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Monday May 21st 2018

First Mixed-Dorm Experience Part 3

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In the first article, First Mixed-Dorm Experience, I wrote about my first mixed-dorm experience in Vienna and about a Dutch woman ans her daughter. The story continued in Part 2 with the Chinese girl monopolizing the bathroom, and the German woman getting annoyed.

Here’s part 3.

So I went off to breakfast at 7 AM, deciding to come back later to take a shower when everyone had left for the day or checked out.

I finally came back around noontime and the room was empty. All the other guests, the Dutch woman and daughter, German woman, Chinese couple had checked out.

But before I could jump in the shower, the door opened and a new roommate appeared: a Japanese girl that looked to be in her early 20′s. We chatted for a while, discussed where we had been, etc., as she put her things away. It turned out she was about 30. Japanese woman look much younger than their years.

Finally, I said that I was going to take a shower. So I asked her if she ever been in a mixed dorm before and what the custom was about handling the shared bathroom in a mixed dorm. I already saw how the European woman handled it, but wanted to see what she thought.

The Japanese girl said that she stayed in mixed dorms all the time. I told her about the Dutch woman and her daughter, and about the Chinese girl monopolizing the shower and the German woman being late for her job interview. I asked her if she minded if guys undressed in front of her, She said no, that most guys just undressed when they needed to and most guys slept in their underwear anyway. She said that nothing would bother her.

So I told her I was going to take a shower now and would she mind if I undressed in front of her? “No, go right ahead,” she said cheerfully.

Still chatting with her, I untied my shoelaces, took off my shoes, unbuckled my belt, unzipped my fly and took off my trousers. It seemed quite normal to do this in front of a stranger that I had just met. I was standing there just in my boxer shorts and t-shirt.

Shortly afterwards, the Japanese girl left the room. I put all my clothes, including my underwear, into my locker and locked it. Then I gathered my shower gel, shampoo and small micro-fibre travel towel and went into the bathroom to take a shower.

Since no one was waiting to use the shower, I took a long luxury shower. Perhaps for 15 or 20 minutes. I stepped out of the shower and opened the bathroom door to let the steam out. Then I stood at the sink, buck naked to brush my teeth and shave. While shaving, I noticed the Japanese girl returning to the dorm room.

After finishing shaving, I left the bathroom carrying my things, and wearing nothing. The micro-fibre towel is too small to wrap around you. The Japanese girl had returned to the room and was sitting at the table reading a guide book. My clean underwear was still in my bag, which was in a locker with a combination lock on it.

I guess I would have have to play it nonchalant just like the Dutch girls. I was standing behind the Japanese girl fully naked and the Japanese girl had her back to me as she read her book. But to get to my locker, I would have to walk to the side of her which would put me in plain view of her, if she looked up from her book.

I stood behind her and continued to dry myself with the micro-fibre towel. I towel-dried my hair, trying to decide if I should just walk over to my locker, exposing myself to her and spend the minute or two it would take to open the lock, unzip my backpack and find clean underwear. After all, that’s how the Dutch girls handled it.

But unable to find courage, I ended up just staying behind her. It was an awkward situation, so I decide to make small talk as if there is nothing unusual about me standing behind her buck naked. I started rambling, “Are you going sightseeing today? The Hofsburg Palace is very impressive. What do you think about those Lipizzaner stallions?” However, some things happen at the most inopportune times, and wouldn’t you know it but my friend decides to come to attention!

It’s funny how you can get an erection, without even touching it. So now I’m standing behind the Japanese girl nothing on, fully exposed, and an erection to boot! As I dry my hair, it kind of bounces up and down like a cantilever springboard.

I’m staring at the back of her head, which has her black hair tied up in a ponytail. I think that if I were doing her doggy style, I would also be seeing the back of her head. This thought only makes the erection more intense. But she has not once turned to face me, so I don’t know if she knows that I’m standing there with a hard-on or not. My clean underwear is still in the locked locker.

Finally after a few minutes of small talk, I run out of things to say. Finally, I just walk over to my locker, turn the combination. It doesn’t unlock! I must have entered the numbers wrong. I try it again. It still doesn’t unlock. Now I am standing to the right side of the Japanese girl, who is about two meters away. Fortunately, she’s still looking down at her book and does not notice my erection!

Finally, I realize that I am at locker #3 and mine is locker #5. Eventually I get it open, get out my backpack and find some clean underwear to put on.

The Japanese girl never looked up from her book. I’m sure she was aware of my situation because people are generally aware of their surroundings. I was standing there in the room buck naked with a huge erection for quite a few minutes, but she was polite enough not to look in my direction.

God bless Japanese girls! They are so polite and considerate of their roommates.

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