you would think that they would put me with another single traveler. But no, there was a Japanese mother and daughter traveling and the front desk gave one of them the lower bunk in my cubicle and the other a bunk in a 20-bed room on another floor.

The mother was about 45 or 50 and the daughter was about 25. She was thin, and not so bad looking. Maybe about a 6, but definitely doable. When they arrived, they were shocked to see the sleeping arrangements. They were definitely not prepared for mixed-dorm living. They didn’t speak any English; only Japanese and the daughter also spoke French. In fact, she was studying French language in France. I spoke a little French and did my best to explain to her in French how things worked.

Anyway, I was in the top bunk, and the middle-aged mother Japanese ended up taking the bottom bunk. The 25-year-old daughter went off to sleep in the other room. We turned off the lights and went to sleep early.

The Next Morning
The next morning I woke up and got up to take a shower. The Japanese lady in the bottom bunk was already gone, probably to find her daughter and make sure she wasn’t being taken advantage of by some cad in her cubicle.

After showering, I wrapped my micro-fibre towel around my waist like a loin cloth. The towel is really too small to cover completely, but if I tie it diagonally it stays on, like Tarzan’s loin cloth. All I need is a chimpanzee named Cheeta.

When I got back to my cubicle, who is sitting on the lower bunk bed but the younger Japanese, the 25-year-old daughter. With just the loin cloth, I am practically naked in the cubicle with her. Japanese girls tend to be very polite, so she averted her eyes when said good morning to me.

My underwear and t-shirt were in my bag which is on my bunk bed, which is quite tall. I had to stand up on edge of the lower bed to reach my things. If you can imagine this scene, the 25-year-old Japanese girl is sitting on the lower bed and I’m standing on the edge of the same bed. My loin cloth can’t be more than 2 feet away from her face.

As I search for my things, I look down and can see that she is checking out my package under the loin cloth! I continue to dig into my bag for my cloths. But wouldn’t you know it, with this nice-looking Japanese girl so close I start to get an erection. Now I figured, if she wasn’t interested she could have gotten up and walked away. But she stayed seated on the bed checking me out. This is getting interesting.

It turns out that I had bought a magazine the day before, one of those Private magazines that is like a book with glossy paper and photos of stunning women with full penetration. There it was, right there in my bag. Well it wouldn’t hurt to flip though a few pages while I’m standing here.

Well, seeing those stunning models in the pictures being penetrated really gave me a stiffy, which was now starting to stick out of the loin cloth just a foot from the Japanese girls face! I peeked down at her a couple of times and could see that she was cautiously looking at my cock as it grew, and occasionally looking up to make sure she wasn’t getting caught looking.

This was quite interesting, looking through the picture book with my now full-on erection exposed to this Japanese girl. I stayed there for several minutes to see what would happen.

Well what happened was my loin cloth fell off, leaving me totally nude with a raging hard on in front of this Japanese girl. I stepped off the bed and apologized as I picked up the towel and put it back on. She said, “Oh, no problem.”

So I was standing in my towel. She didn’t move from the bed. I asked her if she minded if I got dressed. She said no. So I repeated, “It’s OK if I get dressed right here in front of you?” She said go right ahead, she didn’t mind.

So what I did was I took off the towel and dried myself with it. Then I stood back up on the edge of the bed to get my clothes. Mind you, I still have a full-on erection. I again started thumbing though the book like before. Except this time, there was no loin cloth. My erect penis was sticking out and pointing right in the Japanese girls face.

I gave her a nice long look, but I thought it would look suspicious if I lingered too long. So I slowly stepped down and put on my boxer shorts, a long t-shirt and that’s all. I also still have the picture book in my hand. So I sit down on the only chair and start thumbing though it.

Her Turn
Soon her mother opens the curtain and comes back into the cubicle. She takes her suitcase and rolls it outside the cubicle to get dressed. The mother is too modest to change in front of a stranger.

The daughter asks me where she should get dressed and I tell her right here. But let me give her some privacy first. I stand up and walk to the front of the cubicle. I tell her. I can see the mother still outside the cubicle getting changed. I pull the curtains closed, and tell her it is for privacy. Of course, now her mother, who is outside the cubicle, can’t see what’s going on inside the cubicle. I tell the daughter she can now get dressed. I don’t leave, I just sit down in the chair, directly facing her.

Well the daughter sees how it works here in a mixed-sex cubicle. Just go about your business like nobody’s there. She turns sideways to me, and damned if she doesn’t start to change right there in front of me! Hot damn! She takes off her top and then her jeans, and she is in her bra and panties. But she’s changing everything. Off comes her bra. I see that she has small, but perky tits.

She puts on today’s bra. Then she turns her back to me and pulls down her panties and steps out of them.

Mind you, this is a small cubicle, so she’s only three feet away, and I’m sitting in the chair. When her panties are down and she is bent over, I get a clear view of her Japanese pussy from behind. This is a better show than you would get from a stripper or escort! She puts on new panties and finishes getting dressed.

After she finishes dressing, she leaves the cubicle. But soon she is back and sitting on the bed. I’m sitting on the chair flipping through my picture book. I think that this girl wants to see some more.

Encore Performance
So I stand up and start digging through my bag, like I changed my mind about which underwear to wear. I grab another pair and put them on the back of the chair. Then I pull down the one’s I’m wearing and step out of them. So I’m just wearing a rather long t-shirt. All the while we are making small talk.

Then I sit back down in the chair and start looking at picture book again. As a reminder, the book has full-penetration pictures of stunning models, which keeps me aroused. While thumbing though the book, I open my legs so that she can see up my t-shirt at my fully erect penis. She doesn’t seem to mind at all, and continues to chat with me. But I can see her glancing down at me every now and then.

Eventually, there’s a knock outside and the mother pulls the curtain aside to come in. I guess we were behind the curtain for a long time and the mother was wondering what the hell was going on! “Hello, I’m doing a private strip show for your daughter! Can we have a little privacy, please?” (I didn’t really say that, but it would have been apropos.)

Anyway, when the mother comes in, the Japanese girl jumps up and says she wants to take a photo! I stand next to mother and put my arm around her, she takes the picture. I’m wearing just the long t-shirt, have an erection under the shirt, and I am holding my Private magazine picture book with full-penetration pictures!

At The Breakfast Buffet
Later, when I am at the breakfast buffet, the Japanese girl comes up to me to find out about how the breakfast buffet works, where to pay, what you can order etc. After showing how to handle getting dressed in a mixed dorm, I’m her guy for all the answers.

Unfortunately, the mother and daughter checked out and left that day. The mother wanted a hotel that offered more privacy than the mixed dorms allowed. But I think her daughter enjoyed the idea of getting undressed in front of strangers, and liked watching a man she never met strip in front of her, and show her his erect penis.

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