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Monday May 21st 2018

Red News: Naked Czech News

Naked Czech Newsreaders Bara Domiterova and Vendula Bednarova strip on Red News.
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Czech Red News is a Czech Naked News. The Czech Republic is known for producing the worlds most beautiful woman, including more fashion models than you can count and the majority of men’s magazine models. Czech girls probably have the best breasts of any nationality.

Here is a collection of stripping Czech newsreaders from Red News.

1. First up is brunette Jana Potysova and blonde Vendula Bednarova.

They take off their tops and their skirts. Next off come their bras and finally their panties. They are fully nude and these girls have lovely figures.

2. Next up is brunette Lucie Jurcakova and blonde Vendula Bednarova. They report on Barack Obama.

3. The next pair of newsreaders is brunette Jana Potysova and Bara Domiterova who has jet-black hair. They report on some story from Florida.

4. Vendula Bednarova and Bara Domiterova. Thee girls actually help each other strip while reading the news.

5. Bara Domiterova and Jana Potysova report about Indiana Jones.

6. Dark-haired Zuzana Presova (r) and Jana Potysova (l) read a story about Big Ben in London.

7. Martina Mrakviova (l) u Jana Potusova (r)

There are lots more!

You gotta love the Czech Republic and these Czech girls. And this is just how we like them–naked!

Naked News (Czech) – Red News by elitecaster

Naked News (Czech) – Red News by elitecaster

Runtime: 19:20

More Clips of of Naked Czech Newsreaders
czech_naked_news_zuzana_drabinova_jana_potysova – Jana Potysova and Zuzana Drabinova. Blonde Zuzana has awesome big tits!
Czech Rep. Red News – Martina Mrakviova (16.09.09) – Martina Mrakviova starts in a business suit and strips to totally nude. Lovely breasts.
Czech Rep. Red News – Vendula Bednarova (04.09.09) – The amazing czech girl Vendula Bednářová as a anchor in czech naked news.
Czech Rep. Red News -30.09.09 Last Edition Vendula Bednarova target=”_blank” – This one has a twist. Vendula Bednářová starts off naked and gets dressed. Then a few more Czech naked newsreaders are introduced with bloopers.
Naked Red News [2009.03.13] Zuzana Drabinova - Blonde Zuzana Drabinova strips on Red News. Eye-popping Huge breasts. Wow!

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Red News (2009- ) on It shows Red News a TV Series that originated in 2009 and had 54 episodes. According to, Zuzana Drabinova was only in 3 episodes, Bára Domiterová in 4 episodes in and Vendula Bednarova in 5 episodes, all in 2008-2009. The ladies also have other credits in

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