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Thursday February 11th 2016

Naked French Newsreaders on Les Nuz

Christelle delivers the news report for Les Nuz while stripping on television.
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The naked newsreader sensation apparently isn’t limited to Canada. France has Les Nuz.

Les Nuz sur Comedie
Like Naked News, Les Nuz features pretty news reporters that strip on camera whole presenting real news stories. But unlike Naked News which is only available over the internet, in France, Les Nuz is actually on broadcast television. The show is on the Comedy channel every Sunday night on French television. Anyone can watch, there is no age restriction. Imagine a show like this in America where everyone freaks out over a wardrobe malfunction.

First up on Les Nuz is French Naked Newsreader Christelle. When she takes off her top, she covers her breasts with her hands. But at the end, she takes her hands away.

French Naked News Christelle by Stan451

Here’s pretty Sacha, another French girl that strips topless while reading the news. She takes off her bra right a the beginning and shows her nice tits.

TV_Naked_Sacha by pepedoz123

This French Les Nuz newsreader is Stephanie, who takes off her top while presenting the news. She keeps her bottoms on.

TV_Naked_Stephanie by pepedoz123

More from Les Nuz
Les Nuz de Barbara – Curly Brunette Barbara strips out of a suit. She has a nice ass and very nicely shaped breasts, just the right size. Runtime 7:11

Sandrine Comedie Les Nuz 20061111 – Sandrine has black hair and wears glasses. She strips from an orange top and black skirt. Runtime: 8:43

They are many more. Search for Les Nuz on

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